Gemini Sagittarius Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Gemini Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

Can these two signs born in two opposites seasons be compatible enough for a love relationship? Find out all about a Gemini Sagittarius love compatibility in this article.  

Gemini Overview  

The connection that people have with Gemini (May 21 – June 21) is based on the conversations they have.  Theyre ruled by Mercury, the mythological god of messages and communication.  Their comfort talking with others makes people comfortable being around them and their knowledge on many topics impresses many. But Gemini is always learning because they want to, not for other people.  They’re flirtatious and fun, willing to jump into a new adventure and share their experiences with their many friends and loved ones.  At times they can be moody, but theyre generally positive and willing to help out their friends. 

Positive Thinking. Optimisim, Gemini Sagittarius Love Compatibility
Geminis are naturally optimistic people

Sagittarius Overview 

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22) is another sign that people like to spend time with as they get along with just about anyone and are easy going.  They love to get involved in exciting activities and seek out the next adventure.  If they start to get bored, theyll just move on and not let anything get to them, even though it might get to their friends.  They might be late most of the time, but people often overlook that flaw because theyre just happy to see them.   

Gemini Sagittarius Love Compatibility  

Theres a strong chance that these likeable signs will start off as friends because they have so much in common.  They feel strongly about similar things, will be ready to suggest and participate in the next big adventure, and have the same needs.  Gemini is thrilled to find someone that can keep up with their energy.  Sagittarius loves their conversations and the fun they have together.  Travel is something they both have in common and a source for many of the experiences they share.  When it comes to problems, they have the skills to talk and work it out. 

Positive Attributes in a Gemini Sagittarius Relationship 

Both of these signs have social and active lifestyles.  Theyre both willing to try new things and live life to its fullest with the energy they possess.  When theyre around, its easy for them to talk about what excites them and be ready to experience it for themselves.  With travel as a strong common interest between the two of them, they have plenty to do together whether its discovering a new place or revisiting a familiar destination in order to make new memories together.  While Gemini is ready to dive in, Sagittarius has the foresight to investigate and plan things out so that they have some sense of direction.  This is but one way that this couple complements each other.  He or she has the ability to help Gemini grow as a person and reach the goals they set.  This support is a positive step for their friendship as well as their love. 

These signs are known for their need to be independent with the freedom to do their own thing.  Theyre secure in who they are and have an understanding for this need they have in common.  As much fun as they have doing things together, they also enjoy the flexibility of following the wind wherever it takes them. 

Gemini has the optimism and creativity tspark the imagination of their partner.  This carries over into their sexual relationship as well.  Theyre naturally flirtatious and playful while their lover enjoys the attention.  Sagittarius is likely to let Gemini be their guide in the bedroom and adapt to whatever comes their way.  Both of them share the purpose of satisfying their partner in every way desired.  

Dating, Sex, Couple
Gemini and Sagittarius share an aim to please each other sexually.

Negative Attributes in a Gemini Sagittarius Relationship 

Emotions can have a big impact on this relationship.  Despite a bubbly personality and optimistic view on life, Gemini can get moody with little warning.  Sometimes their lover gets turned off or speaks bluntly about what is on their mind.  Emotions will run high and an argument is certain.  These two can and will move on and forgive any wrongs and forget about the problem.  Their independence is a good “time out” to refocus on whats important to them, like each other.  They need to get over the petty issues, including jealousy, as a possessive partner will certainly divide them. 

Disagreements are certain, especially when it comes to deciding wholl be the more responsible party for mundane routines.  From managing the home and family to financial stability, neither of them is keen on being dragged down by these chores.  At some point, their arguing will have to turn into a mutual agreement. 

Argue, Fight
Eventually, any arguments between the pair will be resolved.

Arguments aren’t necessarily based on moods, but also competing sides.  Its great when theyre on the same side, but their competitive nature doesn’t mean staying on the sidelines.  If they cannot control the words that come out of their mouths, itll lead them down the road to a breakup. 


Gemini Sagittarius: Conclusion  

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs make great friends and exciting lovers.  They understand each other’s needs for adventure and freedom.  A number of similar personality traits connect them, but this macreate some problems.  While its very unlikely that they would ever get bored with each other, they do have to find ways to adapt to their personalities for a long-term commitment to stick.  Their emotions and their responses can be a source of damage if they struggle to meet eye-to-eye and let their competitive natures get the best of them.  These two signs can agree on a number of things, and when it comes to their relationship, they may find agreement to commit and marry or maintain an open relationship that meets their need for freedom.  The passion and energy that brings out the best of them needs to be strong and enduring to keep them burning bright during the times that theyre together and the times they take a break.  Either way, theyll be able to share their experiences and can enjoy their time together. 

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