Cancer Scorpio Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Cancer Scorpio Love Compatibility  

Are Cancer and Scorpio an ideal match or are they better apart? This article looks at the highs and lows of Cancer Scorpio love compatibility.  

Cancer Overview 

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) is the type of friend that most people want and the kind of lover that only some can appreciate.  Theyre fun to be with, and they focus on their friends’ happiness by being dependable and loyal.  Their positive attitude makes them likeable.  Theyre adaptable in new situations so they can try to make the best of the experience.  When theyre looking for love, they want to feel secure in a stable relationship.  This may take them some time to find thright person to invest their time and feelings in.  Feelings are something they understand deeply.  Since the moon, which affects feelings and emotions, rules their sign, they can read people’s emotions better but have to deal with their mood swings. 

Balance, Rocks, Cancer Sign
Cancer looks for balance and stability in their relationships.

Scorpio Overview 

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) is an independent sign.  Theyre determined to succeed in their endeavors on their own.  All of their efforts have made them strong in finding their resources and identifying the small details that can make a difference in their success.  Theyre ambitious to be the one in charge in the end.  They won’t do this often as a team player, but they can if its the only way.  In their mind, theyve accomplished so much on their own as they reach for their goal to be the best that they have a difficult time asking for help.  Scorpio can be a shy personality; they have friends but often prefer to do more on their own.   

Cancer Scorpio Love Compatibility Overview  

When it comes to a relationship, Cancer and Scorpio will find something long-lasting when they trust in each other.  Their loyalty to each other will be one of the strongest of the signs.  This bond allows them to focus on making each other happy and secure.  They bring out the best in each other and support each other in several ways.  Some people may see them as opposites based on their personalities, but theyll find their differences are more complementary and help them find balance mentally and emotionally.

Positive Attributes of Cancer Scorpio Love Compatibility 

Cancer brings a positive personality to the mix while Scorpio is a bit more intense.  As a couple, theyll find that they complement each other with their strengths and weaknesses.  For one thing, Cancer is in tune with people’s emotions, and their partner is very complicated when it comes with theirs.  They can help their lover when things get stressful, but it would be best if they did it on Scorpio’s terms since they don’t like asking for help.  Their caring nature may be appreciated, and Cancer can help them in areas that arent their strengths.  Communicating their feelings in the bedroom isn’t a problem as theyre both ready and willing to satisfy their lover.  

Couple, Intimacy, Love, Cancer Scorpio Love
Cancer and Scorpio will easily communicate their wants and needs in the bedroom.

In return, Scorpio can help Cancer when it comes to their mood swings.  There can be stressful times with self-esteem and anxietyScorpio has a sense of calm that can benefit their partner in such times.  Since they can relate to their feelings, they may have ways to help their lover cope with their emotions. Trust and communication are two essential factors for this couple’s happiness. 

Negative Attributes of Cancer Scorpio Love Compatibility 

It takes balance to make a relationship work, and stability can be difficult to achieve with Cancer and Scorpio.  For one, Scorpio likes to be in charge.  While Cancer doesn’t mind that in many situations, there are moments when they want their voice in big decisions.   

When push comes to shove, theyll want to be in charge more.  If they’re going to share responsibilities or decisions, they need to be able to communicate that. Besides, Scorpio craves power and may feel weaker or uncomfortable when its forced away from them. 

When they can’t communicate, then its more of a challenge for Cancer whos more open about their feelings.  Scorpio may trust their lover, but its still a challenge to open up about their thoughts and feelings.  Their partner may take offense as it leaves them less secure in their relationship. They may lose patience and spend less time with their lover, thus bringing a divide between them.  Patience may also wear thin for Scorpio when it comes to dealing with Cancer’s mood swings.  The clash of feelings and the ability to help may be a lot to deal with, especially at the beginning of a relationship.  What theyll find is that it gets easier as they get to know each other.  It’ll take time and some work, but their relationship will be stronger for it. 

Cancer Scorpio: Conclusion  

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have a lot going for them in spite of their different personalities.  Their strengths support their lover while their trust supports their relationship as a whole.  Cancer knows how to deal with their intensity and care for them when their life gets stressful.  Scorpio prefers to do things on their own, but they also show their care and love for their partner like when their emotions need their calming touch and confidence.   

Over time they can bring out their best in their partner.  Their loyalty and love for each other can keep them together.  Both can be stubborn and create conflicts when they push for what they want.  They need to be determined to make an effort to communicate, especially when they need it most.  They also need to respect each other’s differences as they are part of what attracted them to each other in the first place.  A lot of compromises and their support for each other will give them the chance to make this relationship work in the long run. 

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