Year of the Horse, Chinese Zodiac Horse Fortune & Personality

All About the Horses

The year of the Horse are those people that were born in the following years 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 and 2026. If you’re a Horse then you must have noticed that you love to be around people. Well, people born in the year of the Horse are individuals who’re admired in the Chinese zodiac chart for their love of travel. These individuals are always full of energy. Making new friends is part of their main life’s goals. Consequently, you won’t miss Horses at parties, events and other forms of occasions. They’re also quick-witted individuals and they easily understand what you’re saying without needing any further clarification. Other additional info that you might have been asking yourself is discussed in detail in this article.  

Chinese Zodiac, Year Of The Horse
People born in the year of the horse are loyal and strong

Traits and Characteristics  

Getting along with people born in the year of the Horse might be the one thing that you’re interested in achieving. Well, if this is the case, the first thing that you ought to understand is their personality traits. Get to know what makes them different from other zodiac signs. Moreover, it’s good to point out their strengths and weaknesses. This would go a long way in making sure that you live together in harmony for a long time to come.  

Horse Men 

These men are good at kicking off healthy conversations. This is because they’re good listeners. An attribute that you’ll quickly notice in Horses is that they’re blunt in their manner of communication. Their blunt honesty might affect the relationship that you share. As a result, it’s wise that you understand that this is part of their weakness. The fascinating aspect about the Horse man is that he’ll usually steer away from trouble. In addition to this, he’s not good at keeping up with fights. Therefore, don’t expect them to fight for you in case you have a ‘more than friends’ relationship. This doesn’t mean that Horse men won’t be there for you in times of need. On the contrary, they’re very loyal to their friends. They’ll back you up and lighten your spirits when you are feeling as though the world is on your shoulders.  

Horse Men, Comforting, Couple
Horse men will support you and care for you in your times of need

Horse Women 

Horse women will gladly escape from their home to pursue their dreams when they’re still young. This is attributed to the fact that Horse animal signs were born to race. Chasing their dreams would be one of their main goals in life. A Horse woman is the intelligent type. She’ll also run at the sight of trouble although she’s quite rebellious. This is because she’ll want to believe her inner instincts more than what people tell her. Consequently, there are other animal signs that perceive them as simply naughty. Their ego will have an influence in your relationship. Women born under this zodiac sign only care about themselves and their personal troubles. Getting to understand this would guarantee that you don’t come to loggerheads with each other.  

Horse, Racing, Chasing, Chinese Zodiac
Horse women are born to race and chase their dreams

Horse Sexuality  

The strength of Horses is a clear indication of their sexual attributes. They’re simply powerful and have a high libido compared to other signs in the Chinese zodiac chart. Their high spirits will have a remarkable influence in intimate relationships that they associated with. Sadly, it’s difficult to tie the Horses down as they’re a sign of freedom.  

Horse Men 

Horse men are very physically strong. This also has an effect on their sexuality as they’re sexually strong in bed. This is a man that will meet all your sexual demands in every way. What drives women crazy is the fact that they’re also physically appealing in nature. Therefore, in addition to falling in love with them, you’ll certainly be craving to get them in bed with you. His communication would also win many hearts. He prefers a straight and direct to the point form of communication. This is what most women love about his confidence. They’re also cunning and could easily lure any woman into bed in just the first day of their meeting. Therefore, you should be careful in dealing with them.  

Horse Women 

Horse women have a natural charm that boils in her. To say that she’s beautiful would be an understatement. She has what it takes to be admired by many men out there. What’s more interesting is that the Horse woman’s natural physique would strike your mind with crazy and dirty thoughts. She has an expressive face that talks more about her emotions. This is one of the main reasons why men find it difficult to resist her smiling charms.  

Dating a Horse 

Apart from the sexual urges that you’ll get when dating a Horse, people from this year could be the best lovers once you tame them. At first, Horses will appear wild and uncontrollable. This is the experience that everyone goes through when dating the Horse people. Well, patience pays. By being patient with Horses, there is a possibility that you might tame them and only get the best from them.  

Horse Me 

It’s important to understand that this man hates being indoors. Thus, if you want to have them close to you, it’s best that you propose going out and having fun out there. They have a large social circle. There is a likelihood that their friends would constantly be flooding your home. If you’re not social, this might be a nuisance that you’ll want to avoid at all cost. In addition to understanding their social nature, you’ll also have to come to terms with their quest for independence. Horse men seek independence in the relationships that they enter. Getting clingy is the last thing that you should do. This will only drive them away as they are scared of getting into serious relationships. The best thing that you could do is to strive to tame them over the long run.  

Friendship, Horses
Horse men have a large circle of friends and they’ll often spend lots of time together in your house

Horse Women 

Horse women are the only women that would want you to remain friends with even when you’ve been dating and getting intimate for years. Undoubtedly, they’re also a sign of celibacy. Give her the space that she needs while dating them as this is the only way that she’ll have the time to think over the relationship you share. Their sense of humor will make it easy for you to get along with them. Moreover, they’re passionate about life. As a result, this woman will always raise your hopes up high on why life is worth enjoying.   

Horses in love 

If there is one thing that the Horse will fall in love with it’s their close friends. Mess with them and you’ll also be messing with the Horse. Settling down might not be their thing but everybody has their own weakness, right? Once you get to fall in love with the Horse, you will notice that they can be great and exciting lovers. They could easily turn gloomy in just a flick. Yes, the Horses can be loving in nature but they won’t let go of their desire for independence in relationships. Both Horse men and women will cherish relationships where lovers can trust each other. It’s for this reason that you need to trust them when they’re hanging out with their male or female friends.  

Horses with money  

The energy and passion of the Horse will have an influence on their love for money. If this is the only path to happiness, then the Horse would gladly fight to be happy by earning more money.  Horses could also be regarded as good in handling money. Unfortunately, they easily get distracted by the things that they love. This means that they should be careful as they could spend money on winning love to their end.  

Horse Careers 

The passion of the Horses can be felt in the career fields that they choose to undertake. Sadly, they have a short attention span and overtime, this influences the length of time that they spend on certain career paths. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to find Horses hopping from one career to the other. Some career paths that would work for the Horses include working as translators, salespersons, pilot, bartender, publicist, and a performer.  

Horse Health  

Generally, Horses should embrace the idea of working out regularly. This is one of the ways in which they could prevent health diseases that might be associated with the lifestyles they choose.  

Horse Fitness 

In addition to staying healthy, you also need to engage in a number of physical exercises to maintain the body physique that you have. Yes, both Horse men and women are physically fit, but this does not mean that you should ignore the benefits that come with regular working out.  

Man, Muscles, Workout
Horses are incredibly strong and physically fit.


Horse with Fashion/Style 

The Horse zodiac sign is quite social. What they love most is being the center of attention. Keeping this in mind, they’ll often choose their dress codes wisely. Wearing different clothes on every occasion is the only way that they’ll be easily noticed by their large circle of friends. The Horses love the brown, yellow and purple color.  

Yellow, Jumper, Fashion, Style
Horses love to include yellow in their wardrobe.

Compatibility with OtheSigns 

So, who could keep up with the Horse’s love for personal freedom? Tiger, Rabbit and the Sheep are the animal signs that would match well with the Horse. On the other hand, the zodiac signs to avoid would be the serious Ox, Rat and Rooster. The Horse would also make good friends when paired with the Snake. This is for the reasons that these people would give each other the space that they need.  


So, if you believe in making things work in any relationship, then the Horse might be the best match for you. They have a thing for independence and this is what you ought to be careful with. They’re exciting individuals to hang around with. There is no day that they would make relationships boring. However, they have a short attention span. This implies that they would easily get bored when things do not turn out as they expected. Whether you’re friends or lovers with the Horse, you should understand that relationships require patience, love, understanding and most of all compromise.

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