The Water Element

Elements in Astrology: Water

The three signs that belong to the water element are Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. These signs are intuitive, flowing, sensitive, and wavering. They are lead by emotion more than anything else and understanding and passion leads them. Anyone of these three signs is capable of taking in the feelings of other people, helping them to understand, and then help them with the issue.

Water, Elements
The upside-down triangle is the symbol for water.

Water Symbolism in Astrology

Water is a beautiful thing but it can also be terrifying. It is ever changing. Ice, gas, liquid; clear, blue, gray; calm and smooth as glass or angry rolling like thunder. Deep enough to carry cast vessels or shallow enough that you can see the individual pebbles in the sand; or a combination where it is shallow as you start out or get deeper and deeper the farther you go out. Water can be soft and nearly silent or it can be cruel and crashing.

Ocean, Water, Wave, Elements In Astrology
People born under a water sign can unleash an ocean of emotion at any moment.

Every culture on the planet has a different need or relation to water, but all of them are linked with a need for life and giving wisdom. The Native Americans need it for transportation, food, and many of their myths. The Ancient Egyptians lived on the Nile for centuries. The Ancient Greeks saw the transitioning changes it brings.

The agreement on the meaning of Water: reflection, transformation, life, purification, intuition, the subconscious, renewal, motion.

Water Zodiac Signs

The three signs of the water element are Cancer (the crab), Pisces (the fish), and Scorpio (the scorpions). It might sound like all of these signs are the exact same, but they are not all the same. They are all linked to through water, but they all have different orientations.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, it shows purity, refreshing, and clarity. Pisces, being a mutable sign, shows life, depth, and motion. And lastly, of these three, Scorpio shows stillness, mystery, and reflection as by being a fixed sign.

Elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
Use this chart to find out which element your sign belongs to.

Water Sign Interactions with Other Signs

The various elemental signs act differently when they are in relationships with each other; this is true for both romantic and platonic relationships. Read below to learn more about their interactions.

Water and Earth

The element of earth (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn) is very firm and stable as well as intelligent so they can help to tether water signs, which in the long run, can also aid in helping water signs to have a better chance of their ideas becoming true. Water signs are amazingly creative and can help Earth to have a little more motivation. Between the two of them, they make a team that is nearly unstoppable.    

Water, Earth, Beach
Water and earth signs are great at making great compromises.

Water signs can give earth signs new life from being such a hard and firm structure. This can help earth signs to step out comfort zones and explore new zones. Earth signs, with how calm they are, almost always it can give water signs more energy and even be a driving force.

Fire and Water       

Fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries, and L) and water signs can give each other a great balance. The fire signs are creative and excitedly all over the place. Water signs are just as creative as fire signs but much calmer about it. While having a creative balance can be a good thing, the signs of these elements should also be careful.

Fire, Water, Elements, Hands
Be wary when around Fire signs. Opposites don’t always attract.

Heat makes water into steam and water can douse fire out. So these two elements get into fights that can leave either one of them down for the count for a while.  

Air and Water

These two elements together can be a force to fear. Whether they use this force against each other or someone else, it can be a fearful thing to see. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) can boost water signs up and provide more energy: gentle waves or hurricanes. Water can Air the moisture it needs to be strong and dangerous.  

Rain, Air, Water
When air and water signs get together, they are much like the rain– a force of nature.

Water and Water

Two water signs together can be rather interesting. They do not have anything to tether them by. With two water signs, the two may get lost at sea more easily and it can take a little longer to find themselves once the seas have calmed.

Water, Element
Emotion rules the relationship of two water signs.

Rarely are friendships or relationships between two water signs grey in their decisions. Because of the emotional drive that water signs have, it is common for there to just be black and white. However, there can be a clash if the water signs have different ideas on what is black and what is white.  


The signs found under the water element are all flowing, changing, and creative people but they are all very different. They can be calm and embracing or roaring and destructive. Water can be a beautiful force that can take life or give it but either way, it is needed for life.

The water element people are caring people that make their decisions based on what they are feeling. They can be loving and empathetic or they can be hard and unforgiving.


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