March 18 Zodiac Is A Cusp Pisces And Aries, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 18 Zodiac Personality

People born on March 18th are believed to be optimistic individuals. Being born on March 18th, your main wishes in life are to be happy and be at peace with others. You like fantasizing about things and have quite a wild imagination. You are able to express your feelings; one will notice when you are not okay. Bearing the fact that you belong to the Piscean group, you have empathy for emotional cues and are sensitive to people’s moods.

You take your time before making any choices in life and are known to be very assertive in decision making. You have a high degree of intuition that guides you in anything that you involve yourself in. Like many Pisceans, you are warm at heart and are very kind natured. You take every mistake positively and learn from each one of them. You are able to give a deaf ear to negative voices that try to put you down. All in all, you are cheerful with an averagely high sense of humor. This makes you have quite a large circle of friends as people like being around you.


Career choices for a person born on March 18th are not easy to decide on. This is because you are overly ambitious and have a need to gain a sense of satisfaction in what you do. Your objective is to be at the top of your career and to use your many talents to assist others. You require work that provides the opportunity of progression. You prefer being challenged and will rarely settle for a simple job.

Business, Work, Promotion
It is likely that you will be happiest in a career that allows for advancement.

Your mix of a witty mind end and sharpness makes you of great importance at your workplace. You stand as a good candidate for managerial positions. You enjoy working around others and are very respectful to those in authority.


Financial matters are important to a person born on March 18th. You are able to make a good budget for your income to avoid frivolous spending. You are very careful as money is fairly important to you. Finances are a lifestyle necessity and therefore need caution when approaching any money engaging activity.

Financial Planner, Finances, Money
If you cannot find a friend you help you with your finances, consider hiring a financial planner.

You appear to fare better when you have someone who helps you organize your income. This is because you have a wide variety of income resources as you really care about your future. You are sensible but not mean, and will offer a hand to a person in need where you can. Family and friends often take advantage of your kindness and will come to you for loan assistance. When it comes to charity work you do not hesitate to donate money.

Romantic Relationships

A Piscean is typically a seeker of emotional happiness. You have a need to feel special and to be appreciated. This explains why you long for companionship. You are companionate and are able to show your love to your partner. You are the type that understands situations and will often apologize for mistakes you have done you avoid any kind of unnecessary arguments by trying to hold back your feelings.

Dinner, Wine, Candles
Romantic gestures will make you feel loved.

Much of the time, you put your partner needs before yours and avoid anger coming your way as you are prone to being very temperamental. You are the romantic type and will often make gestures to your soul mate such as showing up with roses from time to time. You do your very best to make your partner feel cherished and are willing to do anything to make a relationship exist for the longest time.

March 18 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

Being born on March 18th, you are the type that focuses on building bridges instead of walls. This explains why you are able to open up to people and are very curious in finding a common interest that you share with others. You are the fun type and are an extravert at work. This is because you enjoy being around others and making people around you happy.

Whats My Sign Cover
Your curiosity encourages you to ask people questions… which helps you to make friends!

You are able to crack jokes and give stories endlessly to kill boredom. You are not afraid of rejection and will always approach new people with confidence. Also, you enjoy helping others deal with their unresolved issues and are a good shoulder to cry on. This makes you a lovely friend and confidante.


Family comes first for a person born on March 18th. You have the thought that family has greatly contributed to your growth in life. You take your family as a special part of your life and will always make them a priority. As a Pisces, you are the type that gives them one on one talks to help them bank upon each other to build a healthy relationship. Your siblings find you a little bit bossy as you like meddling into their personal lives. You should try to give them personal space and let them make their own decision in life. Your parents enjoy your company and appreciate having you around.

Argue, Fight
Don’t meddle in your family’s matter too much, or else it may lead to arguments.


Health matters to you as a person born on March 18th. You need the extra motivation of an emotional sense to help you retain your healthiness. Stress can make you overeat or engage in bad habits, such as drinking and use of drugs. You are advised to let out your worries and deal with situations with immediate effect. Having adequate rest enables you to stay active throughout the day and keeps your energy levels high. You are advised to take part in the regular exercise as you are prone to weight problems. All in all, you have a positive attitude towards taking care of yourself.

Personality Traits

The people you meet helps determine your main wishes and objective in life. You are careful not to involve yourself in things that add no benefit to your life. You like sharing your opinions and views about situations and engaging in healthy discussions. Sadly, you easily get hurt and this explains why you avoid getting close to people. You are naturally nice an always try to create peace in your surroundings.

Pisces symbol

March 18th Birthday Symbolism

Having your date of birth on March 18th, you have a root number of three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword innovation. This highlights your creative mind and ability to come up with new ideas. The 12th card on the magician’s deck, the hanged man, is closely associated with your birthdate. This signifies your ability to lift up other people spirits when they are low. Your lucky gemstone is the amethyst, wearing it enables you to overcome challenges in life and take every failure as a step towards success.

Hanged Man, Tarot
The hanged man is the tarot card that represents your birth date.


The celestial body that astrologically influences your date of birth is planet Pluto. The actual day you were born is cosmically governed by Jupiter reign. This explains the uniqueness in your personality. You are able to easily get along with others and this explains why people like being around you.

A final thought for individuals born on March 18th is that you should try putting other people’s suggestions into consideration. This will enable you to have good progress in life and polish your work to perfection. You should also tone down on being too sure of yourself and avoid being overconfident. You are a thoughtful person to know and are a very special individual.

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