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Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus is the second sun sign in the zodiac chart. Taurean individuals are normally ruled over by the bull. This personifies the type of person that you expect from a Taurus. This is a person that approaches life in the bravest manner. There is nothing that seems impossible in their eyes. They depict a personality worth loving. It is for this reason that they would easily connect with people from other sun signs.

However, depending on the signs that they interact with, there are certain things that a Taurus would not want to be associated with. They normally prefer to live a stable life. This implies that they would avoid people that would hinder them from achieving the dream they have in mind.

This article takes time to describe who a Taurus individual really is. Some of the questions that you would be finding answers to include how a Taurus individual fairs with love, their health, money matters, sexuality, dating and even compatibility with other signs in the zodiac chart.


There are certain lovable and admirable traits of any Taurus individual. Considering the fact that they are the bull of the zodiac, there is nothing that scares them. This is an attribute that gives them bravery in everything that they do. It also gives other signs the impression that Taurus is the person to fully trust. They are reliable and patient. The Taurus man and woman might somehow differ in their traits and characteristics as described below.

Taurus Men

One thing that you can be sure about the Taurus man is that they would always put their families first. This is to mean that they would try their best to ensure that their families are provided with everything that they need as long as it not beyond their reach. With their ambitious natures, a Taurus man has his priorities right. Combining this attribute with their patience guarantees that they handle things step by step. Partly, this is what makes them successful in life.

Man, Girl
Taurus men are dependable, serious, and loving.

When it comes to development, a Taurus man would have a well laid out procedure of how a project would be undertaken. Certainly, this is the man worth associating with if at all you yearn to make some changes in your life.

Taurus Women

A Taurus man would be easy to notice in a charity organization. This is because they are always there to help those that are needy. The good thing about this lady is that she is a woman with a clear stand. This is linked to the fact that they are stubborn in nature. Once their minds are set to doing something, expect them to be resistant in doing something else. This has a positive effect on how they handle projects in their lives.

Woman, Planner, Working
A Taurus woman always has her life planned two steps ahead.

Evidently, a Taurean woman would begin a project and work on it to the end. If you are a friend or a lover to this woman, you should never let go. She is a dependable woman. Disappointment is a vocabulary that they do not understand. Therefore, the sheer fact that they rarely disappoint implies that they can be great long-term friends and lovers.

Taurus Sexuality

So, people born under this sign are dependable. What about their sexuality? Being sensual individuals, you can expect that Taurean people would be loving in nature. Before entering into any relationships, they would want to gauge the pros and cons of such relationships. They simply do this to ensure that they get everything right. The last thing that they need is to waste their time on individuals that are not worth their time and money.

People 2595862 960 720
Taurus people take love and sex seriously. They love to be in a committed relationship before they jump into bed.

Taurus Man

As stable as he is, this dependable individual will shower his woman with love. The good thing about the Taurus man is that they would not be forcing themselves on anyone. Once they feel that you are the right woman for them, rest assured that you would appreciate what they would be offering. You also do not have to teach this man about romance.

Roses, Flowers
The Taurus man will romance and love their partner, not just seduce them and leave.

They know what you want and how to give it to you. The only thing that they would be weak in is changing positions when having sex. They might be rigid to the same old way of having sex. Therefore, there is a likelihood that sex might get boring after some time. A Taurean man would be admired for their patience. When having sex or romancing, they would give it time to build before getting to levels of intimacy you have never experienced before.

Taurus Woman

Taurean women know how to treat their men. This is an attributed to their loving natures. They would want to offer their best in the bedroom. Make no mistake, her strong libido does not mean that she would jump into any relationship with ease. Certainly not! She would give your relationship some time before getting intimate together. All she needs is surety that you are the right man. Provide them with this and you would have swept them off their feet.

Sex, Bed, Couple, Love
A Taurus woman needs to be in love (or at least trust her partner deeply) before she will sleep with them.

One trick to woo a Taurus woman would be to offer them with aphrodisiacs. They are very sensitive to taste and smell. Buy them chocolate and some nice flowers. This should be a good gesture that you are serious about the relationship that you are having. Also, do not forget to buy them one of their favorite wines.  

Dating a Taurus

Certainly, before dating a Taurus, there are certain things that you ought to know about them. For example, the fact that they are dependable lovers means that they are individuals that you can fully trust. The mere fact that they are stable signs implies that they would also be loyal to their partners. Whether in business on in relationships, Taurus would be the most loyal. In addition to this, they also have high expectations when entering any relationships. Therefore, you should be ready to commit yourself to this partner fully.

Heart 3099970 640

Taurus Man

The best thing about dating this man is that they would always protect their loved ones. Nonetheless, one should be wary of the fact that they are earth signs. This implies that they are ready to take the love journey with you but they do not expect you to play games around. This means that your date should kick off on a serious note.

Dinner, Wine, Candles
A first date with a Taurus man will likely involve something common, like dinner and a movie.

If you expect to impress a Taurus man for the first time, it is wise to reduce the use of makeup. This is because a Taurus man appreciates natural beauty. Also, it is good that you know that the Taurus man might take some time before showing interest in the dating game. Keep in mind that they are not as courageous as other sun signs of the zodiac chart. Thus, they might be scared to ask you out.

Taurus Woman

You would not get past the dating game if at all you do not take the Taurus woman to a good looking place that serves the best wines in town. As earlier mentioned, they have a thing for aphrodisiacs. This means that you ought to make a good gesture by buying chocolates or something sweet.

Chocolate, Flowers, Candy
Reassure your Taurus partner by showing signs of affection often.

In addition to this, it is wise to get it clear that a Taurus woman would want to take things slow. Thus, expect the dating game to take ages before graduating to the next stage of your affair.  

Taurus in Love

So, you have gone past the dating game and it is time that you showed each other of the love that you have. Are you ready to spend more time with the Taurus lover? When Taurus is in love, they are truly in love. The loyalty that they would bring in a relationship makes them ideal partners for long-lasting relationships. They are true to their counterparts. They would feel guilty if they cheated on you.

Please bear in mind that Taurus is a fixed sign. This means that moving from one relationship to the next is not their thing. Consequently, if you love them right, they would stick to this relationship long enough.

Venus, Planet
Signs residing under Venus tend to be the most romantic.

Equally, Venus is the planet that rules over Taurus. This is the planet of love. What a Taurus lover seeks for in relationships is to love and be loved. The mere fact that they are sensual in nature implies that they have high expectations when love is brought to the table. Therefore, if at all you plan to make things right with Taurus man or woman, it is best that you show them some sense of seriousness in the relationship you share.

Taurus with Money

If a Taurean individual is going to carry money around, they would rather have it hard cash. Taureans are not as materialistic as you might be thinking. On the contrary, they simply like to prove that something belongs to them. Therefore, it would be fair to argue that they are possessive.

Expensive, Room, Furniture
Taurus people are more likely to own a few expensive things than many cheap things.

Their ambitious nature has an impact on their road to success. They would do anything to earn themselves the lifestyles that they wish to live in future. In this case, their high-end lifestyles demand that they spend a lot. This implies that they are huge spenders. Bearing in mind that they are stable signs, they would save something that would guarantee they live a secure life. Therefore, when they are out spending, you should not fret that they might run bankrupt. Rest assured that they have a plan B somewhere.

Taurus Career

In terms of their careers, chances are that you have already concluded that Taureans are successful in their career fields. Well, with the nature of their hard work, what do you expect? Their dedication to what they do ensures that they achieve their career goals. If Taurus is working on a project at their places of work, they would rather remain behind and finish up. The good thing about them is also the fact that they easily handle work-related pressures facing them. This is what they are built to do.

Business People, Work
When a Taurus person is hard at work, there is little that can distract them.

Bearing in mind that they are earth signs, they would be expecting a balanced paycheck. The hard work that Taurus individuals put into anything they do implies that they can be well suited in certain career fields. For example, a business owner or manager would suit a Taurus. It would also not be surprising to find that Taureans are associated with stable institutions that pay well.  This is because they are all about stability in their way of life. If they are not stable, chances are that they would not be at peace with their inner selves.

Taurus Health

It is a good thing that Taureans individuals have got sensitive taste. However, this is also a negative attribute that might affect them over the long haul. The mere fact that they have sensitive taste glands implies that they would easily gain weight.

Considering the lifestyle that they uphold, there are certain health problems that would affect them. For example, sore throats, swollen glands, colds, and stiff neck. If you are born under this sun sign, it is recommended that you engage in regular exercise. This is the best way that you would cut down on the extra weight that you put on while working yourself out. You also hate working out, which means that sticking to a healthy diet is the key to keeping yourself fit.

Hiking, Outdoors
Taurus is an earth sign, so outdoor actives, like hiking, are most likely to appeal to them.

As pointed out above, a Taurus individual would want to stay away from the gym. They always work on pending projects and find less time to work out. A trick to keep yourself fit is to engage in an activity that keeps you away from the house. For example, you could try finding a friend that you can compete within cycling. This is an activity that would act as a form of entertainment while at the same time keeping you physically fit.

If at all this is somewhat tricky for you, aerobics at home might be an excellent way of keeping fit. Download some aerobic videos over the internet and follow the routines being featured. Remember, keeping fit is the only way that your mind would function to its best.

Taurus with Fashion/Style

If you are out shopping with a Taurus individual, there is certain behavior that you would notice about them. For example, when shopping for fabrics, they tend to touch them prior to buying them. Additionally, they would take their time comparing between different textures. This is attributed to the fact that Taurean signs would always go for quality.

Mannequin 3858615 960 720
High-end clothing in earth-tones appeal to a Taurus person the most.

Some of the materials that they would not hesitate from buying would be cotton, velvet, cashmere, and silk. One interesting aspect about them is also the fact that they tend to stick to designer clothes. As a result, they would spend a lot just to earn themselves something that would make people turn their heads.

Compatibility with Other Signs

Taurus is an earth sign. This would have an impact on the sun signs that would be compatible with this sign. This sign would be seeking to be involved with signs capable of thinking in the same direction. They do not waste their time in meaningless relationships. As such, they take a lot of time to determine whether they have settled for the right partners or not.

People from Capricorn or Virgo would work well with Taurus. This is because they share similar perceptions with regards to how they should approach life. All these signs would try their best to ensure that they live practical lives.

In addition to this, they are patient and therefore, they would handle projects while taking one step at a time. This is what Taurus considers and thus, compatibility would be at par when paired with either Capricorn or Virgo.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
Taurus tends to do the best with other earth signs.

Perhaps you are thinking of the compatibility with another Taurus. Well, this would be a boring match. However, you ought to have a positive mind when approaching relationships. This is a good way of ensuring that something good is borne out of the relationship you share. The worst compatibility signs for Taurus would be Aquarius and Leo. There is a lot that is needed for a relationship with the air and fire sign. Consequently, it is best to avoid these sun signs.


There is a lot to expect from a sun sign that is ruled over by the planet of love. This is an individual that is always ready to stretch out their arms to help you out. Also, their loving nature stretches to the relationships that they share with other people. In this case, their loyalty surpasses what other zodiac signs can offer.

Truly, this is the true recipe for a happy and fulfilling relationship. However, the dedication to relationships is what might scare away other signs. This is because Taurus would expect the same kind of love to be expressed to them. In spite of this, there is a lot to learn from those born under this sun sign.

For example, their unique and luxurious taste would change your perceptions with regards to fashion and class. This means that relating to them also has its pros apart from the mere fact that they are great lovers.


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