Rat zodiac

Year of the Rat, Chinese Zodiac Rat Fortune & Personality

Being the first sign in the Chinese zodiac chart, there’s a lot to expect from the Rat. One thing for certain is that they’re quite resourceful in nature. It goes without saying that Rat individuals are smart and their intuition is often what guides them in making the right decisions. They also try their best to stay away from trouble and their ever-busy lifestyle keeps them healthy and fit.

Tiger 2020 horoscope

Year of the Tiger, Chinese Zodiac Tiger Fortune & Personality

The charming nature of people born under the Tiger zodiac sign will often attract a pool of friends to their side. This is one of their attributes that would make them hard to resist. Despite their natural attractiveness, people born under this sign don’t flirt around. They prefer to live in the most practical way of life but they’re not hard-hearted individuals. They easily fall for those that show signs of true love towards them.  

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