All About Scorpio

Scorpio Personality Traits

Among all the zodiac signs that you would ever come across, Scorpio is the most sensitive among them all. People born under this sun sign bring some intensity that is incompatible with other signs.

When it comes to matters of the heart, they would be at the frontline seeking for the most intense kind of love. They would stop at nothing as they offer their best.

Scorpios are individuals with great personality and outstanding strength in the way they approach life. It is through their bravery that they are in a position to approach life as it is. One thing that you ought to understand about Scorpios is that they are simply black and white. The idea of having some gray sections in their personality is something that is not associated with them. Certainly, this is what makes them stand out among other signs in the zodiac chart.

Scorpio, Constellation

Undeniably, it is a natural thing to consider the traits and characteristics of other individuals before getting close to them. This can be in friendship, business relations or in loving relationships that might even lead to marriage. Gaining a deeper understanding of the personality traits of any Scorpio ensures that you do not confront each other over issues that could easily have been avoided.

There are strengths and weaknesses that Scorpios suffer from. Some of their strengths in personalities are what makes people love them. Part of their weaknesses gives people the impression that they could be better beings in this world.

Scorpio Men

The Scorpio man would at first strike you as an individual that could easily sting you with their deadly poison. Well, certainly, this is what makes other people get scared of men born under this sun sign. He would occur as an individual that is always serious and that they have no room for unimportant matters.

The good thing about this man is his curiosity. He is curious in a positive manner. This means that he would take his time in getting to know more about the relationship that you share with them. In the event that there is something that they wish to know, rest assured that they would ask it directly. They simply have nothing to hide. Their blunt way of expressing themselves is one thing that you would have to be wary of. This would guarantee that you do not end up fussing over statements said by the Scorpio guy.  

Man, Depressed, Secretive
Scorpio men are the type of man to ask a lot of questions but to hate it when people ask them questions.

When in relationships with their lady counterparts, Scorpios are amazing. They understand the importance of giving in relationships. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main reasons why women love them during the first few months of courtship. Truly, this is normally short-lived when their jealous streaks arise. This is a major weakness that they suffer from.

Scorpio Women

As for the Scorpio woman, she is no different as she is also the jealous type. The one good thing about them is the fact that they bring loyalty in relationships. This woman would rarely cheat behind your back. She is a true friend. Her determination is also another attribute that might interest you.

A Scorpio woman would not rest until she has achieved the goals that she had set for herself. You will also find this woman as different in the sense that she is decisive. When making decisions, she knows what is good and what is bad.

Woman, Computer
Scorpio women are great at their jobs…when they don’t get distracted by their emotions.

On the negative side, there is a possibility that she might let emotions ruin the good things that you share together. Understanding that there is a time when they are emotional is very important. This is the only way that you would avoid confrontations in your relationship. Above all, a Scorpio woman is honest and worth the keep.

Scorpio Sexuality

As mysterious as they can get, Scorpios will always keep you guessing when it comes to matters of their sexuality. Yes, they are intense beings. However, this does not mean that they would offer you crazy sex without expecting something in return. Certainly not! Their intensity is just enough and they would at times hold back waiting for you to reciprocate. When this happens, you ought to be ready to show a Scorpio man or woman that you can fit into the shoes of their expectations.

Kinky, Handcuffs, Bondage, Sex
Scorpios aren’t afraid to try new or kinky things in bed.

Their passionate nature is something that would strike your attention right from the beginning. In fact, some might consider this as one of their main strengths that keep their relationships stronger over the long haul.

Scorpio Man

If you are looking for romance then this is the man to hold on to. He would go to the extremes just to prove their love to you. For example, this man would not feel ashamed of emptying all his life savings so that both of you can enjoy. He does this to win your attention and most of all, your love.

Couple, Romantic, Rose
Scorpio men love to give their partners romantic surprises.

Another interesting aspect of the Scorpio man is the sheer fact that he is unpredictable. You can never be certain of the next plans he has for you. To the ladies, this is sexy and corny at the same time. His unending desires to satisfy his high libido will keep you on the move. This is because you will garner the feeling that he always wants you. Unquestionably, he is honest. This is one thing that you can be sure of when dating a Scorpio man.  

Scorpio Woman

When a Scorpio woman is in love with you, there is no doubt that you would see it in their eyes. Their love is ever burning. This is an attribute that would have a positive impact on their sexuality.

The only thing that this woman needs is the feeling that you are the ONE. Once she is certain that her charms and passionate kisses would not go into waste, she would do her best to win you over.

Woman, Bed
Scorpio women are some of the most passionate women.

Her emotions will let her offer you the wildest sex experience you have never had in years. Being passionate is part of her innate nature. There is no changing that. All she needs is some little effort from the other end. She will remain loyal to you.

Playing games is something that is not associated with Scorpio women. Truly, their intensity does not allow for this to happen. Therefore, if you are going to have sex with a Scorpio woman, try not to make it casual. Her jealous streaks will want you all for herself. Well, you cannot blame them for being this loving and passionate in nature.

Dating a Scorpio

The best moments in relationships occur when your love for each other is still young. This is the time when you care less about the weaknesses of your partner. The most important thing is the care that he/she offers. So, when dating a Scorpio, this could be the best feeling that you would have in years. Why? Simply stated, love would be all around you. A Scorpio man or woman would not give you time to think about what if. They would offer their love in the most sincere manner. This would give you the impression that there is nothing to lose in offering them a chance. This how charming Scorpios can get.

Heart 3099970 640

Scorpio Man

Before a Scorpio man can ask you out, they would have spent a lot of time digging in to find what type of a woman you are. They do not want to make a mistake with their emotions. Considering the fact that they are sensitive, the last thing they need is heartbreaks. Consequently, the only way to be on the safe side is doing their homework.

He is one of the most caring men you will find in the zodiac chart. When out on a dinner, this is the man that would pull chairs for you. He will constantly ask you whether you are ok with the five-star hotel that he chose as your ideal meeting place. They are at their best during the first few dates that you would have together.

Dinner, Wine, Candles
Scorpio men aren’t afraid to splurge on expensive dates.

On the gloomy side, they are possessive. At some point, you might even get scared of their obsessions. Make no mistake; they are truly and deeply in love. The intensity that a Scorpio man brings should convince you that they are the men to share the rest of your life with. Well, this would only happen if you put up with their sea of emotions.

Scorpio Woman

Be wary of women born under this zodiac sign. Yes, they are good but they are really possessive in nature. She will find it unbearable when you have lady friends around you. She always thinks of the worst. She does not understand that a man and a woman can just be good friends without strings attached.

Jealous, Cheating, Affair
Scorpio women can be extremely jealous.

Men are always impressed by the fact that this woman stands up for herself. She will not lower her standards just to win you over. This woman also hates being lied to. In the event that this happens, the worst can happen as they easily sting with their deadly poison. If you are not careful, things could easily get out of hand. As a result, the best way to maintain a fruitful relationship with the Scorpio woman is by being honest and loving to them.

Scorpio in Love

Love is the answer for both the Scorpio man and woman. Bearing in mind that they are a water sign, what matters most is what is in the heart. Both the man and woman believe in the fact that following your heart leads to successful relationships. Therefore, they would not take it for granted when you mentioned sweet words to them on a regular basis.

When the Scorpio man is in love, they are serious about it. They would spend a lot of time building a home full of love and joy. Just like any other natural relationships, there would be rough patches to deal with.

Hug, Couple, Winter
Scorpios can be possessive when they are in love, so they need a loyal partner.

As with the Scorpios, they hate flirtatious individuals. Thus, if things are going to work out with a Scorpio man or woman, you better refrain from flirting around. Also, sharing their deepest feelings might be a daunting task at first. This implies that it might take you ages to solve the mystery that goes on within any Scorpio. They prefer to be secretive. Showering them with love and care will make them open up to you.

Scorpio with Money

Let’s be honest, money matters a lot in relationships these days. When money is not managed properly in relationships, this could result in a disaster. In relation to the Scorpios, individuals from this sun sign are quite secretive. The man or woman would never be free to expose their financial plans.

The good thing is that they are ruled over by the planet of wealth. This means that a Scorpio man or woman would easily be surrounded by money. Partly, this contributes to their resourcefulness personality than other zodiac signs appreciate.

Scorpios are great at making money…and also great at spending it on expensive items.

However, Scorpios need to be very careful with their finances. This is because they rarely let anybody in. This infers that they would have to deal with their financial problems on their own. Fortunately, they are brave enough to do this. But still, this is a risky game to play.

Scorpio Career

The passionate natures of Scorpios would also be evident in their career paths. These are the people that would gladly offer their assistance as long as they do not get hurt in any way. The best form of careers that suit Scorpios is those where they get to offer solutions to existing problems. For instance, they work best as Chemist, Physicist, Psychologist, Surgeon, Detective or even an Engineer. It is through these career paths that Scorpios would find it easy to express their inquisitive abilities.   

Science, Man, Career
Scorpios would love to have a career that would allow them to show off their intelligence

Scorpio Health

Health issues are part of life for any Scorpio individual. They understand this and they try their best to find solutions to this. Keeping in mind that they are brave in nature, Scorpios do not easily let sickness take them down. They fight! Their strong immune systems ensure that they remain healthy for a long time.

Sadly, individuals under this sun sign are prone to sex-related diseases. Their love for sex is linked to this issue. Consequently, they are advised to be careful when engaging with each other or with other zodiac signs.

Stress could easily eat them up. Their sea of emotions could have an impact on the stress levels that they have to endure on a regular basis. It is for this reason that finding true love is very important to any Scorpio.

Health, Doctor
Scorpios put themselves at risk for mental and sexual illnesses because they do not talk about their health problems.

The mind and body are interconnected when it comes to how Scorpios approach life. They would not let anything come in their way of getting physically fit. These individuals are brave and strong at heart. This means that their bodies are majorly composed of muscle and less fat.

he good thing about Scorpio man or woman is that they would have a positive mentality towards the fitness program that they would be relying on. Undeniably, they understand why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. Subsequently, hitting the gym on a regular basis is not a problem to them.

Scorpio with Fashion/ Style

Understanding a Scorpio from their closet is something that is very easy. Their choice of fashion stands out from the rest. Their personality is well defined from what they choose to wear. For example, Scorpios are secretive in nature. They prefer to live or exist in their dark shadows. Looking closely at their closet, you would find several dark colors. They rarely settle for bright colored clothes.

Jewelry, Necklace, Pearls
It’s a rare sight to see a Scorpio woman without jewelry or a Scorpio man without a watch or tie.

Considering the fact that Scorpios are surrounded by money, there is a likelihood that they would have pricey outfits in their closets. In addition to this, there are those items that these individuals would be passionate about. This could be men’s watches, ladies earrings or necklaces etc. Well, not to forget the passionate innate natures of Scorpios, you can rest assured of sexy dress codes out there. They would settle for fitting clothes that would make them appeal to the eyes of many.

Compatibility with Other Signs

So, now that you have a deeper insight on who a Scorpio really is, perhaps you are wondering about their compatibility aspects with other sun signs. Truly, they are most compatible with other water signs. Some zodiac signs that could match with the Scorpio include Cancer, Pisces and even other Scorpios for that matter. Certain earth signs could also make things work without having to struggle. Examples include Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. A lot of compromises is needed for Scorpio to work with the air signs. The worst matches for the Scorpio would be with Leo and Aquarius.

Elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
The above chart shows which sign belong to which element.


Pairing up with Scorpio individuals might not be the nightmare that you were initially thinking about. In fact, these are individuals that bring intensity in your life. Having a positive mind about their impact on your life is probably the main thing that you ought to focus on. The bravery that Scorpios bring when approaching life is what you need to live a successful and enjoyable life. In all your compatibility analysis, you should not forget the fact that Scorpios stand out in their romantic way of doing things. Certainly, love conquers all.

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