July 17 Zodiac is Cancer, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 17 Zodiac Personality Traits

As a July 17 zodiac, you fall under the Cancer sign. You are friendly, having both contemporary and conventional ways to lead conversations. Hence, your conversations are never dull. July 17 zodiacs identify themselves with a sense of belonging.  

People born on July 17th are intellectual, enabling them to grasp a lot of content with a quick understanding and interpretation of the same. Due to their intelligence, they are great problem solvers and always strive for perfection.  


You have no problem with your seniors in your place of work. People born on July 17  are very observant. You judge people depending on your observation of how they conduct themselves.

Business, Work, Promotion
Listen to your superiors if you want to get ahead in the workplace.

You have strong emotional stamina that steers your business orientation. You separate emotions from the work or rather business environment. Hence, harboring a good relationship with your colleagues. Your professional ladder is evident and is anchored by the diverse business orientations that you exhibit. 

You plan ahead. “Noah dint build that ark when it was flooded”. You fully understand the aspect of cultivating a bright future ahead. You set achievable goals and device strategic ways to accomplish them. 


Due to your observant nature, day to day details is a crucial part of your planning process. Success is mandatory for you. You take time to plan and assess all situations and opportunities to ensure that epitome of success is your portion. This is why you plan your budget so well. You always save money before buying something expensive. In this way, you always plan your spending.

Budget, Savings, Money
Budget well if you want to meet your financial goals.

Romantic Relationships

If you are a July 17 zodiac, your level of compassion and caring nature is highly noticeable. You have a welcoming personality that allows you to blend quickly with new friends. You are warm-hearted and charming all in one. This helps to encourage partners to seek you out. Your personality makes it easy for people to fall in love with you. 

Friends, Couple, Love
Your warm personality invites people to fall in love with you.

Platonic Relationships

As a July 17  zodiac, you take pride in yourself. However, the past has a way of slithering into your present, as you find yourself talking about past situations and old friends. You acknowledge the struggle you have gone through and appreciate the achievements.  Alone time is of value to you. You take that time to create, re-evaluate and discover yourself. 

Friends, Women, July 17 Zodiac
Cancers value their alone time, but make sure to make time for your friends.

People born on July 17 have a noticeable tendency of treating people equally regardless of their background or hierarchy. Equality of all matters to you. Adhere to rules and laws as required and abide by the set policies. 

You have family and friends who look up to you due to your determined and focused nature. You have an aura of great charisma, such that people want to be around you all the time. Your charisma is addictive. You set achievable goals and strive to accomplish them.



July zodiacs have a special spot for their family and friends.  Family coming first is one of its forefront principles. Being a July 17 zodiac, your horoscope predicts that you will be looked upon by your family and friends. You are capable and have a strong sense of direction. You are a helping hand and a person to lean on when trouble strikes. Also, you have strong emotional stamina. Hence, you are a role model to them and they admire your qualities. 

July 17 Birthday

You have family and friends who look up to you due to your determined and focused nature. You have an aura of great charisma, such that people want to be around you all the time. Your charisma is addictive. You set achievable goals and strive to accomplish them. 

Comforting, Cancer Zodiac, Clasped Hand
Loyalty means everything to you in a relationship, even friendships.

Loyalty to those you care about is key to all your relations. Being considered the most capable and able one in the family, you are flooded with major responsibilities. If you need advice about different aspects of life, a Cancer is the right person to talk to. People lean on you for guidance both mentally and physically. 

If you are born on July 17, you are considered a good listener and give advice accordingly after assessing the situation. You take your time before coming to a conclusion. Your connection with your emotions paves way for the caring nature that you have for those close to you.


Cancers love to keep fit and their healthiness in check. You love to exercise regularly dwelling on home workouts. You are crazy about home cooked meals and have a strong emphasis on minimal junk food. As a Cancer, you are a perfectionist and hence regular exercises help you to relax and so you should take some time from your busy schedule to accommodate this. Insist on a constant diet schedule that is to be followed to the letter. You have a lot of interest in sporty activities the reason being that it is the only time you get off your busy schedule to relax. 

Cooking, Couple, Vrishabh 2020 Horoscope
Cook at home so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Keeping fit is a step to leading a healthy life. You abide by the set schedule for work out and strictly follow the schedule. Your diet is composed of a balanced diet hence building a strong immune system. You are not a frequent visitor in hospitals. Your health comes first and the hustle comes later. Taking care of your health through the regular exercises and eating good food means a lot to you since it is not expensive to maintain good health and most people do not know it, but you do!

July 17 Zodiac Personality

Being part of the Cancer zodiac, you are overly indecisive. This is because of the equal weight of options that you can employ. You assess all situations. “It’s never that serious”, mantra does not apply to you. Your level of optimism has a great influence on those close to you discerning negativity. 

Cancer, July 17 Zodiac
Cancer symbol

If you are born on the 17th of July, you are strongly connected to your emotions which lead to two effects. Firstly, you are either emotionally stable due to emotional stamina. Secondly, you are very sensitive due to the strong connection with your feelings. Your sensitivity leads to a lot of people hurting you. Time is of the essence to you and you recover as time goes by.  

July 17 Zodiac Symbolism

 Your lucky number is eight. The lucky word leader is your designated word of good fortune. Your card is the 17th tarot in the deck. The black pearl is your lucky stone. 

Eight, 8, July 17 Zodiac
Eight is your lucky number.

July 17 Zodiac Conclusion

A July 17 zodiac ignores nonsense talks. If you are born on the July 17 you love spending your time on worthy causes. Hence, not buying time wasting proposals. You have a mantra that guides you through your set goals. The mantra acts as a reminder of what will be achieved. 

You have a very curious nature, always asking questions about things that you discover along the path of your life. Reputation or image is very important to you. How other people view you matters. You do everything to maintain a top-notch reputation such that people can look up to you in the different environments you come across. 

The bigger picture (future) is important to you. You take adequate time to figure out a certain thing that will make your future a prosperous one. Your preparation and planning ensure great success in the future. 

You abide by the notion that says “opportunity favors the prepared minds”. You devise tactics, methods, and strategies to ensure that every approach taken will lead to success and shun failure. People born on the July 17 are a huge success in life, people admire them and want to emulate them every step of the way.

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