March 5 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 5 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born specifically on March 5th are thought to have high moral principles. Being born on March 5th, you have a high degree of mental alertness and have a certain kind of empathy to emotional cues. You are not easily fooled, as you have your own intelligence and are very inquisitive before involving yourself in any activities. Mystery and adventure interests you and you have a taste for the rare things in life.

You like being neat and are generally organized. You have fantasies about your future and are quite a wild dreamer. Your friendly mannerisms enable you to easily interact with others and build connections. You easily become bored and like engaging yourself in many different activities to keep your mind destructed. You are talented and are good at helping people and you can easily read their minds and moods.



When it comes to choosing your occupation, you are very cautious. You find the area of work fairly important and you choose a career depending on passion. You find yourself moving from one occupation to another as your interests vary from time to time. Try being stable with a job so as to fully bring out your full potential.

Graphic Design, Art, Computer, Freelance
Find a career that speaks to your interests.

You are humble enough to work for others and serve them diligently. You have a broad mind that enables you to generate new ideas and thoughts. This makes you feel useful and of importance. You like demanding occupation that requires split seconds decisions. You have an avid love for learning and increasing your worldly knowledge.


Managing finances is crucial to you. You like having control over your own money and do not like being advised on how to use it. You like sharing and do not mind having someone to combine your income with. This makes it better for you as you are able to reduce your spending.

No Money, Poor
Try not to give away too much of your money or else you might not have any left over for yourself.

You do not like borrowing and would rather lack than depend on someone else’s money. You are selfless in nature and value the art of giving. This is why you neither are sensible with money but are nor mean. You put your personal needs aside to help a suffering individual meet his or her basic needs.

Romantic Relationships

You are good at expressing your feelings and have a positive attitude towards love. You will not hesitate to approach a person who interests you. This is because you are not afraid of rejection.  During a relationship, you make sure to show your true personality. You are romantic, sweet, and passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. You are the type that appears with red roses for an apology just to show how sincere you are.

Dinner, Wine, Candles
Like most Pisceans, you are romantic.

Anyone would appreciate having you as a companion as you are fun to be with and one cannot stop laughing when you are around. You are good at being sensitive to your partner’s moods and will act accordingly. You like having quality time with your soul mate to show him or her how much you care and to show that you give ample attention to them. However, you are prone to being temperamental and need some alone time when angry to blow off some steam.

March 5 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

As you are a Piscean born on March 5th, you like being around people. You are active on social networking sites and like complimenting people for their good deeds. You are naturally nice and are ever in a cheerful mood. People like you because you are so funny.

Communication, Couple, Understanding
Even in your platonic relationships, you are great at talking out problems instead having arguments.

You like helping others and are good at solving other people’s problems sometimes even before they identify them. You are a good comforter and are bestowed with the ability to lift someone’s spirits whenever he or she is low. Like many Pisceans, you are kind at heart and are very generous and this draws people to you.


Family is of great importance to our lives. As an individual born on March 5th, you are able to close the distance between you and your family by checking on them from time to time. You are good at advising your siblings and are able to make them feel of importance in life. Of course, you give them space to make their own mistakes and learn from them.

Spending time with your family is very important to you.

You like involving your parents in your personal life and will tell them what is going on at the moment. You like taking their suggestions into consideration as you believe they only want the best for you. When it comes to protecting your family, no one trifles with you. You can do anything in your might just to keep your family happy. You value the joy that comes with spending the special moments of your life with family. This explains why you never miss out on any important family event.


Any health issues you experience are associated with your habit of letting your worries build up to anxiety. You are ever making sure you have regular checkups or at least analyzing on your body to notice any kind of abnormalities. However, you are prone to having irregular sleep patterns when suffering from stress. You are advised to deal with troubling issues immediately. You find exercises tiresome but know the importance of engaging in them and you try to participate in light physical activities to keep fit.

Snake Health, Woman Sleeping
Sleep more. Stress less.

Personality Traits

Being born on March 5th, you have a need for gaining a sense of accomplishment. The people you associate with determines your main wishes and objectives in life. You find being too close to people making you vulnerable.

Pisces symbol

You are prone to being rational and could say and do things you never meant to when mad. Your apologetic nature, however, compliments this. You like being independent and sacrificing yourself for the sake of others. You are a good listener and like encouraging people and giving them advice on how to live better lives. Like most Pisceans, you are a curious individual and like gathering information. You do not like doing things the easy way and do not trust free things. You hardly ask for help and when you do you really are stranded and have no other option.

March 5th Birthday Symbolism

You have a lucky number five. It is the number you should pick for any game. You are wise in your dealings. You do not rush into conclusions and are very patient with people. The people who work under you are pleased that you are their leader.

The clear diamond is classic, but diamonds in other colors can also fit your birthday horoscope.

The tarot of your destiny is the fifth in the magician’s deck. Be sure to get the narrations for this card. There is some good information you could use from this tarot. The stone that you need on your chain is diamond. You illuminate for the world to see. You are also resilient and cannot be destroyed by any fall.


Neptune, Mercury, and the sun guide your path in life. This is why you are very open-minded. You will try out new things. You are a sucker for new games and sports because you like to challenge yourself and be better.

It is important that you check who you give. You are charitable and people tend to misuse this side of you. Exploitation is not your reason for kindness. Your dignity is beyond any other principle that you have. Your moral campus is very distinct and precise on what is right and wrong. You also have a nonjudgmental attitude which makes people honest when discussing issuers with you.

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