Gemini Virgo Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Gemini/Virgo Love Compatibility 

Is a Gemini/Virgo destined to be a long-term success or a short-term fling?  Read on to find out. 

Gemini Overview 

Gemini (May 21 – June 21) is outgoing, fun, and loves a good romance.  Theyre often on the go and always in search of an intellectually-stimulating conversation or two.  Their adventures make more experiences to share and they don’t mind going places with others.  Perhaps the only problem is deciding where to go next.  Gemini is symbolized with twins, so it may seem that theyre two different personalities debating the pros and cons internally.  Their moods can also shift just as much.  If they get bored, they’re not ashamed to move on to better, more exciting things.   

Virgo Overview 

Virgo (August 22 – September 23) can be a stickler for the details.  If its not perfect, theyre likely to over-analyze how to make it better and stress out even if others think their work is great.  Theyre the problem-solvers of the world whore likely to unwind with Sudoku or a jigsaw puzzle.  Still, they know how to have fun, itjust easy to forget when theyre focused on their projects and routine.  Time with a few friends or just a lover can reveal their relaxed self and the fun they can be. 

Gemini/Virgo Relationships 

While Gemini is driven by emotions and Virgo is motivated by logic, both can come together in a romance thats fulfilling for both of them.  They have qualities that are similar even if their personalities seem to oppose.  Since they both have Mercury as their ruling planet, theyre both capable of meaningful conversations.  An open line of communication between two lovers can resolve some problems before they even start.  If anything, their friendship and companionship can lead to something greater.  Both of them just have to be open to the new possibilities out of their comfort zone. 

Positive Attributes in a Gemini/Virgo Relationship 

As loving and romantic as they are, Geminis need their freedom.  They don’t want to feel like they have to sacrifice everything to be with their one true love.  Thankfully, they won’t feel like they have to give up control of themselves when theyre with Virgo, who understands the importance of independence.  Flirting comes naturally to the Gemini, and their lover knows them well enough to understand that its in no way threatening the trust and loyalty they have with each other.  Virgo keeps everything very rational and rarely allows their emotions to create problems that are not there or can be resolved simply 

Love, Rustic, Strength
Gemini likes to flirt but their partner needs to know them well enough to know they won’t be disloyal

Gemini can return the favor to their partner when it comes to their tendency to work too much or too hard.  They know their lover well enough to see the strain of stress that they put on themselves and they know when its the right time to intervene.  The perfectionist in Virgo may resist, but they know that its the right thing for their health and happiness.  Relaxation is in no way meant to change who they are, and Virgo can appreciate that.  Perhaps they can ease their stress away with a personal massage, which opens up possibilities in their sexual relationship.  

Compliments also go a long way for these two.  Even though theyre confident in who they are and how they want to approach things, a little bit of encouragement and assurance that theyre on the right track keeps their relationship positive.  It helps their love compatibility, especially when times get rough.  Virgo has the advantage with their personal attention to details.  Theyll be observant to favorite colors, preferred perfume or cologne, or taste in music without asking.  This allows them to surprise their lover with gifts thatll win their heart more and more.  However, as much as they like to be in control, their Gemini lover will show them sex full of emotion as well as physical energy that they can both keep up with.   

Sleep, Pillow, Bed
An Gemini/Virgo relationship will be incredibly fulfilling in the bedroom.

Negative Attributes in a Gemini/Virgo Relationship 

Relationships are not cookie-cutter and will have some variation when comparing couples to couples.  This is true in the case of opposites like Gemini and Virgo.  For example, even as they commit to a long-term relationship with their partner, Gemini is likely to flirt and may not feel the need to slow down or stop.  The problem arises when they flirt to a point that it does bother their lover.  Just like they want encouragements and compliments, Gemini may need to slow down on their flirtatious actions as a way of showing their partner that theyre the only one for them. 

Another concern in a relationship is how they live their lives.  Virgo works best when they follow a routine, and after a while that will bore Gemini to tears.  Too much logic and structure conflicts when the other is driven more by emotions.  It can be frustrating if they aren’t willing to be flexible or accepting of their different methods.  Instead of being confusing, they need to use their communication skills to find a compromise in order to show respect for each other. 


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have what it takes to be compatible as long as they maintain open lines of communication and the willingness to work out any problem.  Their differences can pose a number of challenges, but theyre also able to complement each other when needed.  Gemini can loosen up their lover when stress is high. Contrastingly Virgo can help their partner gain some insight into being more responsible and realistic in following their dreams. 

Both can help each other achieve their goals through their love and support.  Gemini can show that theyre committed to the relationship by being faithful to their partner and making an attempt to be more responsible with their life goals. Virgo can be steady, but they also need to be open to the ways they can fall in love.  Despite their differences, communication and compromise can keep them together as friends, lovers, and a married couple. 

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