Libra Libra Love Compatibility

Libra Libra Love Compatibility 

Will two Libras be able to live a long and happy life together? In this article, we take a look at Libra Libra love compatibility to see how well two Libras will get on.  

Libra Overview  

Libra (September 24 – October 23) knows how to make people happy.  They can find the positive in most situations and communicate with just about anyone.  They enjoy spending time with others and having meaningful conversations with them.  Theres plenty for them to talk about as they like to stay informed and have several interests.  If a friend needs some help, theyre happy to give it.  Even though they can lead a group, theyll gladly let someone else take charge.  Part of that is due to their problem making decisions.  Since they want to make things balanced and fair for everyone, they have a hard time pleasing everyone.   

Balance, Relationships, Libra
Libras like to keep everything as fair and balanced as possible.

Another roadblock in their leadership is their attitude toward work.  Theyll work hard and get things done, but they tend to be lazy when they lose interest.  That isn’t the kind of leader most people want to work with.  However, when theyre passionate about a project or working alongside others, theyre dependable and an ideal coworker.  Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is in control of things like love, beauty, and indulgence.  Not only does Libra like luxury items and things of beauty, but they also enjoy dating and falling in love.  They can be romantic and flirtatious, giving a lot of attention to the object of their desire.  When theyre dating, theres always something exciting and new to do with their love interest.  This sign needs to be entertained, but not with a short-term love affair.  They can get bored if their love life turns into something routine and stale. 

Libra Libra Love Compatibility Overview 

When two people born under the Libra sign connect in a romantic relationship, theyre already in an excellent position to be in a satisfying relationship.  They have a lot in common and know how to find a balance in their relationship.  Theyll try to make things fair for everyone involved but also keep the relationship light and fun.  As romantics, theyll pay attention and get to know each other better and understand more of their likes and dislikes.  This kind of relationship has the potential to be very positive for everyone involved. 

Libra Libra Love Compatibility, Hands, Heart
Libra Libra relationships have the potential to be hugely positive.

Positive Attributes of Libra Libra Love Compatibility 

Libras take comfort in spending time with each other no matter where they go. They can go to an event with a crowd or an intimate party with a few friends.  At the same time, they can also enjoy their own company in the privacy of their home. They can find their entertainment as long as theyre with their partner.  As they get to know each other, theyre likely to plan surprise dates or quick getaways to add to some excitement.  Theyre also likely to spend money on each other with beautiful, heartfelt gifts.  They try not to be overindulgent with their money, but they give wisely and receive appreciatively. 

This sign also likes to plan as it keeps them organized.  They have no problem talking with their partner about ideas or opinions.  That way, they can keep decisions fair and productive.  For a sign that can be indecisive, they do well when working together.  They may agree on everything, or they may discuss with some lighthearted banter.  No matter how they do it, theyre able to communicate easily with each other.  They don’t want drama, and they do the best they can to avoid conflict by keeping things positive and equal.  Since both of them can have a calming effect on each other, its no wonder that they don’t get annoyed with each other very often. 

Part of the romantic fun is being playful in sex.  No matter what they try, theyre very likely to please each other with the give and take.  They aren’t shy about taking their time and exploring each other.  They also don’t mind taking turns as to whos in control.  Whether theyre playful or passionate, they make sure they always please their lover. 

Kinky, Handcuffs, Bondage, Sex
Whether they’re experimenting or keeping it simple, Libra will make sure they always please their sexual partner.

Negative Attributes of Libra Libra Love Compatibility 

Not every Libra Libra relationship is as perfect as it can be in theory. One of the most significant disagreements between these two is money.  As much as they want financial stability, they want to spend the money they earn as well.  Some people born under this sign are challenged when it comes to saving money because they want to buy name brands and bigticket items.  If they aren’t motivated to cook, theyll eat out more.  Their partner may feel guilty if the money their lover is spending is all on gifts for them.  While they appreciate the romantic gesture, they don’t want to have the financial troubles either. Just like they work out other decisions, they can come together to work through their budget and get their lives back on track. 

No Money, Poor
Libras need to make sure they’re open with each other about money and plan their budgets together to avoid financial struggles.

Sharing Responsibilities   

If theyre married, both Libra partners will have to be responsible for mundane routines like chores and maintenance.  Try as they may to avoid it, this will eventually create tension between the two of them.  The problem isn’t just about the responsibility, but what they do to avoid responsibility.  This goes back to their financial concerns.  If they don’t want to do the housework, theyll hire a cleaning service to do it for them.  Instead of ironing clothes themselves, theyll have their shirts laundered and pressed by the local dry cleaner.  Even though theyre taking care of the things that they need to get done, theyre hurting themselves financially if they aren’t making enough money to afford these services and necessary household expenses.  

Rectifying Their Indecision  

If the ability to make a decision still eludes both of these Libras, they need to figure out how they can improve on this life skill.  It isn’t wrong that they want to make things balanced and fair, but it takes time away from the more exciting things in their life if theyre brainstorming over minor concerns.  Rather than work together on some of these choices, theyd benefit from seeking advice from someone whos not a Libra.  This can help them come up with the right solution, as well as help them figure out the best way to make decisions for themselves in the future.  

Libra Libra: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have so much in common that its easy for them to get along.  They both share a love for dating and romance.  They also want to make things exciting and interesting for themselves and their lover.  The most important thing for them to remember is that they have to take responsibility for their home and family even if the work is tedious.  They also need to make sure they make sound financial decisions so that they can afford the little things that make each other smile.  Their relationship will be positive when they make the right decisions. 

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