Libra Scorpio Love Compatibility

Libra Scorpio Love Compatibility 

What does a relationship between Libra and Scorpio have in store? Read on to find out all about Libra Scorpio love compatibility.  

Libra Overview 

Libra (September 24 – October 23) is a happy, easy-going sign that enjoys long conversations and group activities.  They have a lot ttalk about, and it helps that they like to be around people.  At the same time, other people want to be with Libra. Libra keeps the mood positive and has an optimistic outlook on life.  They can do a lot of types of work, but they work best with someone else because it keeps them focused on the task.  Other than that, they love to help others whenever they can.  They also like to try new things and see new places because it keeps them from getting bored with their routine.  When it comes to romance, theyre all in for the dating life.  Theyre flirtatious and attentive to their new love interests.  Theyll wait to take the next step to a sexual relationship because they’re looking for a longterm relationship that meets their traditional values. 

Marriage, Sex, Wedding
Libra holds traditional values, which means they’re looking for long-term commitments.

Scorpio Overview 

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) is a go-getter.  They prefer spending time alone rather than being active in the social scene.  This is also true when theyre working.  Theyre very resourceful with attention to detail, and they work hard to reach their goals.  They take pride in what they can accomplish on their own, especially when they can do it with their creative approach.  Their aim may be to be the boss in their field, and theyre willing to do that from the bottom to the top.  This sign is very loyal to their friends and enjoys the time they spend with them, but it all depends on their mood. They may have a small number of friends, but each friend has earned the Scorpio’s trust.   

The same is true in their romantic life.  Theyre looking for someone whos straight-forward and honest rather than someone whos looking for a temporary fling.  Theyll likely make the decisions in the relationship, but theyll also nurture their partner with love and attention. 

Ring, Proposal, Love
Like Libra, Scorpio is more interested in long-term commitments than quick flings.

Libra Scorpio Love Compatibility Overview 

Despite their different personalities, there can be enough between these two signs to make their relationship compatible.  Libra will be intrigued by Scorpio’s mysterious, introverted nature.  Theyll also be drawn in by their intellectual conversation and creative ideas.  Scorpio wants to feel loved and appreciated, and they like how they feel when theyre with Libra.  Their different perspectives can complement each other and make their connection both emotionally and physically satisfying.  Theyll need patience, effort, and understanding, but theyre likely to find enough positives to make it work. 


Positive Attributes of Libra Scorpio Love Compatibility  

Even though Scorpio prefers to work on their own, there are ways that they can work together.  Their relationship is one area where they can do that.  Both of them want to be successful wherever they put their efforts.   As friends, they may work side by side, though Scorpio will want to be in charge.  Libra won’t mind that because they aren’t always comfortable making decisions.  Together with their intelligence and balance of emotions, theyll see that they work well together. 

Their ruling planets play a role in their romance.  Libras ruled by Venus, which controls love and Scorpios ruled by Mars, which controls passion.  Theyre an ideal combination of male and female energy, which is a positive attribute to their relationship.  Their chemistry is a balance of an easy-going charisma and intense feelings that both of them appreciate in their lover. 

In many cases, these two do what they can to avoid an argument.  Libra tries to make people happy and does their best to keep things fair by listening and considering both sides of the story.  Scorpio doesn’t deal with disagreements well, but with their focused intellect, they may consider options as long as they have the final say in the matter. 

Negative Attributes of Libra Scorpio Love Compatibility 

Theres something passionate about these two signs when theyre together.  They have an energy that shows how much they mean to each other.  Passion, however, isn’t always flowers and candy with sweet words of affection.  There are aspects of their personalities that can create issues if they cannot keep an open line of communication.  For example, Libra is a natural flirt.  It goes along with their social nature of being positive and making people feel happy.   

Fire Sign, Love, Heart, Romance, Passion
There’s a lot of passion between Libra and Scorpio – but this isn’t always a positive thing.

Unfortunately, Scorpio can be the jealous type, especially since they don’t share the same outgoing personality.  They may also have an issue with Libra’s preference to go out with friends rather than spend time at home. Their envy can lead to disgruntled behaviours and adverse reactions to their partner.  As positive as Libra can be, over time, this kind of darkness may be too much for them to deal with.  The one aspect of a Libra Scorpio relationship that can keep them together is their strong bond of love.   

A Lack of Patience 

Libra isn’t the most decisive sign, and that can be trying to Scorpio’s patience.  Even though theyre both intelligent, Scorpio may not see that since theyre naturally more confident when they make decisions.  Hard feelings can pull these two apart if they cannot get over such emotions.  Also, Libra will want to have a say in some situations.  If Scorpio is so accustomed to taking charge and following their advice and plan, their partner will feel left out.  Even if they don’t want to be in control, their lover will feel like they mean more to the relationship if their opinions are thoughtfully considered. 

They may enjoy their passionate lovemaking, but there may be a difference in their sexual preferences.  Libra often wants a romantic and emotional connection.  Scorpio knows how to be romantic, but they may like things a little differently.  When they want to be in more control, Libra may feel as if their needs aren’t being met enough.  They may also feel like they cannot keep up with the energy that Scorpio puts into their lovemaking. 

Sex, Couple, Christmas, Holiday
Sometimes their different sexual preferences can leave Libra feeling unsatisfied

Libra Scorpio: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs can have a healthy relationship based on shared interests and a deep emotional connection.  They both want loyalty and fidelity in their longterm relationships and can give it to each other whole-heartedly.  They complement each other on their strengths and weaknesses, which can change them for the better without completely changing who they are as a person.  Libra can find the focus they need to work on their goals and make firm decisions.  Scorpio can find an emotional balance that allows them to enjoy the time they share with their lover.  This doesn’t come without effort, and both of them will have to work on showing how much they value each other.

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