January 3 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 3 Zodiac Personality

Having a January 3rd birthday makes a person’s personality quite unique. People born on this day are not the usual Capricorns. January 3rd babies are naturally sweet. They are the kind that everyone calls cute. They rarely make people angry and ensure that everyone is comfortable. These people can be very open to new ideas and fresh starts. People find then nagging but they are just motivated and refuse to accept failure. They are not exactly competitive but they will work towards success if need be.

Just like all Capricorns, January 3rd babies are protective of their own. They take care of the people who they love. They also respect those who genuinely care for them.

January 3Rd Birthday, 3
Other than the section on career and romance, all of these traits apply to both adults and children born on January 3rd.

On the lucky streak, January 3rd babies are lucky towards the end of the year. They are not much of risk takers but they will put their cards on the table to prove a point. Their level of commitment is admirable and their hatred for failure is evident.

Their ego is stroked by accolades and awards. They thrive on success. If they fail, which is rare, they will sit down and regroup. If you were fortunate to be born on this day, it is important for you to believe in your gut. Always listen to the voice that talks to you in times of despair.


Work is a big part of your daily routine as a January 3rd baby. This is the only thing that defines you as an individual. You base your whole life on your work. It is normal for you to want a well-paying job. You often think that you are worth more than ordinary people. This is true because you are a very resourceful person.

You look for vacuums in life and find a way to fill them. If a job is challenging, you are sure to get more out of it. You like exercising your brain and this part of life makes the possible. You always reject and criticize easy jobs. This is because you are a performer by nature.

Stress, Rooster Health
If a job isn’t at least a little bit of a challenge, then what’s the point?

January 3rd babies are very thoughtful when choosing a job. They refuse to make mistakes. This is because they prefer specializing and becoming inexpensive. They will work for big corporate companies and rise up the food chain.

As employees, they are keen to follow instructions and do their best to satisfy the guidelines of an assignment. They are hard workers but they try not to be consumed by work. They get to work early and are always serious not chit chatting during working hours.

As bosses January 3rd babies are leaders. They prefer to lead by example. They expect the best from people, refusing to embrace mediocrity. Their juniors are Their employees love them because they are realistic. They do not set their expectations too high.

They are also good communicators and are able to correct wrongs. It is normal for them to recognize improvement and praise commitment. All in all, January 3rd babies are the best colleagues one could work with. Their teamwork is beyond remarkable and their people skills are better than most people.



Finance is a topic that January 3rd babies take seriously. They will save their money for the future. This is sometimes interpreted by loans to the people who they care about.

As a January 3rd baby you may find yourself wanting expensive things. You need to understand that no one is beyond vanity. Self-control is the only cure for vanity. Buy yourself something nice once in a while. This is to congratulate yourself for work well done. Do not overdo or purchase items that you had not planned for.

Shopping, Woman
Everyone has the right to treat themselves every once in a while.

You like giving some money to charity. As a Capricorn, you will want to help the less fortunate in their tribulations. This is a natural feeling for people born on this date. It is okay to give but do not give everything.

Romantic Relationships

Relationships are somewhat foreign to you. January 3rd babies like to protect their hearts. They fear heart break which may be their barrier to happiness. You are very specific when choosing a partner.  You compare and contrast individuals. January 3rd babies would prefer to marry as a young adult, but this can be difficult if they are too picky with who they choose as their partner.

Once you find your match, you take a while to open up. You are not able to put your emotions in context. This gives your partner a task to study you. They need to know your likes and dislikes. When someone stays with you they realize how vulnerable you are.

Ring, Proposal, Love
People born on January 3rd are looking for commitment in a relationship.

January 3rd babies may give signals of emotional neediness. This is just them seeking connection. Intimacy to you is a ritual and should never be trivial. For someone to be your soulmate they have to tolerate your flaws of insecurity. They also need to work hard towards reaching your high standards.

Once this person is found then you get a destruction from your uptight schedule. You will want to spend time with your loved one. You may even isolate your friends due to this individual. However, make sure to make times for your friends and give possible friends a chance. You also need to listen to your qualification standards. Follow your heart and you will find someone amazing.

Platonic Relationships

January 3rd babies have an interesting social life. They have many friends and associates. They like meeting new people. People born on January 3rd are naturally nice which makes it easy for them to make friends.

As a January 3rd baby, you find yourself choosing which parties to attend. You want to make everyone happy but you cannot be two people at once. You are commuted to your work but you make work life and party life balance. Keeping this balance is important for you. Lack of any would make you sad and depressed.

Text, Cellphone, Man
Make sure to keep in contact with your friends– even if that means just calling and texting often.

Your partner will find it hard to catch up to your fast life. These social activities may pose a risk to your relationship. You are advices to spare time for your partner and reduce the party life once you find a significant other. You also need to grow from the party scene. Everyone has to grow up sometime, after all.


Family is a sensitive topic for January 3rd babies. You would move mountains to ensure that they are okay. You may not be able to express your feelings to them, but you feel deep love for them. It’s not unlikely that you will get into arguments with others while defending one of your family members.

Mother, Child
Both January 3rd children and parents are highly responsible people.

Your family is likely to find you dependent and responsible. Your siblings look up to you. You often push them hard to succeed. Your actions may be in good faith but you should avoid overdoing it. They also hide things from you because you are judgmental. You need to let go of their business. Only help when they ask you to.

Born On Jan 3

Personality Traits

There are a few things about a person with a January 3rd birthday that makes them unique. While many Capricorns share the same personality traits, these are specialized for January 3rd babies.

The sign of Capricorn is a goat.

Unique Viewpoint on Communication

You are an opinionated individual. Your word is very significant. You always do your best to keep your promises. You value honesty and show this by telling people the truth and you expect them to do the same. Innovation and creativity are some of your key conversation points.

You like getting into discussions to listen to other people’s way of thinking. “Reasonable” could be your middle name. You champion for justice. When making decisions you make sure the greater good is served. Sometimes you get disappointed in people for not extending the same courtesy. You resent people who are selfish. You think the human race was created to work as a team. Kindness is also another value that you hold close to your heart.

Friends, People
Capricorns are careful in who they choose as friends.


Innovation is the January 3rd key word. You are very open-minded. Capricorns are always on the lookout for easier and more creative ways to solve a problem. You often have crazy ideas about making the world a better place. You like gadgets and use a lot of money to satisfy this desire.

Woman, Planner, Working
Capricorns plan ahead, take notes and do whatever else they can to make sure that they don’t lose track of all of their great ideas.

January 3rd Birthday Symbolism

The January 3rd tarot card is the 3rd card in the deck. It represents grace. This means that you will receive peace in your heart.  Saturn and Jupiter rule the 3rd of January which is guided by the Capricorn goat sign . This makes you a hopeful person. Your optimism is your tool for success. Continue having positive thoughts and you will archive anything you set your mind to.

Empress, Tarot, Cards
The Empress is the 3rd tarot card in the deck.


A person with a January 3rd birthday may be a Capricorn, but they can still stand out from the crowd. They are hardworking, family-oriented, and particular when it comes to who they will and won’t conversate with. These Capricorns will always do what they can to become the best versions of themselves–so long as it doesn’t push them too far out of their comfort zone.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Comment below! To learn more about Capricorn personality traits, read our article All About Capricorn.

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