Cancer Cancer Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Cancer Cancer Love Compatibility 

Can two individuals of the Cancer sign live a long and happy life together? Do they make a good match or will a Cancer Cancer relationship struggle? In this article, we look at the ins and outs of Cancer Cancer love compatibility.  

Cancer Overview 

Loyal and caring are two words that best describe Cancer (June 22 – July 22).  They focus on making their friends and loved ones happy, so its easy to see why those in their close circle find them dependable and reliable.  The same is true for co-workers.  This sign also shows its strength by being adaptable.  When things get stressful, or they attempt something new, they adapt to their surroundings and situations.   

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People born under the Cancer sign can adapt to their circumstances.

Cancer can come off as indecisive, especially when it comes to significant life changes like love.  When it comes to falling in love, theyre cautious about giving their heart to just anyone.  Their loyalty in their friendships carries over to their love life.  Rather than play love games, they look to someone who attracts them and who deserves their trust for a long time.  Trust is essential because of their emotions and mood swings.  If they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention or their loved one’s feelings about them has changed, theyll seek reassurance. 

Cancer Cancer Love Compatibility Overview 

Two people born under the Cancer sign will start a relationship slowly, as they’re shy and reserved in new situations.  As they get to know each other, theyll find their common interests and values make them more compatible.  This doesn’t mean that theyre identical and agree on everything, but it does mean they’ll work through good and bad times.  They have compatibility that brings out the best of them.  

Positive Attributes of Cancer Cancer Love Compatibility 

Cancer has a sensitive side that they keep out of the public eye but share with their friends and partners. This is because theyre reserved until they feel more comfortable in different situations.  As these friendships grow, these people will witness how caring this sign is.  Its their goal to make others happy, and they do this with thoughtful actions.  The thanks they receive and the success they earn is gratifying to them.  When these efforts are for the happiness of the other Cancer in their life, theyll get the support and appreciation from someone who knows how important it is to them. 


Shared Views

Another positive in a Cancer Cancer relationship is their shared traditional values.  Their families are important to them and will remain a big part of their lives.  Theyre looking to settle down and raise a family with their loving ways and enjoyment of family.  Both of them want to create a secure and stable environment because they’ll spend many hours together at home rather than out on crazy adventures.  If someone doubts or questions their values, they may ignore it and lick their painful wounds or show their temper as they fiercely protect their values. 

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A Cancer Cancer relationship will revolve around family.

Both Cancers in the relationship being emotional can work to their advantage as a couple.  They can practice finding a way to be calm, especially when others are in need.  They also know how to share their feelings with each other, which strengthens their communication and deepens their emotional connection.  An emotional connection will also reveal its compatibility when they explore each other sexually.  Because theyre both generally sensitive to each other’s emotions, they aren’t likely to cause a fight or push any buttons in anger.  Any mood swings or feelings of inadequacy are more likely to come from work or insensitive friends than their partner. 

Negative Attributes of Cancer Cancer Love Compatibility 

Similar traits and personalities can lead to an imbalance in a relationship as well as harmony.  If they find that they focus more on what makes them alike, then they may be shocked and disappointed when they come face-to-face with their differences.  Their values may be grounds for debate when there are differences.  For example, if a man stands with traditional values that a woman’s place is in the home, but the woman wants to go to work. In this instance, they may find themselves faced with a decision they didn’t expect.  Cultural differences and the different values from how their parents taught them may cause arguments.  It isn’t impossible to handle, but it does require open minds and an open line of communication.  

Even though Cancer is adaptable, change doesn’t come easily, especially when it comes to their traditional values.  Some people born under this sign may not share all of the same values as their lover.  These decisions can include where they live, how close they want to be to their extended family or the question about children. Cancer can be a stubborn sign, especially when it comes to traditions and goals they value so much.  Communication will reveal all of these critical points before it leads to an unhappy and unfulfilled life together. 

Cancer Cancer: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, a Cancer Cancer relationship is usually strong on all levels.  It may take them some time to get to know each other, but when they do, they know that they have found someone who understands them as well as themselves.  They know what makes them tick and the values that keep them secure.  When one is feeling down or upset, the other knows how vital encouragement and support are.  Theyre compassionate and caring lovers as well as excellent parents.  The romance will stay alive as they continue to show their love to their partner.  While their differences may be few, its the significant, life-altering differences that can impact their future and their happiness.  When they find someone who brings harmony for the rest of their lives together, two Cancers make the perfect match. 

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