Elements in Astrology

The Four Elements in Astrology

There are four elements in astrology and each one has a unique symbolic meaning, showing different things about the people under those astrology signs. There are three Zodiac signs to each element and each gives characteristics to the person. No two people are the same because they have too many signs that differ. Their Element signs are one of those many. This article is a short explanation of which one is which and how they might affect a person, as well as what Zodiacs have this element.

Elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
Use this chart to find out which element your sign belongs to.

Astrology Qualities

It should be noted that while all of these are linked through the element Air, they are still very different. They may have Rising Signs, but they all differing qualities. For example, Cardinal Signs are trailblazers and like to be the first ones to do whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Fixed Sign and that makes them organized and steady; they are the ones that are on top of everything and know what is going on at almost any given time. Mutable signs are changeable, flexible, and always willing to help others to get things right to the tiniest details; they are editors.

Cardinal Fixed  Mutable
Aries Taurus Gemini
Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Air Signs

The three Air signs are Libra (Cardinal), Gemini (Mutable), and Aquarius (Fixed). These three are fast thinkers that can find answers in curious ways. They are always willing to someone however they can. The key words for these signs are curious, intellectual, clever, communication, analysis, and inventive.

Air signs are also rather social people who like to learn about the world around them in a fairly balanced setting. They like new perspectives. They are collected, calm, and usually good with their emotions.

Air, Kite,
An air sign’s mind wanders, making them curious.

Everything about these signs might sound peachy-keen, but there is a darker side to these people. With the balance that most Air signs need, they can get flustered and hard to work with if they do not have this balance or if things do not go how they need them to.

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Water Signs

The water signs are Cancer (Cardinal), Pisces (Mutable), and Scorpio (Fixed). These signs, overall, are just as free-flowing as they sound. These signs are very intuned with their emotions as well as others’.

Water signs have trouble with wanting to be accepted by the people around them and they tend to go to rather extensive lengths to get that acceptance. The three water signs are amazing at noticing details of any importance. These people are also highly imaginative, mysterious, and they can tend to be a little cynical.   

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Ocean, Water, Wave, Elements In Astrology
People born under a water sign can unleash an ocean of emotion at any moment.

The darker sides of Water signs fall in with their emotions usually. They might not put a lot of mental thought into what is going on around them and follow primarily their heart instead. In addition to that, there are times when these signs let people take advantage of them both because they are too kind and because they are too dedicated on trying to get the feel of being needed.   

Earth Signs

Earth signs are Capricorn (Cardinal), Taurus (Fixed), and Virgo (Mutable). These three zodiac signs are just as sure and solid-footed as their element sounds. The Earth signs are practical, hard-working, and they have a strong and reasonable approach to almost everything in life.

Earth Signs need to have a strong set routine to things or it gets hard for them to focus and get things done. They are not the most creative people out there, but their competence level is through the roof.

Rocks, Earth Sign
People born under an Earth sign are the most rock-solid people you will ever meet.

A darker side to the Earth signs is usually that they have a strong want to get material items because that is how they usually measure their success. The bigger the house, newer the phone, and better the car shows the better off you are in life. They can also be trustworthy, but it can be hard for other signs to trust them because they do not want to be caught or betrayed by Earths in their strive of perfection.

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Fire Signs

The last three signs to be mentioned in this article are  Sagittarius (Mutable), Aries (Cardinal), and Leo (Fixed). The people under these three signs are warm and they are almost always willing to take risks. They tend to be a strong inspiration for the other signs around them and they make some of the best leaders you can encounter. These signs learn well, but they usually learn the hard way from the other signs.

Fires also seem to be rather rebellious and they want to be their own leaders rather than stepping in others’ footsteps or following the beaten trail.

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Fire, Elemental Signs
Fire signs can be a bit hot-headed at times.

To level the playing field, each Fire sign has “downsides” just as all of the element sides do. For example, Sagittarius people are honest people; honest as in almost painfully bunt. They want to find the truth about people so they go with the idea of “honesty is the best policy” and they do not really hold back. Aries, on the other hand, are sometimes seen as arrogant because they have to do things their own way and others might get burned if they get in the way. And Leos need a certain amount of attention from others or they feel that does not matter as much. With that in mind, Leos can seem a little pushy so that they can get that attention, even if it is not good attention.


With how much elements play into the personality of people’s zodiac signs, hopefully, this can give you a better understanding the zodiac that you have. So maybe if thezodiac that you were assigned does not match you at first glance, hopefully looking deeper with element meanings can help you to find more of yourself in that sign.

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