January 31 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 31 Zodiac Personality

A person with January 31st as a birthdate has an unusual view of various fields of life. You are inclined to make your goals a little bit different from other Aquarians that share the same star sign. You dream of romance as you believe in the power of love. Like many other Aquarians, you find traveling quite interesting and have a certain kind of love for adventure.

You have a high degree of respect and eloquent mannerisms. You are believed to have a unique kind of confidence and unrealistic wishes. There’s nothing you crave more than attention and you like being noticed for your good deeds. This explains why you always stand out in what you do. You have an individuality that bestows you with originality in thinking and openness of heart. You are purposeful and highly value order in your way of doing things.


Work areas that capture the attention of an Individual born on January 31st are those that are quite demanding. As an Aquarian, you like being challenged and will ordinarily look for tasks that require hard work. Even when working hours are long you will make sure you do your best to polish your work to perfection without complaint.

Studying, Woman, Monkey
A job that allows you to learn will be great for you.

You like to feel useful and have an avid love of learning and researching on various topics. You prefer a job that offers you more than just financial gain. Unlike some other Aquarians, you are realistic about your own capabilities and will not be shy to ask for a hand when necessary. You are highly skilled in fixing things and this makes you of importance in many working places.

Born On Jan 31


Managing funds is of great importance and is a crucial part of our lives. Having January 31st as your birthday, you find organizing your income quite difficult as you love spending. However, as you mature you tend to learn more about having self-control when it comes to dealing with money. You hardly rely on credit and have a discipline of being patient to save up for things you plan on buying.

Snakes With Money, Budget
Work on keeping a budget so you don’t get up with debt.

You are untrusting of other people managing your money and hence like taking control when it comes to your finances. Like many other Aquarians, you are the kind of person that is happy to give and are not mean when it comes to sharing. Money appears to come and go easily but you have your own way of making ends meet.

Romantic Relationships

For an individual born on January 31st, you believe in the destiny of finding a compatible soul mate. You have the need to love and feel loved. You have a cooler approach towards commitments than other Aquarians that share the same star sign. Having fantasies about someone who you are attracted to is common for you. You will often have pep talks in front of a mirror trying to build your confidence to make a wonderful approach.

Gemini is one of the best romantic matches for an Aquarius person.

You enjoy seeking comfort in a soul mate that understands you and appreciates you for who you are. Like the average Aquarian, you tend to be quite interested in long term relationships and will do anything in your power to make your love life a success. You are loyal and devoted to your partner and this is why you appear to be good when it comes to matters of the heart.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life matters a lot. As an individual born on January 31st, you have the power to make people around you happy or at least have a smile on their faces. Even when slammed with work, you create time for social activities and will join your friends for a drink or two at the club.

Party, Alcohol, Friends
Drink on the weekends if you like, but don’t let your partying interfere with your work.

You try to manage your temper when around people and this enables you to have stronger and lasting friendships. You make your social life a priority and like getting out into the world to meet new people. Also, you avoid rejecting invitations and will easily say yes when your friends request you to join them for a fun activity. You are good at rescheduling your timetable to participate in positive debates on social networking sites.


Family contributes to much of the growth we experience in life. Taking time with family is the key to harmony at home. Having January 31st as your birthday, you appreciate the feeling of happiness that comes with family. You believe that your family takes a big role in determining your main wishes and objectives in life.

Siblings, Sisters, Children
People born on January 31st have deep bonds with their siblings, no matter their age.

Family gives you a sense of belonging and a certain kind of peace of mind. You are good at being sensitive to the moods of your siblings and this makes them want to be around you. You allow them to learn from the mistakes they make in life and be better people. Your love for family flows strong and deep and this is why you always create time to spend with them.


Your health is very important to you as a person born on January 31st. You like to have regular checkups to ensure generally healthy well-being. The minor health issues you encounter may be a result of your habit of ignoring your abnormalities in your body.

Health, Doctor
If something feels wrong in your body, don’t be afraid to see a doctor.

Your physical and mental well-being is associated with your emotions. This is why you need to have control over your feelings and avoid worrying too much. Fatigue slows you down and makes you quite inactive during the day. You have a tendency of taking a lot of vitamins to keep your skin healthy and you will find yourself advising people to do the same. You have a high appetite and have a tooth for junk food. Tone down on this to keep watch on your waistline.

Personality Traits

Your main strength of character lies in your fun-loving nature. You have the power of settling any kind of differences between people. Your originality in thinking and quick learning ability enables you to come up with effective ways to solve problems. You like sharing your knowledge and your success in life are based on the realism of your goals. You uphold the virtue of patience and will make your way up to the top no matter how long it takes. Your wild imagination acts as your motivation towards success.

Friends, Women
No matter where you go, you manage to entertain those around you.

January 31st Birthday Symbolism

Your date of birth adds up to a total of four and this acts as your lucky number. You are therefore thought to have a desire for true love. The tarot card that is associated with your date of birth is the fourth one in the major arcana, the Empress.

Empress, Tarot, Cards
The Empress is your tarot card.

You are organized and have an energetic attitude that enables you to achieve your goals in life. The gemstone specially assigned to you is the topaz that helps you strengthen your courage to overcome obstacles in life. It also brings you luck and good fortune.


Being born on January 31st, the celestial body that rules your personality is planet Uranus. However, the actual day you are born is governed by the glowing sun. This explains your uniqueness of character and your big heart to forgive. Your cheerful and vibrant nature makes you likable to many. The combination of these two astrological forces makes you a caring person who has a strong will to make everyone happy and asks for nothing in return. Happiness makes you contented with life and love is the fire that warms you up. To sum it all up, you are a nice person and it is great to have you as a friend.

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