January 21 Zodiac Is A Cusp Capricorn and Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 21 Zodiac Personality

The zodiac sign for individuals born on the January 21st is Aquarius. Personalities born on January 21st are known to be kind and have a big heart of giving. They are often dreamier and more emotional than their fellow Aquarians. They are usually intelligent, friendly, and cheerful in nature.

Aquarians have the power to bring people together and unite them to work towards a certain goal. They have a unique way of thinking and are very good at interacting. They have a sense of humor and love being surrounded by friends. Also, they are generous and will always sacrifice for the sake of others. Laziness is not a part of them as they believe in the advantage of hard work. They like receiving attention from their partners and will reciprocate this by giving them optimum affection.


When it comes to career path choices, people born on January 21st do not find it easy to choose what suits them best. This is why they tend to move from occupation to another seeking their passion. They love doing things in their own way and polishing what they do to perfection. They prefer being in charge so as to reach certain stands.

Career, Business People
Aquarians like to work with others, but they like to be in charge too.

Working with people interests them as they are able to share your thoughts and increase productivity.   They want good money and will settle for well-paying jobs. Their skills tend to have a sense of uniqueness and this explains why they are able to do a lot of work in a very short period. They are focused and determined to achieve their personal goals and will work their way to the top.

Born On Jan 21


Finance management is not an easy task for this specific Aquarius. This is because they love spending their money on priceless items and value quality over quantity. They are advised to make a budget on their income to avoid getting into sticky financial situations. They rarely encounter problems with cash because they are able to have a variety of sources of income.

Jewelry, Necklace, Pearls
It’s hard for an Aquarius to stay away from expensive items.

Their practice of ensuring that the assets of a financial institution are always timed. This is why they have good leadership skills. Their professional credentials and appropriate investment management experience enable them to always have money in their pockets and saving in their accounts.

Romantic Relationships

Aquarians born on January 21st have their own opinion on relationships. Their strong belief in marriage makes them settle a little bit early. They love having partners whom they can take comfort in. They believe that the power of love has an influence on their main wishes and aims.

Rooster Woman Traits, Affectionate Couple
It’s not common for an Aquarius to cheat on their partner.

Long-term relationships are common for January 21st adults. They are usually loyal and devoted to their partners. Being shy is not part of them, and they will approach anyone who pleases them with their character with a lot of confidence. They are not afraid of rejection and this explains why they show their real personality at the early stages of a relationship. Trust and honesty are virtues they value most when it comes to relationships.

Platonic Relationships

Being social with others is very important. January 21st individuals tend to be very friendly as they love making everyone happy. A lack of people around them makes them sad and moody as they love taking comfort in the company of others. They love relating with both the young and old generation to be able to understand people better. Making new friends thrills them.

Smile, Unhappy, Sad, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar
January 21st individuals are empathetic and easily attach to the emotions of others.

Aquarians enjoy helping others and supporting them in fulfilling their dreams. They are characters that have the power to pull people together and build positive energy for a good cause. They are able to balance work and fun life. This is because they love laughing and treasure happy moments. Whenever they are sent an invitation to any event, they hardly turn it down. The fact that they are sensitive to people’s moods gives them the power to attract people to them.


Family ties are very important in our lives. This institution is the central unit of society and provides a proper setting for much of the growth we encounter in life. Individuals born on January 21st love taking care of their families and will check on them from time to time. They have a habit of trying to look for relatives they do not know about. They will take everyone as part of the family as long as they are close.

Family, Mother, Daughter
Aquarius people stick tightly to their family bonds.

Aquarians will always manage to fit in time with a family member into their busy schedules. They are willing to go an extra mile for family and will do anything in their might to protect them. The respect they have for their family member is intense despite age. They love sharing their life experiences with their siblings and always give them space to make their own mistakes and learn from them.


Taking care of our bodies is a ’must do’ thing to have general good health. As an Aquarian of January 21st, you are very keen on any changes on your body. You rarely fall ill and this explains why you rarely visit the doctor. The minor health issues you experience are caused by too much stress and lack of adequate sleep.

Aquarians need to know that it’s okay to see a doctor every once in a while.

You are advised to deal with unresolved issues immediately to avoid worries that give you irregular sleep patterns. You have a very high appetite and thus need a lot of exercises to avoid having weight issues. Your love of sugary things is why you should have a regular visit to the dentist. Otherwise, your overall health is above average.

Personality Traits

Being born on January 21st, you value opinion. You are idealistic and intuitive in nature. This gives you a sense of uniqueness in your character. You tend to have more understanding than others sharing your zodiac sign. This explains why you are able to maintain your relationships with friends. Your organizing skills enable you to polish what you put your hands on to perfection. Your need to success inspires many and you are always at the top in your career. Ambition drives you and this is why you are prepared to work endlessly.

Aquarius symbol

January 21st Birthday Symbolism

As you are born on the 21st day of the month your date of birth adds up to three and this is your birthday number. This is why you have an expansive mind and hence very creative in ideas and thoughts. You are very confident in yourself and you will face challenges with a positive attitude.

Amethyst, Gem
Try wearing amethyst jewelry to keep your lucky gem with you always.

The Tarot card that is associated with your birthday is the 21st on the magician’s deck. This highlights your wild imagination and love for adventure. The gemstone that gives you luck and brings you good fortune is the amethyst and wearing it protects you from all kinds of harm.


Being born on January 21st means that Uranus is the planet that influences your personality. This explains your unique individuality. The actual day you are born is governed by Jupiter. The combination of the forces of these two celestial bodies explains your extra sharpness and intelligence. You need to tone down on your anxiety for your overall well-being. You are a special character and anyone will be lucky to have you as a partner. Overall, you are a lovely person to know.


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