March 16 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 16 Zodiac Personality

People born March 16th are surmised to be go-getters. Being born on March 16th, you are gifted with the ability to read people’s mind and be sensitive to their emotions. You are very sharp with a high degree of curiosity. You are imagined to be very philosophical and have a certain kind of special intellect in you.

Like most Pisces, you are a wild dreamer and are always making a plan of how to achieve your goals in life. You are always outstanding and very courageous even though you may seem less tough on the outside. You try following your instincts before engaging in anything. However, you are prone to being temperamental and sometimes anger controls you. Luckily, your ability to apologize for compliments this. You are quite observant and are able to tell when something is about to go wrong. You are kind at heart and like showing gratitude when good deeds come your way.


Career choices could be a challenge for an individual born on March 16th. You tend to look for an occupation that poses a challenge to many. This is why you are slightly choosy when it comes to settling for one job. Whenever you are at work, you like bringing out your full potential and helping others with your innovative mind by coming up with new ideas. You like feeling useful and this is why you move from one occupation to another quite often. You must be in an area of work that is fully involving and where communication is very important. At most times, you will choose a job for its satisfaction rather than financial gain.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.


Finances are a crucial part of our lives. A person with March 16th as a birthday is not perfect in managing money but tries to have a planned budget on how to spend their money. You like buying the latest things on the market. This makes you tempted to dip into your savings from time to time. You keep an eye on your regular incomings and are able to know when you are almost out.

Shopping, Woman
When you go out shopping, keep your eye out for sales to help you save money.

You sometimes run into problems with cash flow but it is never that serious. Avoid taking things on credit, as you are aware of the consequences. You are not mean and are very charitable with your money. To avoid being taken advantage of,  look into someone’s needs before lending them cash.

Romantic Relationships

As you belong to the Piscean group, you have a positive attitude towards the idea of love. You find it wonderful to have a companion by your side that makes you forget about your worries from time to time. You are quite romantic and are very passionate when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Love, Dating
It might be best for you to be friends with someone before you start dating them.

In a romantic relationship, you look for a partner who understands your complicated personality and one who is able to bear with you. You are not able to fully express your feelings to your soulmate to avoid arguments. You find it hard to choose a long time partner, but on finding the right match you are able to commit yourself fully to a long-term relationship. Almost like a Libra, you are ever compromising. This is a great advantage for your soulmate as you are going to be able to get along easily. You are willing to learn your partner and understand their character.

March 16 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for a Piscean born on March 16th. You like being a person who is easy to approach. You are good at making nice gestures to the people you meet and are able to make a connection. Also, you like participating in healthy arguments and debates and this is why you are active on social networking sites.

Social Media, Phone, Apps
Try meeting new people in real life, not online.

Avoid being judgy and thinking negatively of other people so as to build casual friendships. You are not afraid of rejection and you give people a chance to get to know you. You always try to have something in common with people around you and ensuring each one of them is enjoying your company. It is not likely that you will hold petty grudges and this is why you have strong and long-lasting friendships. You are naturally nice and charming making you fun to be with.


Family is a very important institution that contributes to much of our personalities. For a person born on March 16th, you are very attached to your family and like spending time with them. You appreciate the lessons you learn from family and are able to become a better person in life.

Even as an adult, you will still like to ask your parents for advice.

You like involving your family in your personal life and making sure they are the first people to know about every special moment of your life. As a Pisces, you uphold respect for each family member and like showing them how much they mean to you. You are willing to go an extra mile to see them happy.


Any health issues experienced by a person born on March 16th are caused by their reluctant nature to relaxing. Being born on March 16th, you should try to have adequate rest to reduce the minor health imbalances you experience. You find exercises time consuming and boring but knowing the importance of keeping fit, you try taking part in physical activity.

Don’t be afraid to see a doctor when you think something might be wrong.

Try to be more open with your disturbing issues to avoid letting your worries build up to stress. You are the type that has the tendency to ignore abnormalities and you are advised to avoid this. You should also try to maintain a balanced diet and have regular body checkups.

Personality Traits

You are a realistic person and like dealing with facts. You have a practical innovative approach in life and like doing things in your own way. Most of the time, you always think you are correct and you should try to tone down on this as it is the cause for most of your disagreements with others. You are confident enough to share your opinions and views about life with other people. You aspire to live a unique life that people will admire and like being a role model for many.

Pisces symbol

March 16th Birthday Symbolism

You are privileged to be able to embrace people’s flaws. Having the jade as your luckiest gem makes you special. It adds you confidence and builds your courage. In the tarot deck, the 16th one unfolds your mysterious nature. You are keen and will think before acting.

Jade, Gemstone,
Try wearing jade to improve your luck.

The 7th digit will never disappoint as it is chosen for you. Your love for knowledge makes you a curious individual. You are ever full of ideas and like working your way up to the top slowly. You easily get bored with the same routines. Luckily, you are positive towards change, making you easygoing.


The most influential planet on your character is Neptune. It makes you easily understanding and very welcoming. You rarely go unnoticed as you like shining in what you do. People find you easy to comply with due to your maturity. You dislike feeling under attack and this is why you speak for yourself. You highly value your personal space and appreciate privacy. Like many Pisceans, you have an interesting charm and are very admirable. You take challenges as stepping stones to reach your mindset goals.

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