Scorpio Capricorn Love Compatibility

Scorpio Capricorn Love Compatibility 

Scorpio and Capricorn have a huge potential to make a great couple and to make each other very happy. Read on to find out more about Scorpio Capricorn love compatibility.  

Scorpio Overview 

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) has a strong personality that expects hard work and the achievements that reflect their efforts.  They want to be the boss, but they know that they have to prove themselves to get to that point.  Their ambition, creative thinking, and attention to detail help these introverts stand out.  They focus on their success more than their friendships, which makes it hard for them to make and keep friends.  The friends they have are already used to their moodiness and possessive attitudes.  This may mean that theyre jealous of what other people have and want it for themselves.   

Jealous, Cheating, Affair
Scorpio can be naturally jealous and this can make them difficult to live with

When they fall in love, theyll be possessive about the ones they love and will need to work on their trust issues.  They need to find someone who can calm their intensity and remain honest with them.  Their partner will also have to understand that Scorpio will want to be in charge, so theyll both have to learn to compromise or find a way to make it work 

Capricorn Overview 

Capricorn (December 23 – January 20) has a strong work ethic and tries to do all of the work on their own.  Theyd rather get everything done right the first time than deal with others who aren’t as capable of completing the task in their opinion.  Its also essential for them to finish the job quickly and efficiently, something that they do best by themselves.  Their ultimate goal is to be in the top position wherever they work so that they can be in charge and do whats best. 

When it comes to friends, theyre very supportive and helpful.  Those friends are comfortable telling their thoughts and concerns, though this sign isn’t as easy to share their problems with others.  Even with their close friends, this sign doesn’t have much time for a social life because theyre focused on their career goals.  When they find a love interest, they want to be with someone who can be entertaining as well as positive. 

Even with their close friends Capricorns don’t have a busy social life.

Scorpio Capricorn Love Compatibility Overview 

Both of these signs have an understanding when it comes to hard work and taking charge of their life.  They have the potential to fit together well, but therell be some aspects of their personalities that they’ll need to adapt to their new role as a couple in love.   

Positive Attributes of Scorpio Capricorn Love Compatibility 

Scorpio and Capricorn are hard workers by nature.  Theyre focused and determined to do whats right and get it done on time.  Theyre confident in their abilities and would rather get the job done on their own.  When these two come together, however, theyll find that theres someone as competent as they are or even better.  Theyll be able to ease their grip on their duties and be able to work side by side with someone.  Perhaps in the past, Capricorn took on all of the tasks because they would be the one to do it while everyone else took a break.  Scorpio won’t let that happen and would know how to delegate better to ease the burden off of their partner. 

Budget, Class, Teacher, Student, Tutor
Scorpio and Capricorn make a great team and spur each other on.

Protective Nature

People born under the sign of Scorpio are very protective of the ones they care about the most.  Their defensiveness can get so intense that theyre ready to lash out.  The benefit of a Scorpio Capricorn relationship is that they have a calm about them to help their partner respond rationally.  Its a challenge, but Capricorn is efficient while maintaining their life.  They’re able to provide the strength with the couple needs from the background.  They enjoy managing the finances and responsibilities to ensure stability and security in the home. This means that Scorpio can continue where their strength is:  being in charge. 

Their love relationship is another positive in their life.  Scorpio will show how much they appreciate their partner with their style of love and passion.  When Capricorn knows that theyre appreciated, theyll show the kind of love that matches their passionate lover.  Their compatibility in the bedroom will keep them sexually satisfied for a long time. 

Sex, Couple
Capricorn and Scorpio make excellent sexual partners

Negative Attributes of Scorpio Capricorn Love Compatibility 

When there’s love and trust in a Scorpio Capricorn relationship, theyll find that theres more than enough harmony and romance to go around.  However, their romance can lose their balance when theres doubt.  Scorpios a jealous lover and has a problem trusting others, even if theyve been nothing but loyal to them.  Their jealousy can make them irrational and possessive.  If they haven’t established trust, it can affect how they communicate.  They may bottle up their feelings until it explodes.  The best way to prevent this is for Capricorn to continue to show their loyalty and love.  At the same time, Scorpio needs to practice patience instead of questioning too much and reacting too quickly. 

Even though Capricorn has a calm that can tame their Scorpio lover for a while, they can also be as jealous and possessive of their lover.  When they fall in love, theyre committed and see their partner as their own.  If theyre ever taken away from them, theyll fight for what they believe is theirs even if someone gets hurt. 

Proposal, Commitment,
When Scorpio and Capricorn fall in love they’ll commit to each other for the long term.

A Need For Balance

The work ethic of Scorpio and Capricorn can create problems.  Theyre willing to put in long hours to get their work done and allow them the time to reach their goals.  Scorpio knows when they need to take a break, but Capricorn’s nature of work can often be ongoing.  Long hours at work may make Scorpio question fidelity even though they know their partner is married to their work.  Rather than assume the worst, they need to help their partner find a way to take time for themselves.  Not only will their partner appreciate it, but it can do wonders for their relationship. 

Scorpio Capricorn: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have several characteristics in common.  The positive can be excellent, but the negative can be devastating.  If they work to cherish what they have, then theyll have less to fear and more to love.  Itll take some adjustment as they coordinate their work apart and their leisure together.  When they can find that balance, theyll find that they have an exceptional level of compatibility. 

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