Taurus Leo Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Taurus/Leo Love Compatibility 

What’s the compatibility in a Taurus/Leo relationship? Will these two signs ever be able to connect on all levels or will they struggle to find any common ground? This article takes a look at the good and bad points of a Taurus/Leo romance.  

Taurus Overview 

Even though the zodiac sign for Taurus (April 21 – May 21) is a bull, theyre very approachable people and make great friends.  Taurus is also as stubborn as their bull symbol.  When theyre passionate about something, they want to be right and will prove themselves until the other person backs down.  If Taurus sees their friend having a bad time, theyll be there to help out or offer support with their kindness and reliability.  They may need some motivation to do some things, but they’re always ready for fun and adventure with their group. 

The animal sign for Taurus is the bull, and they share many traits with the strong and stubborn bull.

Leo Overview 

The lion zodiac sign of Leo (July 23 – August 21) is ruled by the sun.  Theyre independent people with natural leadership qualities that reflect their animal symbol. People born under the sign of Leo are confident in themselves and prefer to be in charge of their success and aren’t likely to be open to suggestions from others.  That doesn’t mean that they shy away from encouragement and support from family and friends.  In fact, they want their ego stroked.  They love to try new things from time to time.  If a trip is planned, theyre likely to be the one making the arrangements. 

Taurus/Leo Relationship 

Since both Taurus and Leo love compliments and approval, theyll also be able to meet each other’s needs because theyre both well aware of the joy they give and receive.  When these two are satisfied and happy, theyre a great couple to be around.  Their compatibility is strong because of their intuition of their partner’s needs. 

Hands, Couple,
Taurus and Leo have a strong understanding of each other’s needs

Positive Attributes in a Taurus/Leo Relationship 

Theres a balance that Taurus and Leo meet in their relationship.  Taurus takes pleasure in making their friends happy.  This could be helping with a task or supporting them in a time of need – especially for their partner.  Therell be times when Leo is overwhelmed or frustrated if things aren’going their way. At these times, Taurus will be there to offer support and care.  The wonderful part of this relationship is that the favor will be returned. 


Taurus is ruled by Venus, that is, beauty, love, and perfection.  This is evident in their love of high-end material things.  Leo is ruled by the sun, shining and full of energy.  They can bring in the fun and liven things up.  Together they bring something bright and beautiful when things seem drab and uninteresting.   

The give-and-take relationship between these two carries over into the bedroom as well.  Their expressions of love aren’t restricted to one space.  They want to show their affection whenever the opportunity comes up and cannot be denied.  There are no rules to sex, and that doesn’t bother them because their only focus is each other’s satisfaction, even if it takes all day or all night.  Make-up sex is even better for these two because it seems to solve every disagreement.  

Negative Attributes in a Taurus/Leo Relationship 

Both Taurus and Leo are driven by success.  However, both of them have different ideas of what success means to them.  These differences go back to their signifying element.  Taurus signifies Earth.  This means they want financial, romantic and social security.  Leo signifies Fire.  They want to burn bright enough for the whole world to see.  Theres no limit for them when it comes to fame, fortune, and attention.  All of these things boost their excitement more than the wants of Taurus. 

Security, Lock, Privacy
Taurus likes stability and security, which can seem dull to Leo

Remember the disagreements that end with make-up sex?  Arguments come up more than one would think between these two.  They both like to be the dominant personality in their relationships, but you can’t necessarily have two leaders in everything.  

Both individuals want to be right, and both want their way.  This challenge brings conflict when they start making long-term decisions as a couple.  If buying a home doesn’t have its problems, decorating the house has many more from paint color, furniture style and colors.  Shared items may lead to their disagreements unless theyre willing to compromise or work out their differences with a third-party.  Also, disagreements can also stem from different approaches to money.  They both like nice things, but Taurus also wants their financial security while Leo is willing to buy and spend.  If they can agree on how to spend their shared money, therell be more harmony.   

Money, Coins
Taurus and Leo need to agree on how to spend their money to be content

Socially the couple will find that they disagree.  Taurus, with their want for stability, is more likely to stay at home or be with a small group of friends.  Leo, however, is more of a restless spirit who wants to attend parties and be an active participant in life.  They’ll start to resent the other for holding them back from how they want to spend their time.  The best solution is to compromise and meet each other’s needs from time to time.  Not only will they be able to share the time, but theyll show that they appreciate each other’s interests. 

Change is also a struggle for both of them.  For the most part, theyre set in their ways. Its always worked, and they’re not interested in other ideas.  Their inability to pursue new ideas or take risks has its advantages and disadvantages.  The positive outcomes mean that they don’t fix what isn’t broken and ruin any stability.  However, if they don’t take any risks, they won’t be able to make gains by taking a chance.  


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs meet each other’s emotional needs but need to learn how to negotiate so that theyre not stuck in disagreements.  On the bright side, these two will commit for the long term and always keep in mind how much love they have.  Time and affection will show the couple that they have a great deal in common and can meet in the middle to provide for each other’s needs. 

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