Taurus Sagittarius Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Taurus/Sagittarius Love Compatibility  

What do these two zodiac signs have in common and what will that mean in relation to their compatibility?  Will they be able to connect on all levels or will they struggle to find any common ground? We take a look at all the pros and cons of a Taurus/Sagittarius relationship. 

Taurus Overview 

Friendship, dependability, and kindness are just a few of the character traits that describe the Taurus (April 21- May 21).  They can be loyal to a fault and support their friends and acquaintances without a second thought. Another characteristic of the zodiac sign of the bull is stubbornness.  If theres an argument, theyll stand up for their point of view and won’t back down unless they’re convinced otherwise.  Whether the Taurus is the leader or the team member, their friends will respect them either way. 

Sagittarius Overview 

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22) is an adventurous soul who loves to try the next new thing and feed their appetite for excitement.  Theyre easy goinglikeable and very flexible.  If theres something they want to do, they do it.  When someone wants to do something with them but has to cancel, they won’t get aggravated; rather theyll try to meet up with them another time and not let it get to them.  Punctuality isn’their strength, but its something that people tend to let go because theyre so easy going.  If anything, theyre likely to get bored.  When there isn’t enough excitement going on, theyll move on, even if it affects their relationship with friends and lovers. 

Taurus/Sagittarius Relationships 

Taurus/Sagittarius can be an interesting match.  Taurus can keep up with the adventure streak while keeping Sagittarius a little more motivated when the need arises.  Sagittarius can help Taurus loosen up a little.  Things will heat up from the attraction right at the beginning to their conflicts based on their frustration with each other’s differences in personality. 

Couple, Holding Hands
Taurus and Sagittarius have an interesting and compatible relationship

Positive Attributes in a Taurus/ Sagittarius Relationship  

Sagittarius can bring out the best in Taurus who loves to try new things and be with friends.  Theyll escape routine and discover wonderful things together.  This could be a new climbing spot or the next hot restaurant in town.  Taurus always wants to please the ones they love and ensure theyre happy.  Sagittarius will notice their effort to make things work for the two of them. 

Conversation is another way these two connect.  They both believe in honesty and being open about their past experiences, present activities, and future goals as well as their concerns and feelings.  This gives them an idea of what makes them happy or what they need to help each other reach a goal.  Taurus is a great listener, and Sagittarius appreciates knowing that someone wants to hear what they have to say.  They also share their opinions about the world around them and all of the subjects that matter to them.  Nothing is off of the table when it comes to their conversations. 

Couple Chatting, Coffee
Talking openly with each other comes easily for Taurus and Sagittarius

A longterm relationship is compatible as theyll work together to establish and care for their home.  Taurus especially will make sure that their partner has whatever they need to look good and feel fine.  Sagittarius loves this kind of attention and will continue pleasing their lover and doing what they need to accomplish to enjoy more of such pampering and affection. 

Taurus is a romantic lover who isn’t shy about trying new things.  Public displays of affection and seduction are just a few things theyll try to get their partner’s attention.  Sagittarius loves these gestures and values the intimacy they share.  As lovers, theres almost nothing that comes between them. 

Negative Attributes in a Taurus/ Sagittarius Relationship 

Theres so much that connects Taurus and Sagittarius, yet there are personality differences that can bring tension during the best of times.  Taurus, for example, craves stability and security which they can find staying at home with their partner, whos more of a free spirit that needs to keep moving and experiencing.  They can’t have what they want all of the time, so its necessary for them to either meet in the middle or take turns planning date ideas.  Otherwise, Sagittarius will express their boredom and take their independence to do whatever they want while Taurus sulks at home. 


Common ground is something they need to find, especially if they’re going to move their relationship to a long-term commitment.  Taurus may want to be in control, but the fact is if they try to keep Sagittarius close to them, theyre more likely to lose them.  Their stubbornness may stifle what they have. 

At the same time, if Sagittarius wants to do things on their own, they can and they will.  If they get bored with a conversation or argument, theyre likely to leave.  However, if theyre serious about their love for Taurus, they need to make time to be with the one they care about.  They need to understand that their lover is stubborn, and making them angrier and not considering what theyre saying or feeling will dissolve any feelings they have. 

Since both signs are very open people, they may not be ready when the other one, namely Sagittarius, is blunt and says things they don’t realize may be hurtful or offensive.  Taurus is more guarded and private and feels theres a time and a place for some things.  For example, they may not share details about their love life with their friends at a bar, but their lover may not be as cautious and may cause embarrassment.   


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs share a common interest in love and fun.  They care about each other and what the other has to say while indulging in a special bond sexually.  Therell be plenty of experiences and thrills when theyre together.  To keep harmony between the two, they need to understand the conflicts in their personalities.  If its important to them, then they need to give it the attention it deserves.  Communication and compromise will help them be more successful as a happy couple. 

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