Cancer Libra Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Cancer Libra Love Compatibility 

Are Cancer and Libra a match made in heaven or will their relationship be plagued with challenges? We take an in-depth look at Cancer Libra love compatibility in this article.  

Cancer Overview  

One of the more adaptable signs in the zodiac is Cancer (June 22 – July 22).  They don’t have the confidence or creativity of other signs, but they learn to adjust and grow from each experience.  They won’t raise a fuss when theyre trying to make the most of a new situation.  Their support for their friends and family is loyal and faithful.  The same is true when they fall in love as theyre cautious in giving their heart to someone else.  Theyre romantic and connect on an emotional level in their love life.   


Libra Overview 

Communication is the strength for the Libra (September 24 – October 23).  They aren’t hesitant to ask if anyone needs help and they enjoy long talks, especially conversations that stimulate their mind or cover topics of their interests.  They are friendly to the point of flirtatious as they love spending time with others.  There is a sense of calm as Libra can be very patient.  This helps as they try to find balance in their lives and in helping others.  This sign is also very optimistic and will find the positive in most situations.   

Positive Thinking. Optimisim, Gemini Sagittarius Love Compatibility
People under the Libra sign are naturally positive and optimistic.

Cancer Libra Love Compatibility Overview 

The positive outlook shared by Cancer and Libra helps their compatibility as well as their happiness.  They complement each other in ways they didn’t realize at first.  Together they can bring each other in touch with a recessive side about them.  Cancer can help Libra connect more with their feelings and emotions.  Libra can take Cancer’s intellect to a higher level.  They have their share of differences, but they have their attractive points that brought them together in the first place. 

Positive Attributes of Cancer Libra Love Compatibility  

When Cancer and Libra look at a relationship, they both want someone who makes them feel secure.  A stable relationship is vital to them.  For example, Cancer is cautious and wants to make sure that they don’t invest their heart in something that will break it in the short term.  Since the moon rules them, it means that their feelings and emotions play a significant role in their life.  Libra can provide that and more. They want the same kind of commitment, and they’ll show it with romantic gestures and best intentions.  Venus is the ruling planet for Libra, so love and romance comes easily to them.   

Love Heart Drawing, Romance
Love and romance come easily to Libra.

They’ll both come to realize that they have different priorities that can complement rather than get in the way of their goals.  They may respect a difference of opinion if the other respects theirs in return.  Cancer can adapt, even if it doesn’t mean that they change their mind on a particular matter.  Libra wants balance and peace, so they can generally agree with this way of thinking.   

It’s very likely that these two will start as friends.  Even as a couple, theyll stay true to their traditional values and wait for sex.  Whether they wait for a commitment to love or as a married couple, the passion will be waiting for them.  Romantic Libra requires excitement in the bedroom and is happy to show and share with Cancer.  Even if theyre satisfied with the emotional connection during sex, their ability to adapt will help them as they discover more about themselves, their partner, and their physical relationship.  The more time they spend together, the more their commitment draws them away from their other friends. 

Negative Attributes of Cancer Libra Love Compatibility 

One of the problems with pulling away from friends is that it can affect Libra’s happiness.  Theyre a more social sign and like to spend time with a variety of people as well as their lover.  Theyll remain loyal and want their partner to be happy, but they don’t want someone else to be in charge of their social life.  Cancer and their emotions may become more possessive of their partner and struggle with their feelings.  Theyre likely to hold in their feelings and create more adverse complications in their relationship.  Any long-term doubts can do a lot of damage.  Communication comes easier to Libra than Cancer, but both of them will have to talk through their problems to remove any misunderstandings.  Another concern is that their close relationship may strain the connection with friends who can be an ear to either of them. 

Communication will also help when they aren’t balanced in terms of financial security.  Cancer is by no means a miser, but they work hard for their earnings and spend it thoughtfully.  Libra, on the other hand, is more likely to pay for their pleasure rather than for their home or other investments. Their procrastination can also bring tension as they get closer and closer to deadlines.  Even though they complete their work on time, its stressful to those, like Cancer, who aren’t accustomed to this practice.  If this couple doesn’t find a way to talk through this matter, the stress will be a significant burden.  Often, theyll have to learn to agree to disagree, but love and happiness they share will keep them together. 

Cancer Libra: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, Cancer and Libra take full advantage of their time together.  Theyre friends and lovers who complement each other.  They share many qualities and have the means of learning from each other.  Their similar values help them through decisions that affect their physical relationship, their choices for a stable home, and how they live their lives on a day to day basis.  While both strive for peace, some details can cause stress that can communication alleviates.  Both of them have qualities that allow them to be proactive and peaceful instead of reactive and angry.  They can learn from their disagreements to bring balance back into their relationship more often.  Despite any differences, itll be their love that opens their eyes to the happiness that keeps them together. 

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