Moon Meditation: The Symbolism Of Feminine Influence

The Influence of the Moon on Meditation

There is a particular need for one to know the importance of the moon symbol and meditation. Moreover, it has useful lessons for you. By doing this, you will develop a proper understanding of what type of energies that the moon emits. The moon is one of the symbols that help elevate everyone’s relationship. Also, it enables you to realize the standards of connections and associations that you have with the moon.

On the other hand, there are a lot of metaphors that are involved in interpreting the meaning at symbolic meaning between the moon and meditation.

For you to completely understand this type of symbolism, you will need to develop a relationship with the moon. By doing this, it will help you discern, simple meanings that the of the moon. The best place to start doing this is by understanding your astrological moon sign. Your moon sign relies on the position of the moon on the day that you were born. This will help you know the type of traits that the moon has given to you as a person.

Moreover, it will also help you understand the kind of person you are. Also, it will help you to understand some of the behaviors that you’re having. Remember that the moon sign is different from your sun sign. The symbolism of the moon captures some other treats like the concept of secrecy, wisdom, Cycles, and intuition. The other hand, it carries the meaning of Shadows, dreams, movement, and emotions. All of this is supposed to be considered the lunar traits. Therefore, they are there to enhance the type of wisdom, knowledge, and awareness that we have in life.

Moon Meditation

The Concept of Moon Meditation and How to Go About it

As a person born under the meaningful sign with the moon, you may need to know how to meditate under it as well. Therefore, you may need to consider knowing how to rely on the darkness and the little light of the moon. Most of the people rely on the full moon to meditate, but I will prefer if you do it on the concept of building on the phases of the moon. By doing this, you will realize that you have divided your meditation.

The Process of Meditation

On different Stages of the moon, you can start by accepting that being intimate with the concept of Darkness Within yourself and your environment. When you’re going through this process, you should remember that your main aim is to realize the luminescence of the moon. You will also visualize the moonlight and dream of having it in your life as well.  The need for basking in the Moonlight is bound to be a priority.

Since the moon has maternal properties and traits, you will need to think about your marriage more or your relationships. By doing this, you’ll be channeling the power of the moon to help you in your relationships. However, you should remember that the only way that you’ll realize this is if you accept the powers of the moon.

You can meditate by channeling the energy of the moon. Also, they rely on the power of some of the animals of the dark. You can align yourself with the traits of such animals to help you channel their energy. When you’re coming to the end of this meditation period, you will need to let go of all the fantasies and come back to reality. However, you will need to keep and remember the Teachings that you attend through meditation from the power of the moon.

Phases of the Moon

There are also powerful meanings behind the phases of the moon. Moreover, the many cultures that use the steps of the moon tell their stories. Remember also that the sun doesn’t have any face this is a privilege that only belongs to the moon. There is a myth in the ancient Egyptian culture that explains why only the moon has its phases, and the sun doesn’t. The legend goes that the God Horus used his eye control The rise and the fall of the moon. So one day the God Horus got into a fight with a good set. Who in their match set to hurt the eye of the god Horus.  Set only cut his moon eye. Later, when Horace already replaces his eye, the moon got additional symbolic meanings like transition, progress, and change. The satellite took the essence of cycles hence the phases of the moon.

New Moon Meditation

The symbolism and meaning of the new moon rather obvious because it captures the essence of New Beginnings. This also aligns itself with other attributes like a rebirth, new opportunities, Cycles, and fresh starts. So, it is a type of traits that will give you new opportunities in life.

Full Moon Meditation

The full moon is the ultimate symbol of the moon. Therefore, it is one of the essential phases of the moon. That’s the meaning of power and strength above all other aspects of the moon. This means that it is the phase of the moon that captures the essence of clarity, healing, mastery, desire, and bravery. Moreover, if you’re meditating, it is the phase of the moon that you want to look out. It is also the phase of the moon that will help you determine when to stop meditating.

Waning Moon Meditation

On the other hand, the waning moon is a symbol of letting go. Therefore, when you see it during meditation, it means that it is time to start over. Yes, you will need to put some old habits. To most of the people, the waning moon phase says that it’s time for you to take a break. Remember the general meaning of the moon is Rebirth and New Beginnings. Therefore, you can take a Break and start a refresh.

Waxing Moon Meditation

This is the point of meditation when you reach the phase of the waxing moon; it means that it is time for you to start growing again. It is the period through a meditative state start having positive thoughts. This means that they should have personal growth. In this, you’ll be able to win in real life and positively capture Your Life.


The moon symbol meditation is a concept that has been there throughout time. So if you want to learn more about meditating with the powers of the moon, you will need to learn every meaning of its phases. You will also need to concentrate on every stage of the moon so that you can learn the sense of Change.

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