Cancer Leo Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

CanceLeo Love Compatibility 

Do Cancer Leo relationships make a good match? Will they end in marriage or a painful breakup? Here, we take a look at Cancer Leo love compatibility. 

Cancer Overview 

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) is a flexible sign because they tend to go with the flow.  To be most at ease in a situation, they adapt and adjust the best that they can. They may be shy at first, but when they get to know someone and develop an emotional connection, theyll be loyal and dependable.  The same is true for their love interest.  Theyll find an emotional connection and take care to ensure that their lover is happy with thoughtful gifts or romantic gestures.  Their partner will know that they have won the trust and an unbreakable bond with someone born under this sign.  Ruled by the moon, their emotions can sometimes get the best of them, but its a part of their personality which they work to manage. 

Moon, Zodiac, Cancer
Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Leo Overview   

Leo (July 23 – August 21) is a positive and confident sign.  Theyre as bright as the Sun that rules them.  Their confidence helps them be as successful as they work to be.  Typically, they prefer to reach their potential on their own to prove that themselves.  If they must work in a group, theyre ready to take charge and lead regardless if itfor business or leisure.  They enjoy a cheering section of family and friends to encourage them on their path of their choosing.  This helps when they get frustrated if life doesn’t work out as they’d planned.  They can be full of energy and enjoy a social life and an adventure from time to time. 


Cancer Leo Love Compatibility Outline 

This relationship has a lot of potential to be positive and compatible as their strengths complement each other.  They can encourage each other, boost their potential, and expand their horizons.  Also, they make a good team.  Their emotions may trip them up from time to time, but they can work things out. They’ll usually enjoy a healthy and long-term relationship with trust and a little effort. 

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Cancer Leo relationships will often develop into successful, long-term commitments.

Positive Attributes of Cancer Leo Love Compatibility 

Cancer is drawn to Leo’s strength and stability.  Even though they can adapt to new situations, they do so to be comfortable right away.  With this partnership, theyll find that romance and stability come quickly. Cancer appreciates someone like Leo, wholl happily take the lead in the relationship most of the time.  Leo will also give them the attention they want in their romance, which will make them feel secure in their commitment.   

Leo is a sign that enjoys their independence yet still craves the support of the people that are close to them.  Cancer is an ideal support system because of their dependability and loyalty to their friends and loved ones. If theyre in favor of their partner’s hobbies, passions, and pursuits, their encouragement will keep them happy for a very long time.  In some cases, they may share hobbies or interests which will attract them to each other in the first place. 

Shared Traits and Work-Ethic  

Theyre both hard-working individuals, so they understand the importance of getting a project completed successfully.  Leo, in particular, puts their effort into their love life because they don’t like to fail and don’t want to be in a relationship thats bound to fail.  The same is true with their other shared values.  They want to be comfortable in their finances and secure in their relationships.  Many of their family values are similar, which makes it easy for them when theyre ready to start a family.

Man, Baby, Father, Son
Cancer Leo lovers are often on the same page when it comes to starting a family.

Sexual Positives 

Cancer Leo sexual relationship reflects their compatibility.  They have a deep, emotional connection thats unlike one they may find in other signs.  Their love and encouragement can also bring out their passionate side for both of their pleasure. 

Negative Attributes of Cancer Leo Love Compatibility 

Leo’s desire to be in charge of most situations can bring tension to Cancer when they want to be a part of a decision.  While it may be excused from time to time, they cannot make it a habit, or they may slowly lose support.  Itll be an effort on their part to include their partner so that they can at least express their opinion. Since they share many of the same interests, it may turn out that they agree. 

As hard-working as Leo is, sometimes they get so involved in their work that it affects their home life.  Their financial success secures the home they’ve built together, but Cancer’s happiness includes their partner.  Leos determined to be successful, but lots of absences diminish the support Cancer feels in the relationship.  This can lead to mood swings that their partner may not know how to deal with.  For example, when they come home from work, they may be expecting a happy partner but finds one filled with anger or one in the bedroom crying inconsolably. 

In between projects or during a slow season, the couple needs to schedule a time to reconnect and nurture their relationship.  They may also have to take a close look at their values and what their role in the relationship is. Issues regarding their values may need more attention instead of assumptions.

Cancer Leo: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, Cancer and Leo have a passionate romance and similar interests thabring them together.  They support each other and genuinely want their significant other to be happy.  They need to be sure to listen to each other and not assume that theyre on the same page.  This is especially true for Leo who likes to be in charge and work on their own. They need to make sure they include Cancer in their life if theyre looking at a long-term commitment.  Their fights may hurt feelings, but theyll apologize and make it right because their partner’s happiness is essential to them.  In the end, theyre likely to discover their joy with a partner who shares so much with them.  


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