January 4 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 4 Zodiac Personality

January 4th babies are funny and interesting. They usually find their way in the social scenes. It is very easy for them to make friends and make social connections. As a January 4th baby you will make a lot of progress in life due to the many people that cross your circles. People who have a January 4th birthday are sure to make the most out of their lives, as most Capricorns do.

The Capricorn nature makes these people very organized and calculated. You have a plan in every little thing you do. There is a schedule for every move you make. You also plan your friendships and forge them when the time is right.

People find your ways rather uptight but you call it the art of being prepared. Unlike other Capricorn people, you find ways to protect yourself from being hurt by people’s opinions. You make opinions that affect you funny and that way you do not take it too personally. This makes you rise above the craziness and maintain friendships for a long time


Your work is the most important aspect of your life as a January 4th baby. You take your career seriously and are more than willing to rise up as high as is technically possible. You will usually choose a well-paying job to ensure that your luxurious life is satisfied.

College, Graduation, January 4Th Birthday
People born on January 4th would do well to attend college so they can earn a high-paying job.

January 4th babies won’t stick around in a career where they feel unappreciated. You like change and do not resist it when the opportunity presents itself. You are very calculated and would never move from your job with any doubts or uncertainty. Due to your picky nature, you are prone to take long before you find your best fit.

Your many connections help you get many offers it is up to you to determine where you will thrive both as an individual and as an employee. You are a hard worker and deadlines will not be a problem. You are also oddly punctual so once you get a good fit you are able to rise up without much struggle.

Born On Jan 4


Finance is not only one of your biggest concerns but also the dearest aspect of your life as a January 4th baby. You love money and would rather have a lot of it. You are good at saving because you often worry about the future. People born on this day are sure to be hard workers.

You also have a lot of friends who will often expose you to money-making opportunities. You like the sanity of having a job so you will likely not quit your day job for a side thing. However, you are always open to money-making hobbies and ideas.

Writing, Story
Writing would make a good side-job for a January 4th baby.

As a person, you like presenting yourself as classy and fancy. This is to attract important personalities in your circle. You sometimes find yourself gambling in an attempt to make more money in a shorter time. You are advised to slow down on the spending and concentrate more on the saving aspect of money. Expensive and shiny objects are also likely to catch your eye…and the cash in your wallet.

Romantic Relationships

January 4th babies are quite different in terms of their relationships. You take a short time to make friends but a long time to find romantic partners. You will be confident to approach people at a friendly level but that is not the same when dealing with a romantic affair.

Communication, Couple, Understanding
People born on January 4th will likely be friends with someone before they enter a romantic relationship with someone.

People born on January 4th have trouble expressing themselves, as they often worry that their personalities will drive people away. It is also difficult for you to attract a partner because you are always in the company of friends. You are advised to let your guard down and express yourself. It is not a bad thing to be cocky once in a while.

Platonic Relationships

Your social life is hyperactive. January 4th babies have a crazy sense of humor. They are naturally hilarious. You find comic relief in almost everything. This aspect of you makes your life a social journey. People tend to like you because you are easy to talk to.

Friends, Women
When Capricorns aren’t busy with their work, they’re with their friends.

You also do not get offended by people. There is a cool demeanor about you. Your work life is hectic but you find time to sit down and have a laugh with your friends. Your social nature may threaten your love life and this is something that you may want to check.


The family of a January 4th baby will receive a lot of love and care. You believe in the institution of family and connections by blood. You value your siblings and want the best for them. However, sometimes this means that you may poke your nose in areas where it doesn’t belong. You have the role of a mediator. 

Argue, Fight, Parents
People born on January 4th are great at breaking up arguments between family members.

You also contribute a lot financially. You put people and their children through school hoping that they will have a better future. Sometimes you spend too much helping your family. It is important for you to never forget yourself. Give yourself a breather from your family once in a while.


January forth babies have a problem staying healthy. They like to indulge. They like nice meals with meat and all kinds of sources and spices. January 4th babies have friends in abundance so free meals are available making them indulge even more. They also hate exercise as they find it repetitive and boring. They may find a way to maintain their weight with fad diets but this also risks to theirs.

Cooking, Couple
January 4th babies would do well to learn how to cook at home so they don’t eat out so much.

Personality Traits

People with a January 4th birthday share many of the traits of the Capricorn sign that they come from. However, they don’t fit the mold all of the time. Some traits that help a January 4th baby to stand out from the Capricorn crowd are below.

The sign of Capricorn is a goat.


January 4th babies do not find themselves in political or cultural battles. You agree with everyone and understand everyone’s point of view. This means that they will try to make friends with just about everyone, no matter their religious or political beliefs.

Men, Friends
Capricorns are quick to make friends.


It is your own rules to yourself that make you the person that you are. You are a winner, not a quitter. You hate to leave things unfinished and will do everything to make sure that a task is fully satisfied. Also, you will make sure a job is completed to perfection. You’re anything but a slacker.

Hard Work, Woman, Labor
January 4th babies put in their best efforts, no matter what they are doing.


You are honest in all your dealings. You make sure everyone understands what they are getting into when making business deals. Lairs offend you more than anything else. While January 4th babies can make friends with just about anyone, but not liars.

Truth, Lie, Street Sign
There is a fine line between a truth and a lie, and January 4th babies will always pick the truth.


January 4th babies set their goals earlier in life. They want the best that the world can offer. They also work extremely hard to have a social standing to shadow their odd side. Even when they aren’t 100% sure what they want to do, they still work hard in the meantime.

Woman, Planner, Working
Capricorns plan ahead, take notes and do whatever else they can to make sure that they don’t lose track of all of their great ideas.

January 4th Birthday Symbolism

Your date of birth is 4th meaning that the root number of 4 guides your fate. Honesty is your pathway word that guides your beliefs. For your card, you should read the 4th tarot card in the deck. Topaz is your lucky stone which increases your level of confidence. Your day of birth is ruled by the planet Uranus. You are a Capricorn so the goat sign is your biggest influence.

Blue Topaz will help the January 4th babies to shine.


January 4th babies are oddly shy a quality that most people would not expect. They do not approach people that they are attracted to they will often wait until the person makes the first move. As such they are advised to gain confidence just like they do when making jokes. A chance in love should never be wasted.

Another issue to check is the social lifestyle. You may want to slow down on the partying and focus more on your health. It is important that you avoid drinking too much. The body also needs some rest from work and partying. You should do some relaxing exercises like yoga.

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