July 18 Zodiac is Cancer, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 18 Zodiac Personality

People born on July 18 belong to the zodiac sign Cancer. If you were born on July 18, your element is water. You have such brimming energy used to develop oneself. You have an evident aura of independence. 

As a Cancer, you take interest in hobbies that demand creativity and innovativeness such as art, drawing, etc. Your actions and thoughts are highly driven by imagination, intuition, and a streak of creativity. One of your greatest strengths is your memory that enables you to be on top and ahead of things. 


July 18 zodiacs have great organizational skills that enable them to blend into the organizational culture. If you were born on July 18, you have your own business, you are at a senior position in your company, or you’re working your way through the leader ladder and you will be there when the time is right. 

People born on July 18 exhibit a lot of leadership qualities. Being a leader is good, however, you are inconsistent and manipulative. You start so many projects and finish none. You cannot be a jack of all trades. Learn to be consistent. Consistency is the key to discipline. 

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Advancements in the workplace are in your future.

Manipulating other people so that you can get what you want is part of your problem. Your manipulative nature of doing things decrees your level of fairness. You love a competitive environment whereby you get a chance to prove why you are the best. The spotlight is your comfort zone. Being openly minded helps you think outside the box. You come up with good ideas, plans, and projects that are practical hence it is advisable to concentrate more on them.

July 18 Birthday


You have a spending and saving routine. The save more than you spend rule is one of your principles when it comes to financial issues. You take risks that are worth it. The end results of the risks taken are usually profitable since you do not gamble with the options you have.

Romantic Relationships

People born on July 18 have their own comfort zone. If you were born on July 18, you are not judgemental and you hardly interact with strangers. You have strong and deep-rooted emotions that are very fragile. You do not like people who mess around with your emotions. Also, you are easily hurt since when you love, you love so deeply.

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Romantic gestures can win your partner’s heart.

Platonic Relationships

As a Cancer, you hardly talk about your problems because people will dim you as imperfect, look down on you and overlook your independence. Your independence is a crucial factor in living your life. You love time alone tagged as “personal time” to relax and re-evaluate your life choices. You are a freedom lover. Take all possible measures to ensure your free-spirited nature is not interfered with.

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Friends can always depend on you.

If you were born on the July 18, you find it hard to forgive those who offend you but looking on the brighter side, you do not hold any grudges hence leading a good, happy and fruitful life. Without holding any grudges, you don’t bring up past events and hence bury the hatchet when a situation goes sore. Focus on the future and you are determined to make it better than your past. 

People born on July 18 are great leaders and have a great impact on other people’s lives. Your loyalty is a key value that ties you to your promises, hence you deliver the mandates you promise. A July 18 zodiac always has a neat plan. Meaning if you were born on July 18 you are most likely to be the wolf leading the pack. 


People born on July 18 have true family spirits– just like any other Cancer. With family and friends, they feel safe and see the need to go on with their lives. If you are born on July 18, you are aware of the needs of your family and friends, thus encapsulating the people whom you are responsible for.

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Cancers will do whatever they can to help family members.

You are very sympathetic and fair to the feelings of those whom you care about. Not hurting the people you care about is on top of the list of your priorities. Being loyal to your family and friends is a value that you cherish. We can conclusively say that family and friends run your world.


If your birthday is on July 18 you are a nature lover. You love taking strolls, long walks and going on hikes on a regular basis as part of your keeping fit regime. These are physical activities that help you keep calm and relax. 

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Even taking a walk every once in a while can improve your health.

Your health is good but because of not talking about your problems or seeking help, you might succumb to stress. Stress greatly affects your health. As a July 18 zodiac, the weight of your problems can take the better part of you and cause you to oppose change.

 As we all know, change is inevitable and as a Cancer born on July 18 you should learn to embrace change– maybe not drastically but gradually.  You eat well. Eating the right food (balanced diet) and in the right portions. You are very cautious of what you indulge in. You highly advocate for inorganic foods since they are more beneficial to your health. As you take care of others (family &friends) include yourself in the equation. As a Cancer born on July 18, you deserve the best.

July 18 Zodiac Personality Traits

If you were born on July 18, you are a very sensitive human being. You deploy a lot of wisdom and intelligence in making decisions. You are not indecisive because you do not gamble your options. All in all, you are a focused and determined individual. Most people know you as the “go-getter”. You have your goals and objectives and a time frame in which to achieve each of them. 

Cancer, July 18 Zodiac
Cancer symbol

You have an open mind. This is a quality which makes you very cooperative with other institutions, welcoming new ideas and coming up with a diverse quality of tactics to deal with the new ideas to ensure success. You love to be mentally challenged and intellect holds a special place in all your endeavors. You take pride in accomplishing what others have not accomplished. Being in the spotlight brings you joy. 

July 18 Zodiac Symbolism

You are in possession of the lucky number nine. The word that’s designated for fortune in your life is the lucky word “seeker.” Your card for reading is the 18th  tarot in the magician’s deck. The bloodstone is your lucky gem.

Bloodstones, Gem, Stone, July 18 Zodiac
Bloodstones come in a variety of colors and shapes.

July 18 Zodiac Conclusion

Most people whom you interact with tag you as an opportunist. This is a good thing since it gives you an added advantage in different situations. Most people born on July 18 have the need to feel valuable and helpful. Planning ahead helps them meet this need. By planning ahead you incorporate your creative skills and tend to set your own pace that meets your set time bomb. If your birth date is July 18, you love being your own boss.

You have different plans that apply to different situations. If your plan A does not work you use Plan B or C. You are basically the creator and implementer of the plan. Being a leader forces you to be on top of things, be 10 miles further than the rest. Your open-mindedness and a quick grasping memory are a stepping stone to being steps further than everybody else. 

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