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Aries Personality Traits

Have you ever been in a close relationship with individuals born under the Aries fire sign? Undeniably, being the first sun sign in the zodiac chart, they must be different from other people. They are different in the sense that they impact people’s lives in varying ways. Aries signs approach life with their heads raised up high. They believe in taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Therefore, to some extent, the might be regarded as risk takers. They are hardworking and when involved in love affairs, they are admired by their counterparts for being the ideal providers of the family. This critique takes a deeper look into the Aries man and the Aries woman. Some of the areas that would be looked at would be their love life, their careers, sexuality and many more. Keep reading to gain a deeper insight into who an Aries really is and how you should relate to them.

Aries, Constellation

The personality traits and characteristics of an Aries sign would make them stand out from the crowd. By understanding some of their likes and dislikes one gets to find a way of associating with them without raising arguments. For example, an Aries man or woman is a born leader, thus, they would be fighting for the top position in everything that they do. They are also stubborn considering the fact that they are ruled by the ram.

Aries Men

This is the man that would make your dreams come true. They always have their heads up high in everything that they do. Their best moments in life occur when they are called to take the lead in any particular activity. This is what they are good at. As a result, you can rest assured of quality work in their service provision. This is also the man that believes in the fact that life is all about taking any opportunities that present themselves. Therefore, you should not be scared when they get impulsive more so when approaching new horizons. This is what makes them unique and lovable among many.


Aries men are ruled over by the ram. This means that you can expect some form of hardheadedness from them. According to their understanding, they are always right. If there are any wars that you need to fight, it is important that you mull overtaking them with you. They would stand tall with you. As a matter of fact, if they are truly in love with you, rest assured that they would fight your own battles. This is only to ensure that you see how important they can be to this universe. Aries man is the ‘superman’. There is nothing that goes on without them knowing.

Superman, Aries Man
An Aries man is confident and sees himself as super. He also is dependable, making others think the same.


Their mighty strength should not scare you into thinking that they are unfaithful lovers. On the contrary, they are one of the most honest signs you can find in the zodiac chart. You will also need to stay away from their aggressiveness.  This means that you would have to show each other that you care for your relationship to work with an Aries man. When they get angry, there is no turning back whatsoever. Therefore, this is a boundary that you should be careful not to cross.


The Aries man is brutal, brash, stubborn and quirky at the same time. Nonetheless, this does not mean that they do not have a soft spot on them. If you are charming enough to win them over, there is a good chance that you would be getting the best of them. This is a lover that would show compromise if this is what is required to make your blissful match stand the test of time. The good thing about them is that their fiery nature will keep your love affair on a high note. Certainly, there is no looking back once an Aries man has eyes for you.

Aries Women

Aries woman is no different from the Aries man when it comes to seeking for adventure. Their life revolves around finding new ways of spicing up their lives. If you are not used to them, chances are that you might gain the impression that they are not serious in life. The Aries woman is indeed serious. Just like the man, she also strives for new challenges in life. This is what keeps them going. It is not surprising that they might even try to take on other challenges that they cannot even manage. They are impulsive and this has an effect on the decisions that they decide to take.


When it comes to handling projects, the Aries woman is not someone that you can depend on to finish up something. In fact, they are only good at initiating projects. They would be more than happy to let the finishing be done by other people. Partly, this attribute is linked to their impatient natures.

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Aries women are hardworking and won’t let anything get in the way of their success.


The Aries woman would also be regarded as an independent woman. They can do anything on their own without necessarily having a man behind their backs. When interacting with other women, they strive to motivate them in every way. This makes them be admired and loved by others.


Understanding the Aries woman is also easy. They easily get irritated and they would not be happy when their efforts are not appreciated. Their anger is what scares men away. But when you get to know them better, you would appreciate the fact that they can change your life in a whim. Their hardworking nature gives their counterparts a reason to believe that they can take care of the family at their absence. Truly, an Aries woman is quite ambitious.

Serious in Love

The mere fact that an Aries woman is ruled over by the ram indicates that they would bring their stubbornness to any love affair. This is true. If you are expecting the Aries woman to quickly change their minds about a particular issue then you better think twice. They would want to take their time before making any judgments. If things are meant to run smoothly with an Aries woman, you need to understand that they should not be pushed around.

Aries Sexuality

So what about sex? How does the Aries sun sign approach their sexual life? Considering the fact that they are fire signs, there is a good chance that sex would be wild and full of adventure. Concerning their sexuality, it is imperative to keep in mind that Aries is a fire sign. This means that their fiery nature would have an impact on their sexuality. Certainly, to some zodiac signs, they might find Aries to be more demanding when sex is brought to the table. Take a closer look at how sex would work for both the man and woman.

Love, Sex
The statements in these categories are true for both straight and LGBT+ Aries people

Aries Man

When in love with a fire sign like the Aries man, you can rest assured that the relationship would be full of fireworks. The man would want to try things out with you. The only issue with this fire sign is that their libido is extremely high. If the woman is not as exciting as he is, there is a possibility that the man would want to stray. To keep him under your arms, ensure that you are ready to engage in any sexual activity with them. The impatient nature of the man would want to get things done as soon as possible. Therefore, expect them to circumvent the need to go through foreplay first. If there is something that they would desire most is to quench their intimacy thirst as soon as possible.

Aries Woman

An Aries woman in bed would make a killer move by simply using their words. They know how to catch their prey without having to physically approach them. This is a good way to kick things off when in the bedroom. Before getting down to business, they would expect the man to appreciate them. This is by giving them compliments on things that make them unique. However, they have a problem of placing their sexual demands above their partners. This is something that might irritate other lovers from the zodiac chart.

She is highly gregarious and as a result, she would be ready to try out anything as long as it improves your sexual relations with them. She is also creative, which means that they would be coming up with new and exciting ways of having fun together while in bed. With this information about sexuality of an Aries woman, you ought to understand them first prior to getting into a serious relationship with them.

Dating an Aries

So you are planning to date an Aries? Do you know that they are self-centered and quite demanding at the same time? Aries individuals also rarely hang on to one single partner. They expect the same from you. Therefore, if you are going to have a date, it is best that you keep this date as plutonic as possible. You also need to bear in mind that they are initiators of projects and that they never conclude them. Consequently, chances are that they might be trying their luck on you. Continue reading for more info on what you ought to know about dating this fire sign.  

Love, Dating
Confidence is key to winning and Aries heart

Aries Man

An Aries man is perceived to be an individual that prefers to remain a bachelor. As a result, if by any chance you have won them over to your side, it is important that you learn how to keep them happy. This is the only way that your relationship would thrive in the long run. What an Aries man loves is a partner that is unpredictable and exciting at the same time. This means that if you are planning a date with them, it is best that you keep this a secret. Buy them something masculine and nice. If you do this, there is a likelihood that they would be really happy and appreciative.

The good thing about dating an Aries man is that they would not hide anything from you. If there is something that they are not happy about, they would surely tell you upfront. Thus, you do not have to worry about what could be going on in their minds. All you need to do is to ensure that you keep the relationship on the move.

The other interesting thing about dating such a guy is the fact that they would stop at nothing to make sure that you have the time of your life. Whether you are planning to go to places or the nightclubs, this is the man that would give you an experience worth recalling.

An Aries man needs some excitement to keep the romance alive

Aries Woman

When dating an Aries woman, there are certain things that you need to be wary of. For example, this woman does not need to get involved in a relationship where she would feel as though she is not free. Therefore, she expects you to woo them in a friendly manner before trying to bring in any serious topic such as getting married. During your first move, make a point of ensuring that she understands you are in a platonic relationship. This can be achieved through making jokes and giving her a light heart.

An Aries woman would also not expect you to beat around the bush. If you are having a date for the first time, just ask her out. Do it without hesitation. That way, she will notice the courageous heart that boils in you. This is what would give her butterflies in her stomach whether to accept or reject your proposal. While playing your game, ensure that you get flirty from time to time. As pointed out above, she initially expects nothing serious. Therefore, by being flirtatious she would find a reason to smile at the mind games that you are playing with her.

Ring, Proposal, Love
If you are dating an Aries woman, wait for her to say “I love you” and bring up topics of commitment so you don’t scare her away.

Aries in Love

Apart from the dating game, there is the possibility that an Aries man or woman would fall in love with you. However, their personality determines everything here. Aries individuals seek relationships where they are free to do as they please. It is for this reason that they are sometimes referred to as the sign of celibacy. This also applies in friendship affairs. They yearn for freedom above anything else.


Aries Man

Without a shred of doubt, we all know that Aries man is a charmer. Therefore, if you have fallen head over heels for them, it is no surprise. However, there are certain things that you ought to know about this man when it comes to love matters.

First, the Aries man is an individual that loves to do things their own way. Also, they are rigid in nature and as a result, they would expect that you dance to their tune. Assuming that things work out with this man, there is a good chance that they would always make you smile. Remember that they are a Romeo.

Consequently, expect them to say the right words to you whenever you need to hear them. A trick that would win their hearts completely is to give them what they need. This would turn their concentrations to your end fully. There is nothing that they would desire over winning your heart.

Ball, Chain, Trap
Aries men don’t want to feel trapped in a relationship. Give them their space when they need it.

Aries Woman

This woman would spend a lot of time looking herself in the mirror. Why? Just to make sure that everyone would notice her. When the Arian woman is in love, they expect things to go fast. Moreover, they desire for an energetic individual that would sweep them off their feet. She will also expect a lot of erotic fulfillment in your love affair. For the man, they ought to understand the domineering personality of the Aries woman. What she wants is to be on top and make love to you.

Fire Sign, Love, Heart, Romance, Passion
Expect passion from an Aries woman in love. She is a fire sign after all.

Aries with Money

People have a different way of dealing with money. Some are good at spending money whereas others are simply squanderers. Your zodiac sign would have an impact on how you use money. This will have an effecton how you would also be relating with other sun signs.

The ambitious nature of an Aries sun sign will give you the impression that they are good with money. Equally, they also know how to get it. When it comes to handling his business affairs, you can rest guaranteed that they would try anything to keep the business on profit. This includes taking risks. The only disadvantage that you might find in them is that they might not spend enough time working on a single project. Thus, they might hop from one project to the other.

Wallet, Money , Work
Aries people are likely to have a lot of money– because they spend much of their time working

An Arian individual will definitely go for the money. The love for money is partly attributed to the lifestyle that they prefer to live. Aries fancies a lifestyle that is on a fast lane. If you can provide this for her then there is a possibility that they might compromise on other sectors of your relationship. In relation to paying them a fat salary, this might not impress them that much. Give them a tough job to do and they will try their best to prove their abilities to you.

Aries Career

Aries is inclined to taking the lead in everything that they do. This means that if you are going to have them in your team, expect them to play a very important role. Their creativity is also an attribute that people would admire in when whenever they are at work. In addition to this, the Aries sun sign is not only passionate to their lovers, they also give their best in their career-related jobs. A field that they would perform well would be a surgeon, an entrepreneur, militant, producer or a public relations officer.

Business People, Work
No matter what career an Aries person has, they are bound to be a hard worker

Aries Health

Individuals from this sun sign should be careful with their health condition. This is because the activities that they engage in are quite risky. For example, they might love racing with cars. This means that their health might be negatively affected by injuries obtained from such races. In addition to this, they are known to detest sticking to routines. This implies that going to the gym regularly is not their thing. The sheer fact that they are also workaholics implies that their health might deteriorate with time. Expect them to suffer from headaches occasionally as they tend to think a lot.

Bike, Exercise
Fast-paced exercises are some of the Aries most favorite.

They are also impatient in nature. However, they are good at pushing things to happen. This could have detrimental effects on their overall wellbeing. For instance, their increased pressure could lead to heart-related problems. Similarly, Aries is also likely to be affected with stress more so when things are not working out as expected. In this case, Aries is advised to stick to a healthy diet. This is the best way that they would keep themselves fit.

Aries Fashion/Style

The stubborn nature of the Aries is something that would be witnessed in what they choose to wear. They would prefer to stick to his jeans or the hoodies that he has been used to when he is not working. This applies mostly to Aries men. Thus, they would settle for a style that seems manly. Grooming themselves a lot is also not their thing. This is because they consider this to be feminine. For the ladies, they ought to understand that their Arian man would love the red color. This is linked to the fact that they are ruled by a slightly red planet; mars. Also, ensure that you maintain a fresh style when meeting with them for the first time. First impressions are what they would be looking for.

Shoes, Red
Unless at work, the Aries man is most likely to be caught in casual wear

The woman is slightly different as compared to men when it comes to fashion and style. Simply stated, these are the bold and the beautiful. Their pride is something that would make them fight for the limelight. This implies that the Arian lady would do their best to own the latest fashion trends in town. When it comes to settling for the right style, they would take their time just to ensure that everything is perfect. Keep in mind that they seek admiration from everybody. To achieve this, they have to do their homework thoroughly.

Aries, Fashion, Dress, Red
If you see a trendy woman in red , there’s a good chance she’s an Aries

Compatibility with Other Signs

In relation to compatibility with other zodiac signs, Aries lover would be looking to be involved in a relationship with individuals capable of keeping up with their pace. Relationships that would work well for the Aries would be lovers from fire or air signs. Water signs also have the potential of making Aries fall in love with them. However, a lot of work would have to be done for a relationship to work with water signs. Their ideal partners should also depict some sense of courage in approaching life. Considering the fact that they always strive to exploit opportunities ahead of them, seeking motivation is what would complete them. Therefore, partners that would work with this lover ought to be understanding and intelligent at the same time. Sun signs that are compatible with Aries include Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini.

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Aries is a fire sign, whether man or woman, they would have energies that would be incomparable to other zodiac signs. Keeping up with their fast-paced way of life is a challenge that other zodiac signs would have to go through. Both the man and woman love to be in the limelight. This means that they would do anything in their power to get attention from people around them. They are highly gregarious individuals.

Hence, they would fancy an exciting life with no boundaries to watch. When falling in love with an Aries lover, what one needs to be careful of is crossing their boundaries. They are quick to anger and this might affect the relationship you would be having with them. Above all, compromise will give you a reason to understand that Aries lovers are different in their own way. Therefore, you simply need to love them unconditionally for them to realize that love is kind and free from any selfishness.

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