January 8 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 8 Zodiac Personality

January 8th babies are very interesting. Saturn is the planet that rules the exact day they were born, they appear to be very unique as the planet itself. They are known for determination in what they do and like being competitive as well. They like being noticed in the society and achieve this goal by finishing what they started. This special birthday is also credited for giving this Capricorns high self-esteem. They feel that ties are necessary for sanity to be present.


Work is a very crucial part of life as a January 8th baby. You always have an organized career path. Your family will always try to advise you on what to do but you prefer to choose your own career. The need to have control over your destiny is your motivation.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
Freelance writing or graphic design make for great career choices for someone born on January 8th.

You always prefer self-employment but can serve better as an employee. You have an influential and intense drive to achieve. When your mind is set on something you must get it. You always have a positive mind in every challenge.


Management of money and other assets is very important. January 8th babies take the science of finance very seriously. They always make a budget of their income and have the discipline to follow it to the latter.

Born On Jan 8

They love contributing to community projects and are always invited for money contributions in the society. Even if it means just tipping their waiter 20%, they do what they can. You tend to be very generous with your finance by always being involved in charity work and lending money to family and friends. Nevertheless, you are very responsible and does not allow anyone to take your kindness for your weakness.

Work, Volunteer, Friends, Selfie
It’s not rare to find a Capricorn at a charity event.

However, saving money is always their focus in mind. Usually, they are involved in well-paying jobs. Congratulating them from time to time something they do quite often by buying themselves gifts, visiting nice and expensive hotels.

Romantic Relationships

Being among the Capricorn group, January 8th babies have different opinions when it comes to relationships. Close relationships make you feel vulnerable; this is why you will always find yourself taking caution in approaching relationships.

Jealous, Cheating, Affair
January 8th people won’t stay with a cheater.

You have very high moral standards and always try to uphold virtues. You happen to be loyal and devoted when it comes to intimate relationships. Capricorns are often very choosy when it comes to deciding on a long life relationship, and January 8th babies are no exception. You desire security and reassuring words from your partner when it comes to romantic relationships.

Platonic Relationships

You have a typical emotional rigidity that makes it difficult for you to express your feelings. You like choosing your own friends that have the same views as you. Taking time to know people is part of you, as you do not like being around control freaks.

Having an active social life is very important.  January 8th babies have an outgoing character and the best way to describe them is ‘extrovert’. They love making friends and meeting new faces every day. They are naturally funny as they like making everyone happy.

Party, Alcohol, Friends
January 8th adults can get along with most everyone, but they’ll only tell their best friends their secrets.

Capricorns are very skeptical about telling people everything on the first day they meet. Other people’s company is their joy. They are usually very disciplined but will never turn down a party invite. Balancing work and party life is very important to them.


The family institution is very important to a Capricorn. You treasure your family more than anything else, in that you would do anything to see them smile. You will find yourself looking for relatives you do not even know about.

Observing your siblings make mistakes and learning from them makes you happy. You are always giving one on one talks to your younger siblings, making them better people in life. Sometimes you get a little pushy in driving your siblings towards success but it is always in good faith.

Your family made you the person you are today and they influence you to be a little better every day.

Your thoughts are always based on your family as you believe that they are the reason for the person you are. Spending time with family is always a priority in your ‘to do list’ and always ensure they do not miss out on any important moment of your life.


January 8th babies love listening to their bodies and quickly notice whenever they are falling ill. They believe in exercise for fitness and you will find them getting engaged in games when they are free. Capricorns of the eighth day have a weakness in their bones and teeth and should make sure they have a higher intake of calcium. They have a high appetite and will dine in every kind of food without hesitating.

Healthy, Food
Capricorn people are likely to keep to a healthy diet.

They always prefer natural remedies when it comes to cutting off weight. Advising people on how to enjoy healthy living by using supplements, eating a balanced diet and having adequate rest is their happiness.

Personality Traits

People who are born on January 8th have all of the usual Capricorn personality traits–and then some. Some of their personality traits which help them to stand out from the average Capricorn are listed below.

Capricorn symbol


You are an opinionated individual as a Capricorn baby and believe in the value of honesty. The greatest weakness you have is forgiving when betrayed but try to give people second chances to prove themselves wrong.

Handshake, Children
Even January 8th children believe in giving their friends second chances.


You believe in self-confidence when running your day to day errands. Self-drive is also of importance to you and will often find yourself doing what is expected of you without anyone’s orders. As a Capricorn, you take every chance and drop every fear. You always take heed in the fact that ‘opportunity knocks once on every man’s door’. The kind of dreams you have are very ambitious and encouraging and you will always try to achieve them by overcoming every obstacle that comes your way.

Man, Happy, Laughing, Monkey
Your confidence and determination drive you.

January 8th Birthday Symbolism

The card labeled 8 is what you should look for in the magician’s deck for your tarot. This card is evidence of strength and bravery in the face of challenges. The root number 8 gives you the two birds one stone narrative. Your ability to get stuff done is unbeatable. You have the qualities of a leader in your motivation and morale to accomplish tasks.

Black Pearl, Gem
Try adding black pearl jewelry to your outfits to add refined flair.

Your chosen gemstone is the black pearl that is your guardian angel in times of danger. You will be challenged in your journey but you will conquer all that comes your way. You have a color of fortune which is pale gold. This is an explanation for all your wins in lotteries.


To sum it all up, you are an individual that every person looks up to as you are able to embrace every situation and always has an idea on how to solve disturbing issues. People come to you for advice and opt to ‘be like you ‘for success. Many will want to depend on you as your word is significant and you always do your best to fulfill a promise no matter how petty.

You crave for attention and affection but do not want to show this to people but tend to have a tough look and show them your independence. Gathering more worldly knowledge than materialistic things is of more importance to you than material things and pleasures of the world. You desire to live a lavish life but has the virtue of self-control.

Being sad is not part of you as you believe each smile adds a happy day to your calendar. One piece of advice for January eighth babies is that they need to let their guard down a little to obtain a little warmth from family and friends to keep them going. All in all, they are the best advisors a discouraged person would ever need.


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