March 1 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 1 Zodiac Personality

People who have March 1st as their date of birth are thought to be considerate and kind at heart. Being born on March 1st, you are naturally nice and like making new friends. You have an interesting personality that explains your good number of friends. You enjoy relating with both generations– young and old. This is because you like being ‘on the know’ and also upholding the necessary qualities that are required in society. You are fun-loving and this makes you sociable.

You are clever and sharp and this is why you are not easily fooled when it comes to business deals. Also, you are intuitive in nature and have a high degree of intelligence. You take cleanliness as a very important issue and this also applies in your orderliness in work. You like being noticed and have the need to feel useful and this explains why you are ever associated with good deeds.


You are a very hard working individual and will rarely have a hard time deciding on your career path. As a Pisces, you prefer jobs where you can apply your skills and gain other qualities other than money. You love working with others and are humble enough to work for others.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.

You are patient and diligent at work and hence can work your way to the top slowly. You are responsible for what you do and perform your duties to perfection. What is most important to you in an occupation is having a feeling of self-worth and importance. You like taking orders and have a discipline of following them to the latter. Your creativity enables you to come up with new ideas to help the standards of an organization. You are of great importance at your workplace.


As a person born on March 1st, money is fairly important to you. You respect the art of saving up for things until you can afford to buy them. You are good at reorganizing your income depending on situations. Make sure to put aside a coin or two for charity purposes and to help a friend in need. You often use your money to only buy very important things. You are a good investor and have a plan to live a comfortable life in the future. Avoid borrowing, as you are a very independent person that believes in spending the money of your sweat. You are not known for running into problems when it comes to financial situations.

Unlike most other Pisces, you are great with money.

Romantic Relationships

For a Piscean of March 1st, you are very positive about the idea of love. You have the need for attention and craving for affection. You like taking charge of your personal relationships and having the final say. Often, you find yourself making things about you in a romantic affair. You are loving and caring to your soul mate and will sacrifice yourself to make him or her happy.

Argue, Fight
If you cannot control your temper, your relationships won’t last long.

Sometimes you get temperamental and have a habit of ending things just because of a petty issue. You are advised to have the self-control to have a strong and long-lasting relationship. You are unpredictable in your thoughts and like surprising your soul mate with unexpected gifts just to make them happy.

March 1 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

As someone born on March 1st, you like being around people and connecting with others. You love sharing your opinions and views about life and will often find yourself commenting on social networking sites and positive discussions. You are friendly and are good at approaching new faces. The people you meet help you determine your main objectives in life. This gives your motivation of a kind to fulfill your dreams.

Funny, Person, Girl
In your friend group, you are likely to be one of the funniest!

You are good at making long life friends and having solid relationships. You are able to help people get destructed from their worries as you are funny and will crack jokes sometimes even without realizing it. Rarely, will you turn down an invite to any occasion and are able to have a good balance with your work and party life.


Family comes first for a person born on March 1st. You like observing your siblings and correcting their mistakes in a very nice way to make them better people in life. You are open with your parents and you talk to them on issues concerning your happenings in life. This enables you to have a strong bond with your family and this explains why you are not able to stay for long away from them.

Spending time with your family is very important to you.

You will move mountains to see your family happy and protect them from any kind of harm. You are ready to do anything to make your family comfortable and satisfied with their lives. This makes your family lucky to have you as one of them.


Your body is a priority and you like having control over it. You rarely suffer from illnesses as you take any kind of irregularities seriously and take immediate action. You are good at dieting and watching what you eat. Your cleanliness allows you to create time for making sure that everything around you is free of dirt.

Sport, Basketball, Exercise
Playing sports with friends is a great way to get in more exercise.

Preparing healthy food is something that you enjoy and will find yourself advising other people on how to eat a balanced diet. You find exercises tiresome and this is why you opt for participating in fun activities to keep your body fit. You are prone to skin problems and should ensure a high intake of vitamins and water.

Personality Traits

Your opinion matters to you, as you adore discussing your thoughts with others. You are empathetic and sensible to emotional cues. You are dependable and this makes you a reliable friend. However, you can be a little bit blunt and like putting things the way they are, which others may not like. You are gifted with more understanding than others sharing your zodiac sign.

Men, Friends
Your friendly nature is one of your best personality traits.

You are supportive and are good at helping people deal with their problems. Some may think of you as a perfectionist because you are so thorough on your work. You are curious and this explains your need for information. You are very confident and will approach obstacles in life with a positive mind.

March 1st Birthday Symbolism

The number you want to play in your games is one. This is your designated lucky number. You will most likely win when you use it to play. You are a person who works minus supervision. Focus on your cause without inviting destructions to your life. You cannot help but control your destiny. You have chosen to work hard and be an achiever.

Ruby, Gem
The ruby is your lucky gemstone.

The card labeled one is a special one for you. It is the very first tarot in the magician’s deck of cards. This card contains an explanation for your issues. It has the answers that you have always been looking for. The stone that you should hold is the ruby. It is your guide to the place of peace. It is chosen for you to protect and advice when need be.


Neptune and the sun are your rulers. Listen to these two beings. You are motivated with a high level of resilience. You push your agenda until people start to listen. At work or school, you get tasks done effortlessly. You feel that your duty is your hobby. This is a gift that only you have. It is a special part of you.

People admire your ability to lead. You make people listen to you. They trust in what you say. They also believe in your will to work no matter what happens. You are kind to the people who you lead. This makes you a perfect person to steer the wheel of success.

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