Leo Capricorn Love Compatibility

Leo Capricorn Love Compatibility 

These two signs are similar in some respects, but do they have enough similarities for a happy life together?  Find out all about Leo Capricorn relationships here.  

Leo Overview  

Leo (July 23 – August 21) is an outgoing sign that loves to be at the top of any ranking.  Theyre competitive in the workplace and on the playing field.  When things start to get frustrating or discouraging, they have their friends to support them and get them back in the game.  They show what theyre made of through their hard work and dedication.  Their goal is to be the boss or the captain and achieve it on their own.  If they have to work with others, they want to be in control.  When they fall in love, Leo needs someone wholl keep their interest and accept their challenges.  One of those challenges may be allowing them to be in control.   

Capricorn Overview 

Capricorn (December 23 – January 20) understands hard work and dedication.  Theyre independent and confident in their own ability to accomplish their goals on their own.  Their intelligence keeps them resourceful so that theyre their expert in any project.  Theyll help a friend in need, but theyre not as likely to ask for help.  Stubbornness means they won’t change for anyone, so their friends and lovers won’t last long if they try.  Routine is one of the most critical aspects of their life.

Capricorn, Routine, Schedule, To Do List
Capricorn loves to live by routine.

In some cases, their work and their goals will come before anything else.  When it comes to their love life, they consider a long-term relationship rather than casual dating.  In the end, they want someone who can keep their interest beyond the first few dates. 

Leo Capricorn Love compatibility Overview  

These two signs build their lives on their hard work and determination to be successful.  They share traditional values that can attract them to each other and can help bring balance to their relationship.  Ithe beginning, they may find themselves in a good friendship.  From there, they can discover for themselves whether theyre just meant to be friends or take the next step. 

Positive Attributes of Leo Capricorn Love Compatibility  

Leo’s confidence and flirtatious charm will likely attract Capricorn from the start.  Theyll appreciate the flattery, but also the engaging and entertaining conversation they share.  Their connection will only get stronger knowing that they share strong work ethics and determination.  While Capricorn won’t fall in love with Leo on first sight, theyll be attracted to their charm and characteristics.  Instead of jumping into a love connection right away, theyre likely to get to know the outgoing personality first.  When trust and respect are gained, they can find themselves in a serious relationship. 

The seriousness of their relationship may only apply to the commitment to their partner.  They will have more fun together as they get to know each other better.  Both of them can discover more with romantic dates and entertaining activities.  Theyre both hard workers in their careers, but theyll take their leisure to unwind and have some fun.  Capricorn might even show a little more of their wild side.  As their connection strengthens, so does their love for each other and their strong bond can lead to marriage. 

Wedding Rings, Book
Leo Capricorn relationships will often develop into successful, long-term commitments

Not everything has to be done together.  Both are independent and have their interests.  Theyll support each other’s interests and even encourage them to take the time to enjoy their favourite past time or hobby.  They can relate to each other better by appreciating their differences and encouraging their individuality. 

Negative Attributes of Leo Capricorn Love Compatibility  

Trying to date, a Capricorn takes work, especially in ways that Leo isn’t used to.  They have become accustomed to attracting other signs using their charming methods and outgoing personality.  Capricorn doesn’t bother with these advances and may come across as cold and unfeeling.  Leo’s determination won’t let them fail.  While they could be perfect for each other, nothing can start unless Capricorn wants to pursue the possibility further.  Otherwise, their conversation may lead to a friendship with two people who share common interests. 

Time can be another issue for these two signs if they do become a couple.  Both of them work hard and do what they can to advance in their careers.  They may work beyond a 40-hour work week to achieve their goals.  Another thing that may consume their spare time is their hobbies or the time they spend with their friends.  With only 24 hours in the day and the need to sleep, they may not be able to commit the time to each other to get to know each other on a deeper level.  It can also affect their sexual relationship – if that even gets off the ground.   

Leo can be clingy when they want to spend more time with their partner.  To maintain control, they may demand more time from their lover.  Since Capricorn is stubborn and won’t let anyone change who they are or how they live their life, this could divide them and eventually end their relationship.  When two people want to be in control with little interference from others, its challenging to form a stable bond. 

Puppy 1647692 1920
Leo and Capricorn both like to be in control and this can lead to a tug of war battle for dominance.

Leo Capricorn: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have several common interests and similar traits that would make it ideal for them to get together.  As a pair, they can rely on each other to work toward a common goal or project knowing that they have no intentions of failing themselves or each other.  They may gain new skills of their own or improve upon their strengths under the guidance of their partner.  If theyre perfect for each other, they can make it work.  However, there are a lot of challenges to achieve a love balance.  They may not have what it takes to connect romantically, but they can certainly create a friendship that is entertaining and supportive.  Perhaps a friendship can grow into love, but that may take more time and energy than either of them want to put into it. 


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