Moon Sign Personality Traits

Meaning of Astrological Moon Signs

Moon signs are both similar and different from sun signs. Sun signs are more vibrant and more easily presented in a person’s personality. Your moon sign is just as important, but they also show a slightly more hidden side of the person.

One way to look at the difference is too look at the time the sun and the moon are up. The sun gives light to every to everything during the day, it hides nothing and everyone is awake. The moon, on the other hand, is up during the night. Only certain people who are awake for long enough see things that can only be seen in the beams of light that come from the moon.

So the Sun Signs show things that everyone can see. The Moon Signs show things that harder to see or that are only shown to certain people through the subconscious.   

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How to Find My Moon Sign

Everyone has a single moon sign. To learn what your moon sign is, you can use this moon sign calculator. For this calculator to be accurate, you will need to know your date of birth, your time of birth, and the time zone you were born in.

If you do not know what time you were born at, one way to get a pretty close estimate is to use the calculator twice. On the first time, put your birth time at 12:01 a.m. This will give you one option. Then, reuse the calculator and put your birth time at 11:59 p.m. This will give you another estimate. Sometimes, you may get the same sign twice; in this case, that is your moon sign! If you get two different signs, simply try to guess which moon sign best fits your personality traits.

Meaning of the Moon Signs and Personality Traits

Your moon sign is the second factor that helps to determine your personality traits. Your sun sign determines your primary personality traits. To figure out your zodiac sun sign, you can read this article.

Moon in Aries  

The best way to describe someone under the Moon in Aries is action-oriented, competitive, fiery, and passionate. People with the Moon in Aries are typically energetic and easily excited. They are not ones to wait when it comes to a new adventure. They want to go into life headfirst and drink up as much of it as they possibly can.

These people have perseverance that lets them fearlessly blaze their own trails and they are not people to brag about the things they get done. They have to express themselves fully and completely or they feel that they are holding things back. People with the Moon in Aries are great leaders and they are also incredible at keeping a group of people on track.

Aries symbol

Moon in Taurus   

A person born with the Moon in Taurus are mellow and calm, steady, and dependable. These people take the most pleasure out of the little things in life, savoring flavors and scents of things that other Moon Signs might want to sprint past. They usually pay closer attention to real and practical things. These people are strong lovers that want to be romantic and deep with the person they fall in love with. T Moon in Taurus prefers to take things slowly and get the most out of it. They tend to like activities that take a creative soul. Things to with the fine arts like music, aromatherapy, building things, gardening, baking, pottery, and sculpting.

The Moon in Taurus people are honest and like it best when people are honest with them in return. They have a deep flowing wisdom that other signs might miss out on. They stay working on something or through something until they feel in their heart that it is the way it should be without question.

Taurus symbol

Moon in Gemini  

People under the Moon in Gemini are overthinkers and they can suffer from anxiety because of this, they are amazing at understanding different things, and they are some the best communicators you will ever meet. Moon in Geminis needs a creative outlet that also makes them think. That can be anything from music, acting, and writing, to being an interior designer or architect.   

These people are amazingly insightful and always willing to explore new ideas. Their ideas are wild, almost moving and roaming, they are all over the place and make 180 turns if something does not quite add up. Moon in Gemini need things to be moving because they can get bored if things stay the same for too long.

Gemini symbol

Moon in Cancer  

People who are Moon in Cancer tend to be healing, helpful, and place it upon themselves to help whoever they possibly can. They are dedicated and get most excited when something that was hard worked on becomes a working reality. Because of Moon in Cancers being so supportive, it is not uncommon for them to be openly honest about their own feelings once they really know someone. These people are pretty good are functioning under pressure.

Moon in Cancers can be a bit moody because they feel so many emotions and they want to let the feelings and ideas out but they need to find someone in whom they totally trust. These people are close to their families and are very caring with romantic partners. Getting creative outlets from which they can release these feelings can really help. Acting or writing poetry would not be a bad idea.

Cancer symbol

Moon in Leo  

Moon in Leo people do not differ that drastically from Sun in Leos. Leos are ruled by the Sun itself. Neither their charm nor their wit and intelligence. Moon in Leos is very observant, more so than Sun in Leos, because they are forced to use their intellect to find those details that help them to strive in the dark.  

More so than Sun in Leos, Moon in Leos feel the need to be the center of attention and will create distractions if they can not get into the limelight without it. These people are all for helping others however they are able, they are compassionate and they are remarkable leaders. These people can also be a little tricky to work with because they can be control-freaks so that things are done exactly how they want it.

Leo symbol

Moon in Virgo  

Virgin Moons are more or less the opposites of Moon in Leos. Unlike the Moon in Leos, Moon in Virgos flourish. They can even sometimes have sensory overload when the moon is right because of everything that they can soak in. They love sorting things out logically and finding the smallest details so they can fix it if it needs fixing. They can a little harsh on themselves if they find something a little off in their own persons.

Moon in Virgos are mutable which means that they have a need and want for change, they work best with it. If you need help with something, you can go to the Moon in Virgos for it and they can help you to work out even the smallest kinks. Thought these people need change, they need to change to have structure. The change cannot be willy nilly and drastic- it needs to have logical setup and reason.  

Virgo symbol

Moon in Libra  

Moon in Libras are always trying to find a balance in everything– in relationships or in friendships. It does not particularly matter if they are directly involved or not. These people are airy and light and that can calm some people down if they have their feet too firmly on the ground. With two sides to every story, and they always want to find both sides.

While they willing to help others and can help to calm others, Moon in Libras can be dependent, indecisive. They can also be self-indulgent at times. These people can also be a bit annoying and too people-pleasing while they are trying to find the last details they want.  

Libra symbol

Moon in Scorpio  

Moon in Scorpios are clearest under a waning moon. When it comes to a Moon in Scorpio, they are in tune with other people’s feelings and are amazingly curious. However, with all of the information coming from how curious they are, they might need a little bit of time alone. They can sometimes be closed off and guarded. Moon in Scorpios also tend to be a bit idealistic and can be manipulating.

Moon in Scorpios are people who feel a strong want need for someone that they can trust without a second thought. They can be rather picky when trying to find this person, but they are just watching out for themselves. When trying to find a relationship, these people are very serious with it and they usually want the relationships to last a lifetime.  

Scorpio symbol

Moon in Sagittarius  

Moon in Sagittarius people are happy-go-lucky souls that need freedom to be as free-spirited as they are meant to be. These people greatly enjoy being socializing with others and being physically active. While they are very happy people that are just as energetic, their memories can sometimes fail them and this can annoy others. These people are not patient.

Moon in Sagittarius people are can appear different from person to person. These people may seem like they are irresponsible to one person while to another they can seem like some of the most on-task people you will meet. Moon in Sagittarius peoples are all in search of something to do and this can sometimes get them in trouble. They are passionate, have a sense of justice, and they are rather philosophical.

Sagittarius symbol

Moon in Capricorn  

Moon in Capricorns are generally very productive people who are level-headed and do not let their emotions get in their way. They are very reliable and they make sure that their goals are as realistic as possible. Even though these seem to not have that many emotions, these people can sometimes have mood swings because of how long they keep these emotions piling up. They are calculating and they have to feel or know that they are doing something helpful to the people and world around them.

Moon in Capricorns try to make the things they do look effortless even if it causes them stress or discomfort. There are very few things that can stop these people from reaching their goals and they are usually quick to get their achievements. They make good leaders and are not ones to boast about the things they have done.

Capricorn symbol

Moon in Aquarius   

Moon in Aquarius people can be pretty stubborn and aloof, but they are not ones to follow the crowd. These people are observant and would rather learn about the people around them by people-watching over actually talking to them. These people can be very philosophical and intellectual. They are also deep and compassionate lovers but they might show that love more through their philosophies than their actions.

Because of how intellectual Moon in Aquarius people can be, they might seem eccentric or odd. They tend to help others feel a sense of security. They are almost always willing to help others and the sense of security they give can help others to be attracted to them.

Aquarius symbol

Moon in Pisces  

People under the Moon in Pisces are sentiment and be confusing to the other Moon Signs. They have strong emotions but they can have a hard time getting those emotions into words so that others can fully understand. So instead of struggling with words, they might use creative vices to get those emotions across. Vices like music, dancing, or other arts.  

Moon in Pisces might be a little more drawn back than other signs. It is not that they are being rude, they are simply not the best with best words and would rather show that. To make up for their lack of verbal communications, they are higher observant and can turn those observations into pieces of art that get their messages across.

Pisces symbol


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