Year of the Rat, Chinese Zodiac Rat Fortune & Personality

All About The Rats

The Rat sign is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac chart and includes the following years: 

  • 1924 
  • 1936 
  • 1948 
  • 1960 
  • 1972 
  • 1984 
  • 1996 
  • 2008 
  • 2020 
  • 2032

Being the first sign in the Chinese zodiac chart, there’s a lot to expect from the Rat. One thing for certain is that they’re quite resourceful in nature. It goes without saying that Rat individuals are smart and their intuition is often what guides them in making the right decisions. They also try their best to stay away from trouble and their ever-busy lifestyle keeps them healthy and fit. The other personality traits of people born in the year of the Rat will be explored in the headings below.  

Rat Zodiac
Rats are usually smart, intuitive and extremely kind

Traits and Characteristics  

Just like the other animal signs, Rats are believed to be unique in their own way. There are certain traits of those born in the year of the Rat which make them stand out from other people. By understanding how we differ from one another, we can live in harmony and avoid confrontations from arising.   

Rat Men 

The first aspect that may strike you about Rat men is the fact that they are always alert. In addition to this, they are highly adaptable to environments that they are born under. Come rain or shine, Rat men will hold their heads high in everything they do. In addition to focusing on their work-related duties, a Rat man will always have some time to catch up with those dear to them as they really care for their families.  

Rats Are Family Men
Rat men are family-orientated

Rat Women 

The Rat woman is the type of lady that’ll see you into a long-term relationship full of joy and love. Women born under this Chinese zodiac sign have a steady lifestyle that guarantees them the success they desire and boast of. They do not make rushed decisions and will often take their time in gauging the pros and cons of a particular decision before making up their minds. Additionally, Rat women have a positive way of approaching life. This implies that they have the power of seeing the best in you even when things are not running smoothly. These are just but some of the personality traits that admirable in Rat women.  

Rat Zodiacs Are Deep Thinkers
Rat women will take a long time to ensure they make the right decision

Rat Sexuality  

Something that you’ll quickly learn about Rats individuals is that they tend to be picky. This applies to the people they choose to be close to. Whether in friendly or romantic relationships, you can rest assured that it might take some time before pleasing a Rat man or woman. Their high energies will also appeal to you in bed as they would take your intimate sessions to a whole new level. There are a few things about the Rat sexuality that might influence the success or failure of your relationships.  

Rat men 

Rat men are some of the kindest individuals you’ll ever hang around with. As a matter of fact, it’s due to this reason that you might begin to have feelings for them. These men are quite unpredictable and partly, this is what makes them interesting in bed. You can never be sure of when they will bring their sex game in the relationship you share. They’re not as conventional as you might think. These men can easily pounce on you when you least expect. Well, certainly, this is a form of sex that keeps relationships strong and on the rise.  

Rat Women 

Rat women are also great lovers. They will do their best to ensure that their relationships flourish over the long haul. This includes improving their sex life. She also loves variety which is one of the main reasons why a Rat woman would opt for different sex positions each time you get intimate. The best way of winning over a Rat woman would be by first enticing her mentally before getting physical. Their high libido would certainly not resist your charms. Foreplay is crucial to winning the heart of the Rat woman in bed, so don’t make the mistake of rushing things.  

Dating a Rat 

Who wouldn’t want to be associated with optimistic individuals such as the Rat? People associated with this zodiac sign are always thinking about the best things in life and are always admired for the stability they bring to relationships. This is one of the personality traits that might keep you hooked. While dating someone born in the year of the Rat, it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses in romance.   

Rat Me 

When meeting a Rat man for the first time, begin the introduction with your careers and your intentions in turning this world into a better place to live in. This is what will interest him the most. By kicking off your conversation on a high note, this man will be happy to have met you. Keep in mind that they prefer a mental connection over an emotional one during the first few dates together. As a result, it might be a wise idea to keep things on level ground. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a man to settle down with, this is the man that you should hold on to tightly. He is the family man. He would stop at nothing to ensure that both you and the kids live a comfortable life.  

Dating A Rat
Rat men will go out of their way to keep their families happy and comfortable

Rat Women 

The caring nature of the Rat woman will catch your attention right from the first date. She’ll usually ask you all sorts of questions relating to your wellbeing. She’ll conquer your heart as she will be all over your mind with her unending smiles. Certainly, she knows what she wants. If she has set her eyes on you, rest assured that you’ll be heading home together after the date. The one huge challenge that might hinder Rat women from succeeding in relationships is their inability to cut ties with their former lovers. This is one of their weaknesses that you might have to compromise for relationships to thrive into the future.  

Dating Rat Women
Rat women are incredibly caring


Rats in Love 

When Rats fall in love, they offer their best in any relationships they enter into. Bearing in mind that they dedicate their time and money in seeing that they succeed, they’ll also want to live happy lives with those that they consider their lovers. The Rat people often live in the world of fantasy and yearn for everything that love could offer. In spite of this, they are materialistic in nature. Hence, things might not work out perfectly if money is not handled well in relationships involving the Rat man or woman. Honesty is what the Rat people seek in relationships. In fact, this is the recipe that would see to it your love lasts for a long time.  

Rats with Money  

It goes without saying that people born in the year of the Rat are hardworking. These people choose to strive for the best in life. In relation to this, Rat people are considered as good at making money. They also have a thing for stability. Undeniably, money is one of the things that brings the aspect of stability in relationships. Therefore, it would be fair to argue that Rats are good money makers. Investing wisely is one of the mottos that drive the Rat people. Seeking a stable source of income could be one of their main priorities in life. Consequently, it might not be surprising if you found them engaging in a number of lucrative businesses at the same time.  

Rat With Money
Rats will generally invest their time and money well


Rat Careers 

Rat people won’t sit down and watch their challenges hinder them from flourishing in life. Due to this, they’re normally linked with successful career paths. Keep in mind that they also have a positive mentality in everything that they do. Certainly, this guarantees success in their lives. Their thirst for knowledge also keeps them better placed for the well-paying jobs out there. Some of the best-fitted jobs for Rat people include manager, director, writer, lawyer, administrator etc.  

Rat Careers
Being a director would be a good career choice for a Rat

Rat Health  

Rats have an active lifestyle. This means that you won’t often find them lazing around. Equally, the good thing about Rat individuals is that they’re highly adaptable. This means that it might take some time before Rats get sick, but this shouldn’t disqualify the importance of having regular checkups. Rats are commonly easily affected by kidney problems considering the fact that they are classified under the water element.  

Rat Fitness 

Rat’s fitness goes hand in hand with their health habits. Having mentioned the fact that they have active lifestyles, these people are physically fit to handle their daily routines.  

Rat Fitness
Rats are generally physically fit and active

Rat with Fashion/Style 

People from the Rat zodiac sign are quite picky and will take their time before finally settling on something that they actually like. In relation to fashion and style, this is also the same thing that they do when choosing what best fits them. Keeping in mind that Rat people are social beings, they will want people to see the best in them. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by having a good taste in fashion. Therefore, expect the Rat people to have a wide range of clothes that suit every occasion that you might have in mind. Moreover, their picky aspect should signify to you that they would have unique tastes compared to other people.  

Rat And Fashion
Rats will often have a wardrobe to suit any occasion

Compatibility with Other Signs 

Rats’ social circles keep expanding each day. They’re good at making new friends and possibly lovers. However, this doesn’t make it easy for other animal signs to easily get along with the Rat. Some of the best matches for the Rat sign would be rabbit, dragon and the ox. All these signs seek stability and this is what makes the horse and the rooster the worst possible matches as they’re typically much more unpredictable and unstable. In spite of the compatibility aspects with other signs, it is worth noting that relationships are all about compromise and mutual understanding.  


To sum it up, Rats could be the ideal animal signs that might see your relationship thrive. Whether in business or in intimate relationships, Rats are determined individuals. This is one attribute that makes them admirable. They are also social in nature. Aside from this, Rats are choosy when making friends. This implies that they would only relate to people that probably make a difference in their lives. If you were born in the year of the Rat, you probably appreciate the value of life. Make your life worth cherishing.

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