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Aquarius Personality Traits

Aquarius zodiac sign is the second to last sun sign in the zodiac chart. It is an air sign. Judging from this, Aquarius prefers independence above anything else. If there is anything that they hate is being locked up somewhere. The sheer fact that the love of freedom might give you the impression that they are courageous people. Well, they are not. They are shy and most of the time they exist in the world of fantasy. This is attributed to their airy nature.

The interesting aspect, however, is their unending love for progression. This implies that they would always strive to exploit ideas that present to them. There are numerous things you need to learn about people born under this zodiac sign. Ranging from love, dating, career, health, their physical fitness, etc. this critique will take a look at each one of them briefly.

Aquarius, Constellation

Indeed, there are certain personality traits that would strike you while communicating with the Aquarius zodiac people. For instance, their talkative nature is one of the main aspects that would intrigue you. It is for this very reason that they are normally regarded as communicators. This means that they would always do their best in trying to solve existing problems in relationships.

Aquarius people are also wise in nature. Thus, before jumping to them with crazy ideas, it is wise that you consult with other people first before they blast you.

Aquarius Men

The Aquarius man is an individual with honesty brimming out of their mouth. Their love for communication could be the main reason for this. Bearing in mind that they are talkative, there are people that might be scared of their brutal honesty. If you are an introvert, you might get tired of the large circle of friends that Aquarius has. They are always communicating with their friends catching up and discussing new ways of living life.

Party, Alcohol, Friends
Aquarius men will party with both men and women, so their partners need to learn not to be jealous.

Another aspect that makes this man unique is that he is totally unpredictable. It would be difficult for one to predict their next move. This might be considered as one of their weaknesses.

Their love for independence is yet another aspect that scares away many potential lovers. They would not in any way love to be committed to their loved ones. This is a bad sign that they are not up for the marriage type of love affairs.

Aquarius Women

The Aquarius woman seeks for independence just like the Aquarius man. Her quest for independence is attributed to the fact that she is a fixed sign. She doesn’t like being told what to do.

Their loyalty is something that people would love about this lady. She would take her loyalty to extreme levels as she would also stick to certain brands of products. Additionally, if this woman loves a certain type of music, rest assured that she would not change.

Rabbit Men, Love, Infidelity
Aquarius women are loyal to their friends, but they may not always be loyal in their romantic relationships–especially if they feel pressured by commitments.

The Aquarius woman is also humanitarian in nature. She has a deep love for those that are around them. A major weakness that this woman suffers from is her distant nature. This is a bad thing when it comes down to intimate relationships. Other people might see her as not interested in long-lasting relationships. When things are not running smoothly, Aquarius woman would easily get angry. This will raise arguments that might not be easily solved.

Aquarius Sexuality

The free-spirited nature of an Aquarius would come in the way of their sexuality. Certainly, sex for them is a one-time thing. They simply do not like being tied down as they have intimate sessions with those that are dear to them. What Aquarius believe is the fact that being in love might appear as a struggle. Therefore, it is rare to find them in relationships that last for a long period of time.

Sex, Couple
If you want a one-night-stand, seduce an Aquarius.

Aquarius Man

Unlike other men, Aquarius individuals would keep themselves aloof from relationships. If you expect to receive sexy text messages from this man then you better think twice. This is the last thing that they would be doing. It is simply not in their nature to keep up with the chase.

So, how do you win over this man? The key to impressing this man would be to engage in a sexy conversation with them. This is a trick that would ignite interest in the Aquarius man. Food for the mind is also good for his physical body.

Flirt, Woman,
Aquarius men will want their partner to make the first move. This is not because they are nervous but because they want to feel wanted.

When engaging in sex with this man, try your level best not to bring conventional sex styles to the bedroom. If possible, take some time off to plan for the first sexual encounter with the Aquarius man. The first impression is very important as it would guarantee that you win over their sexual interest. Over time, this might turn into a good thing that you would live to appreciate.

Aquarius Woman

This woman would care less about what people have to say about them. If there are taboos that you would be bringing in your relationship, then this is not the right lady for you. This would only ruin the good things that you see in each other.

If you love experimenting different sexual positions, then this is the lady that would impress you. She is always ready to take sex into a whole new level. With the help of her creativity, she would try her best to astonish you in bed.

Kinky, Handcuffs, Bondage, Sex
Aquarius women aren’t afraid to try new or kinky things in bed.

What excites the Aquarius woman is a man who is confident with their thoughts and demands. Therefore, when approaching this lady, she needs to gain the impression that you can give her an experience she has never witnessed before. This helps a lot as it raises interest in the mind of the Aquarius lady.

Dating an Aquarius

Let us be honest, dating an Aquarius is nothing but a huge challenge. This is simply because they are ever changing. They seek new opportunities in life. This makes them quite difficult to pin down. When dating these people, it is difficult to keep up with these changes. However, there are certain tips and tricks of winning over an Aquarius man or woman.

Fair, Carnival, Exciting
Take an Aquarius somewhere exciting for a date if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man would detest any form of relationship drama that any lady might bring to them. Bearing in mind that they are always optimistic about life, he also hates people that keep lamenting about challenges being faced in life. This is the kind of negativity that they would not tolerate.

Additionally, if you are going to get clingy with this partner, rest assured that you would be breaking up sooner than you expect. They crave for independence just like fish demands for water to survive.

Broken Heart, Break Up, Sad
It’s fair to say that Aquarius men are afraid of commitment. Don’t pressure them into it.

This man also expects you to appreciate their uniqueness. Their wide array of ideas that they would be bringing to the table should not go unnoticed. This is a good thing that might make them reciprocate to your loving charms.

The most important thing of all when dating this man is to reduce the romantic gestures that you would be showering them with. This man cares less about romance in the relationship you would share. As a result, simply try to ensure that you live a practical life that revolves around an intellectual rather than an emotional connection.

Aquarius Woman

This is one of the most inflexible women that you would ever find in the zodiac chart. This is linked to the fact that she is a fixed sign. Moreover, this woman would be more present in their mind rather than physically. Most of the time you would find her socializing with their close friends. If at all you are going to date her, these are some of the things that you would have to come to terms with. Yes, admittedly, dating this woman is difficult. However, this does not mean that you should abandon the entire process or struggle completely.

Passion, Car, Sex, Couple, Kiss, Space
It’s difficult to romance an Aquarius woman but it’s worth it.

Some of the wise moves to make would be to constantly flatter her with her open-mindedness. Additionally, you might also try to invoke some social topics that will keep her engaged in the chat you have together. And please, ensure that she has her freedom while still on the dating game. The last thing you need is chasing her away with your clingy nature.

Aquarius in Love

The freedom that Aquarius lovers seek for does not necessarily mean that they would never settle down. Well, certainly, it reaches a time when they realize that they actually found the right people to settle down with. This only happens when compromise and mutual understanding are achieved in the love affair you share. This means that you would have given time for your love to thrive gradually. This is what any Aquarius man or woman would want in a relationship.

Love, Sex
Sex will likely happen in one of the first dates with an Aquarius but it’s much harder to get a commitment out of them.

They need time to adjust to the relationship mood. Remember, this is not something that they are used to. As a result, they might take ages before finally claiming that they are truly in love with you. Compromising with Aquarius individuals is what is required for a successful relationship. You need to understand that they have other male or female friends. Understand her ambitious without derailing her or him. With this in mind, rest assured that she would depict her loyalty to the relationship existing between the two of you.

Aquarius with Money

The visionary Aquarius is good with money. They would try their best to save for the future. This is due to the fact that they seek new and interesting opportunities in their lives. They are a fixed sign, which also means that they would be spending their money wisely. Aquarius would not use their money on unimportant things. As long as they see a bright future in a particular project, this would not stop them from spending on such things.

Flowers, Florist, Creative
It’s not uncommon for an Aquarius to have a creative side-hustle to help them earn more money.

Their creativity would also play a crucial role in the way in which they choose to spend what they earn. Without a doubt, they would want to spend on new opportunities that are lucrative. From this, the personality traits of Aquarius with money is worth emulating.

Aquarius Career

In term of their career, this is where you would notice that Aquarius basically exists in the future. In relation to this, they tend to work with future generations in trying to make this world a better place to live in.

Aquarius individuals have a deep love for the young generation. It is from this that they could be regarded as ideal life teachers or personal coaches. They are also humanitarian. This means that they can work well with charity organizations by volunteering.

Group, People, Work
Aquarians usually love working with groups of people.

Aquarius people are also good when it comes to entrepreneurial skills. Their wild ideas could be turned into profitable projects. Some of the jobs that would suit Aquarius individuals include scientist, teacher, public relations, non-profit worker, author, researcher, TV host and many more.  

Aquarius Health

There is a good chance that Aquarius individuals might suffer from brain disorders. This is because they are always worrying about the future. They also have weak bones as they are not used to strenuous activities. This implies that they could easily fracture if they fall down. Their worrying nature could also be another cause for their digestive disorders.

Alarm, Clock
Aquarius people will need to set an alarm (or two or three) to remind them to work out on a regular basis.

Regular exercise is an essential part of staying healthy. Keeping in mind that Aquarius individuals are revolutionized, this is something that they are well aware of. Therefore, you would not be constantly reminding an Aquarius that they need to work out.

However, they hate routinized activities. This infers that they would prefer exercises that are dynamic. Perhaps aerobics would be good for them. A good sport that might also suit these individuals is martial arts. This is because this sport also exercises the mind.

Considering the fact that Aquarius people are normally too busy with their regular schedules, it is imperative for them to set an alarm to remind them about working out. These individuals should also understand that working out should be combined with a balanced diet all through.

Aquarius with Fashion/ Style

As earlier mentioned, Aquarius people would care less about what observers have to say. In relation to their fashion tastes and preferences, they would never bother about what people comment about their choice of fashion.

Fashion, Dress, Converse, Shoes
Aquarius people will wear whatever they want–other’s opinion’s on fashion don’t sway them.

Whether man or woman, Aquarius would choose to wear outfits that seem off as compared to other people. If possible, Aquarius would go to the extent of designing their own clothes. From this, it would not be surprising to find Aquarius individuals setting for a wide array of colors in their wardrobe. Their sense of uniqueness is one thing that ought to be understood before judging people from this sun sign.

Compatibility with Other Signs

Getting to know compatibility aspects with other star signs is essential. This helps a lot in gauging the best form of relationships that might work with you. Also, it would aid in ensuring that tricky relationships are easily avoided right from the beginning before things get complicated.

Carefree, Exciting
Aquarius people need a partner that is as carefree as they are.

As for Aquarius individuals, the best matches for these people would be Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra. On the other hand, Scorpio and Taurus would have to work hard on ensuring that their relationship thrives. Hence, they are considered least compatible with Aquarius.


From this critique, it is evident that Aquarius individuals are different in their own way. They care too much about their freedom. Therefore, in the relationships that they are engaged in, living a free kind of life is imperative to them. Aside from this, it is also crystal clear that these people are not good with relationships. When they engage in relationships, they gain the feeling as though they are being tied down. Thus, it is wise to set them free. An intellectual connection is also more important to them as compared to the physical connection. This means that it would be wise to engage with them on an intellectual level more frequently.

Lastly, do not forget to appreciate the change that Aquarians bring to this world. They would certainly grow interested in settling down with you bearing in mind that you understand them fully. Who would want to resist the charms of those that understand you? NONE.

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