March 11 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 11 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born specifically on March 11th are surmised to be more emotional compared to other Pisceans. You have a positive attitude towards life and are highly determined to achieve success. You are talented and are able to perform a variety of tasks. It is likely that you will get along well with others because you have empathy for emotional cues and are very friendly to people around you.

You like having a purpose in life and are good at making attainable goals.  Like most Pisceans, you have a high degree of intellect and are very intuitive. You are naturally nice and have a heart for forgiving. You are a curious individual and are good at digging out dirt. However, you are prone to being temperamental and prefer having your personal space to control your anger.


Career choices are easy for you to decide on. This is because at a very early age you already had an idea on the path that you want to take in life. You are always lucky to secure a suitable job as you are highly creative and are able to come up with ideas and generate new plans. You are known as a hard worker and are able to commit yourself fully to work. An occupation that gives you the chance to bring out your full potential will be best for you. You enjoy working with others and like encouraging workmates to team up so as to generate positive energy that will lead to making a huge step in the cooperate ladder.

Business, Work, Promotion
Confidence will help you to climb the career ladder– no matter what career you choose.


Money is fairly important to you. Having your date of birth on March 11th, you like being in control of your own finances but are able to put other people’s suggestions into consideration. You find spending money enjoyable and could be a little extravagant. Avoid carrying your credit card around to reduce your irresponsible use of cash.  

Wallet, Money , Work
Try to keep your credit cards at home, when possible.

You value the importance of saving but have a hard time trying to make a budget. You find it difficult to rearrange your income depending on circumstances. While you have a good heart and are ever willing to help, your financial restraints sometimes let you down. However, you never luck an extra coin for charity work.

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to affairs of the heart, you have the desire of being truly loved and cared for. Having a purpose in life makes you know what exactly you want. When engaging in a personal relationship, you have a taste for people who understand you and are able to tolerate your negative side. You are loving and considerate to your partner. You are quick at embracing your soulmates’ personality and reading their minds.

Business Trip, Laptop, Computer, Map, Travel
Find someone who can entertain both your mind and body.

You are playful and like making jokes and this makes your relationships stronger. You are good at treating your partner with a lot of care. Also, you can handle any personal differences in a calm manner. You are able to express your feelings and show your soul mate how much you love spending time with him or her.

Platonic Relationships

You are friendly and are quite charming. This explains your sociable character and willingness to know people you have met better. You enjoy being with new faces and making them feel comfortable when around you. Your high sense of humor draws people towards you. You are good at helping people deal with disturbing issues and to change negative situations into positive ones.

Pisces, Friends, Enemy, Argue
It’s likely that you often have to help two friends work out their differences.

However, you have a hard time forgiving people who have wronged you and you are advised to understand the fact that no one is perfect. You are good at interacting with people and building casual friendships. Your love for helping others is what makes your friends stick by you. You are able to balance your work life and fun life and this is why you spend your time engaging in fun activities especially during the weekends.


Being born on March 11th, you are good at keeping in touch with your family and making sure they are having good progress in life. You enjoy serving your family and doing anything that makes them happy. You are known for sharing your joys and sorrows in life with family as you believe they are the only people who can truly celebrate you and comfort you.

Family, Beach, Children
It is important that your family is there for you– and vise versa– for all of life’s important moments.

Being there during the trying moment of your family and lifting up their spirits when they are low is something you do often. You treasure every special moment you share with your family and this is why you never miss on family events. You are very protective of your family and will do anything to protect them from harm as you do not like imagining your life without them.

March 11 Birthday


You are good at taking good care of your body and having control over it. You are able to listen to your body and make an immediate response to any kind of disturbances. Also, you are good at maintaining a balanced diet, as food is a priority in your life. You like avoiding stress as worries make you have restless nights and as a result reduce your energy levels.

Fruit, Berries
Try eating fruit instead of candy or sugary treats.

However, you have a tooth for sugary foods. Your awareness of this makes you see the importance of having regular dental checkups. You are keen on your body fitness and you try to take part in physical activities and exercises for generally healthy well-being.

Personality Traits

Having your birthday on March 11th, you like sharing your opinions and views with other people. You are known for justice and fairness and are usually the voice of the oppressed no matter how petty the issue is. You are open-minded and are very realistic with things.

Pisces symbol

Like many other Pisceans, you dream of fulfilling your wishes in life and are practical about your plans for the future. You are good at keeping up with the trend as you care about your appearance. You are overly stubborn when it comes to taking advice as you are mostly sure about your instincts.

March 11th Birthday Symbolism

You highly value harmony and like being in a peaceful environment. Your numerical luck relies on the digit two. You would rather agree to disagree than argue for a long time to drive your point home. The 11th card in Tarot is specifically chosen for you. It brings out your wise desire to reach hearts.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

You are a just individual who advocates for fairness. The gemstone that creates good chances of luck is the beautiful pearl. An attempt of wearing it provides you with extra alertness. It gives you a cheery mood during the day and lifts up your spirits.


Planet Neptune plays a major role in the composition of your traits. The shining moon gives you purity of heart in abundance. You are always willing to help and be of advantage to others. Your sensitivity to people’s moods makes you acceptable. You make an effort to turn a frown into a smile as this gives you contentment. Most people look up to you as a role model. You are dependable and are able to provide solutions for most problems. You are quite a unique character. Quickness in thinking makes you brilliantly smart. You should know that you are gifted in most areas of life.

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