March 22 Zodiac Is A Cusp Pisces And Aries, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 22 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on March 22nd are believed to be loyal and devoted to the people they love. Being born on March 22nd, you are full of positivity with a brilliant mix of intelligence and sharpness. You have an artistic cleverness and are always determined to get what you have set your mind on.

Being an Aries, you are confident and like being independent. You take failure as an encouragement that motivates you towards success. You are the type that follows your instincts as you believe in the power of your guts. Since you can be a little forgetful, people will mistake this for carelessness. You are excellent at helping others to solve their problems and are always willing to take part in teamwork. You have an idealistic mind with a realistic attitude towards life. Feeling sure of yourself make you happy. This explains why you never give up on trying. Being social lightens you up as you are not shy of making new friends.


Work is an important aspect of life for a person born on March 22nd. You like working in an area that keeps you motivated to focus on your future. Unfortunately, you are prone to being temperamental because you easily get disappointed when things do not go your way. You prefer an occupation that makes you feel challenged and highly needed.

Connection, Network, Business, People
The best job for you is one that will allow you to work with others– clients or coworkers.

Work is an opportunity to utilize your intelligent discernment to help others. You will only settle for an occupation that gives you a sense of satisfaction. You are able to incorporate your mental alertness and disciplined nature while at work. People find you inspiring as you always try to generate positive energy among them to towards a good cause. Helping others gives you a certain kind of joy and this explains your handy nature.


Financial matters are a priority for a person born on March 22nd. Though you can be quite a risk taker, you try to be careful with your spending. You have a habit of making a budget and following it to the letter. However, you are prone to getting into problems with cash flow as you have a taste for the expensive and latest things in the market.

Piggy Bank, Money
Try to work on saving more money!

Try not to be frivolous with your spending. You are the type that likes dealing with large investments. You prefer having a variety of sources of income to keep the money flowing. In other news, you are not known to steal or borrow from others as you like spending from your own sweat.

March 22 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

As you were born on March 22nd, you have an averagely positive attitude towards romance. You are skeptical about making the first approach and will always take your time before getting into relationships. This is because every time you rush into a commitment you get very disappointed.

Dating, Pampering
Even though Aries are romantic, they can also be jealous.

You are the type that prefers dealing with long term relationships, as you like feeling important. Your energy in relationships and charming nature makes you a wonderful companion. You try dealing with problems involving your soul mate in a mature way to keep the relationship thriving. Being supportive of what your partner does makes you content as you are glad to see them happy. You are loving and caring and having you as a soul mate is a special thing. Your loyalty makes you very unique as you are not the cheating type.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is fairly important for a person born on March 22nd. Try to interact with others whenever you get the chance. Being friendly naturally flows inside you. People find you fun to be with and very sociable. You are good at communicating your feelings and thoughts and one will notice when you are not content. Avoid unnecessary drama by not meddling into other people’s business.

Argue, Fight
Try to avoid drama as often as possible.

Only give advice when it is needed. This helps to give others their personal space. You rarely get into fights as you make peaceful relationships with people around you. You are a good listener and this makes people want to be close to you. Whenever good deeds come your way, you show gratitude. You appreciate others no matter how small their actions are.


For an Aries, family is a number one priority. Your love for family flows strong and deep. You like checking on them from time to time so as to know how they are faring. Your parents like having you around as you are always willing to help just to see them happy. You often make surprise visits to your home with gifts for everyone. Your siblings find you very encouraging as you always enable them to make wise decisions in life. Moreover, you give them their own space to explore this challenging and wonderful world.

Family, Children, Parents
Aries people will do whatever they can for their family members.


Any health problems encountered by someone born on March 22nd are commonly associated with the ignorance of their lifestyle. Listen to your body more and give the required response as soon as possible. Take part in physical activities to give a trim to your body shape and for your overall appearance.

Healthy, Food
Try to have a balanced diet to stay healthy.

Maintaining a balanced diet will also help you have generally healthy well-being. You should find ways to deal with stress and to relax your mind more often. Adequate rest keeps you in a good mood during the day and keeps your energy levels fairly high.

Personality Traits

Having your birthday on March 22nd, you are an opinionated individual. You are a very curious individual who prefers worldly knowledge than materialistic things. You are bestowed with a sixth sense and are known as a go-getter. Your aim in life is to act as a role model for many in society. Your desire is to achieve happiness and be remembered for good deeds. You create harmony wherever you go and are very just in your doings. Your main straights of character lie in your blend of kindness and optimism.


March 22nd Birthday Symbolism

You are a modest character. You prefer knowing the truth than living a lie. Mother nature has found its way of connecting you to the digit four. You are an ambitious person who never gives up.

Topaz is the lucky gem for you.

The card in tarot chosen for you is the 22nd one. It simply portrays your rusty behavior towards things. The lucky gem, especially for you, is the precious topaz stone. You have a cool temperament that enables you to fit in. Your self-control keeps you in check and keeps you away from pitfalls. Your willingness to give makes you worthy of receiving more. You consider the consequences to your actions and are therefore principled.


Planets Mars and Uranus reign your personal attitude, behaviors, and perceptions. You possess a great blend of uniqueness in your individuality and optimism. Your calm nature and vibrant mood make you quite interesting. You should reduce your risk-taking behavior as it lands you into problems. You own great mental alertness and good observation skills. Grow from your misfortunes and you will succeed. Dwell less on the past and believe in a better tomorrow. You like being aware and people describe you as curious. You prefer finishing what you have started.

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