Bodhi Tree Symbolism: The Tree of Wisdom

Bodhi Tree Symbol: Some of the Significance that it has in your life

Did you know that there is a lot that comes with the Bodhi tree symbolism? Also, the Bodhi tree has the other name of Bo. Plus, it is one of the trees that are significant in the Buddhist faith therefore indigenous to the Asian community. The Bodhi tree has been around for ages before the period of Buddha.

Moreover, it is the spiritual tree under which Buddha sat and meditated to his divine enlightenment. By just looking at the tree, you will get the feeling that it is an old soul. Plus, it gives the eerie sense of ancient spiritualism. To some people, the Bodhi tree is the simplest means of deliverance and spiritual growth. Also, it represents the pleasure of connecting with nature. This happens when it shows people that it can even bloom.

According to the Buddhists, they use the word Bodhi to refer to individual and unique consciousness. Also, that the knowledge in question has must be that of a liberated or enlightened human. In some sense, one can say that the Bodhi tree refers to a mind that knows everything. In some way, it can understand everything about the universe like Buddha did after reaching his enlightening stage.

Bodhi Tree: Its True Symbolic Meaning in life

In the English language, the word Bodhi refers to the state of enlightenment that was has achieved. This is the ultimate peek that all Buddhist practitioners have in mind when meditating. The Bodhi tree stands for the eternal potential of one getting to their ultimate goals in life. Around the eastern region and India, they have the total reverence for the Bodhi tree. This is because they believe that the descendant of the Bodhi tree grows at the same spot it ones stood.

Moreover, they look at it as a sacred tree because the Buddha used it to attain spiritual awakening. This tree also produces some edible substance that is nutritious and loved by the elephants. However, before Buddha could come up with the new religious symbolism of the Bodhi tree, it already had some meaning. A long time ago the Bodhi was the symbol of the Hindu god Vishnu. They had the belief that Vishnu was the god that was sustaining the universe.

This is one of the reasons why Buddha chose to attain his enlightenment under it. According to the belief of the Hindu people, Vishnu is one of the most powerful gods. In some imagery, Vishnu is always depicted to be among the leaves of the Bodhi tree. There he sits gazing at the beauty of the universe. They also believe that Vishnu had spiritual vision. This is one of the reasons why Buddha decided to use this tree for meditation.

The Infinite Spiritualism of this Tree

It is true that the Bodhi tree has a lot of special spiritual meaning towards the people of faith in both the Buddhist and Hindu religions. However, it also has a lot to offer in matters of spirituality to the people that lack confidence. It is a particular tree that radiates with a lot of positive energy. Therefore, it has the chance to offer a sense of encouragement to the people that are looking up to it.

In some sense, some people think that the Bodhi tree is one of the most playful trees. This can be visible when the wind blows over it, and it dances to its tune. The process of watching this tree move to the sways of the wind is hypnotic. Therefore, it will give you the feeling of joy, calm, hope and being patient in life. Therefore, this means that for you to attain simple things in life happiness, you need to have some playtime.

Also, the trace that you get into from watching this tree will make you attain empathy in life. Therefore, you will start appreciating the little things that are important in life like helping out. Also, there will be a feeling of generosity and kindness. Moreover, Buddha decided to use this tree for decision meditation after witnessing the understanding that a poor, hungry kid did to him.

Dreaming of the Bodhi Tree and its Meanings

Just like most of the things that bear symbolic meaning in life, the Bodhi to has a special place among your dreams. The tree has the unique ability to manifest itself in our thoughts with the primary purpose of leading us to spiritual enlightenment. Also, it has the knowledge and power to influence how we view our present lives and even the future.

In the dreams, it will reveal individual details that are important to interpreting our dreams. For example, the of the Bodhi tree under usual sway of the calm wind means you need tranquility in your life. Or, it will show you that you need to slow things down and enjoy the present life that you have. Don’t let things become out of control. Alternatively, it means that you need to seek the presence of divinity.

Your life is taking you through some hurdles that only a spiritual journey can help you solve. Therefore, you will need to learn how to meditate. It is also the tree of righteousness. Consequently, you will need to have the time to practice goo in life during this spiritual quest. The dream of this tree will lead you towards your spiritual awakening.


The Bodhi tree symbolism is what one can call the sole representation of the wisdom and the knowledge of the universe. It doesn’t have the sway of evil in life but instead seeks to tame everyone on the path of goodwill. Therefore, its symbolism is essential to help maintain the various simple traits like kindness. Moreover, it can open your mind to the wonders of the knowledge that the universe is having. All you have to do is to believe in it its sway.

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