Aries Cancer Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Aries/Cancer Love Compatibility    

Are these two signs able to connect on all levels or will they struggle to find any common ground? Read on to find out how successful an Aries/Cancer relationship could be.  

Aries Sign Overview  

Aries (March 21 – April 20) is a zodiac sign ruled by Mars.  According to Roman mythology, Mars is the god of war.  Just like a war general, those born under this fire element exhibit leadership and courage.  Often people gravitate to Aries as a leader because they’re drawn to their optimistic attitudes and enthusiasm.  Aries are also strongly independent as well as spontaneous, and they love to take on challenges and adventures.  They work hard and play hard.     

Cancer Sign Overview  

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) is the symbol of the crab and ruled by the moon.  Those born under this water element sign are often adaptable and play on their strengths, which takes them far.  They’re reliable, loyal to the end and take care of their friends and lovers.  One of their weaknesses, which happens to be a strength for Aries, is indecisiveness.    

Aries/Cancer Relationships  

While they seem to be polar opposites, they create a magnetic bond that makes them compatible. This connection also puts them on the same path to a common goal.  It won’t be love at first sight because Cancer will think Aries is too wild while Aries will see Cancer as inactive rather than fun.  However, as they get to know each other, they’ll become fascinated with each other’s personalities. This will magnify their attraction over time.  

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Aries and Cancer may seem like polar opposites – but sometimes opposites attract

Positive Attributes in an Aries/ Cancer Relationship  

One of the attractive characteristics of an Aries to a Cancer is their assertiveness.  They take charge and love it.  It’s the Aries’ confidence that may actually start the couple’s dating life.  There’ll be wooing and gifts from Aries to show Cancer that they’re interested.  Aries will find Cancer intriguing because of their emotional nature and want to bring them out of their shell.  Aries will take their time and eventually get Cancer to be more adventurous.  

 A Deep Love 

When a Cancer man or woman falls in love, they fall in deep.  They truly care for their partner, but they often worry about having their heart broken. Aries can be blunt and direct, and if they’re not as invested in the relationship as Cancer, they may lose interest and move on.  They also need to avoid jumping to conclusions when Aries chats with others.  Cancer needs to find the confidence and understanding to know that it doesn’t mean Aries isn’t loyal. When the couple understands each other’s moody nature and demonstrates their loyalty to each other, there’s little to concern them.  That understanding becomes the model of strong relationships with their friends and family.  

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People born under the Cancer sign fall deeply in love

Strong Sexual Attraction 

In the bedroom, their attraction remains strong when both sides continue with their understanding of the other’s needs.  Aries is full of energy and will demonstrate a desire to bring pleasure to Cancer.  Even though Cancer is generally more reserved, they’ll enjoy the attention of their Aries lover. When Cancers open to new ideas and loosen up their inhibitions, sex can be amazing.  

Supporting Each Other 

What makes an Aries/ Cancer relationship work is their different strengths in their approaches to life. Their different strengths help them support each other.  For example, Aries is decisive and will confront issues immediately.  Cancer typically takes a “wait and see” approach as they weigh options and pay attention to the details of the matter. Aries may take the lead in many situations, but many times Cancer acts like a project manager without taking the credit. Both signs are comfortable with these roles. Cancer is also there for Aries when decisions bring him or her down.  Even though Aries is like a rock, Cancer is there for support.    

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People of the Cancer sign will support their Aries lovers

Negative Attributes in an Aries/Cancer Relationship  

The independent and adventurous traits of Aries can conflict with Cancer’s characteristic of being loyal to family.  Cancers want to take care of others and make fine homemakers. Aries, on the other hand, often think of their personal needs and interests.  Aries isn’t as sentimental and may come across conflicts with their Cancer love.    

Too Clingy  

Cancer’s need for stability and lack of self-confidence may make them cling to Aries’ strength. They confront issues with heroic confidence, and Cancer wants that extra bit of protection in their lives. However, Aries may not be ready to give up their own freedom. In order to make the relationship work, both signs need to compromise.  Cancer will have to find their own inner strength rather than rely solely on Aries.  At the same time, Aries needs to find more understanding and let Cancer know that they’re their one love.  Communication will also prevent assumptions and judgments that can otherwise destroy their magnetic bond.  

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Communication is key to a successful Aries/Cancer relationship


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs are examples of how opposites attract.  Their approach to getting what they want in life is different, but they’re both goal-oriented.  They’re also very loyal to their friends and take care of each other with their own strengths.  Aries can be at the forefront of the decision-making. Their Cancer lover can provide the background information and intellectual resources to make sure their plans go through without an issue.  The support they provide makes their connection strong, but it’ll take understanding and cooperation to keep it strong.  Challenges occur when Aries uses too much charm to get his or her way and Cancer gives in too easily.  

A compatible Aries/Cancer relationship depends on communication and understanding.  These signs will complement each other when they try new things without being too impulsive.  They’ll see that their differences make them a better couple.  They’ll appreciate each other, but need to make sure that they let their partner know everyone once in a while. When that happens, their friends and family will believe that their Aries/Cancer relationship occurs effortlessly.  

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