Year of the Tiger, Chinese Zodiac Tiger Fortune & Personality

All About The Tigers 

The charming nature of people born under the Tiger zodiac sign will often attract a pool of friends to their side. This is one of their attributes that would make them hard to resist. Despite their natural attractiveness, people born under this sign don’t flirt around. They prefer to live in the most practical way of life but they’re not hard-hearted individuals. They easily fall for those that show signs of true love towards them.  

Tiger people ought to be careful with how they express their enthusiasm as this is one of their personality aspects that scares many away. To ensure that you easily relate those that are around you, it’s important to first understand yourself better. This can be done by understanding the Chinese zodiac sign that you were born under. People born under the year of the Tiger are those who’re born in the following years: 

  • 1914 
  • 1926 
  • 1938 
  • 1950 
  • 1962 
  • 1974 
  • 1986 
  • 1998 
  • 2010 
  • 2022.  

Further information about the Tiger zodiac is discussed in the following sub-headlines.  

Tiger, Chinese Zodiac
Tigers are adventurous, natural-born leaders

Traits and Characteristics  

Perhaps youve been contemplating how well you match with other Chinese animal signs. Well, if you’re a Tiger, people will see you as a self-confident individual. You’re also likely to be brave and approach challenges without fear. Comparing these traits with those around you helps you to gauge whether you would relate to them well or not. Therefore, traits and characteristics define the relationship that we have with other people.  

Tiger Men

Tiger meare often drawn to power in their relationships and it’s for this reason that Tiger men are natural-born leaders. One of their major strengths is their determination. Once the Tiger man has his mind settled on a particular activity, they won’t rest until theyve achieved it. This is one of the main reasons why its easy for them to see their goals come through. Gaining this man’s trust is not as difficult as you might think either. He’s honestoutspoken and is never afraid to express his feelings. This is another aspect which makes them lovable human beings.  

Goal, Plan, Success
Tiger men are determined and usually reach their goals.

Tiger Women

The Tiger woman is an adventurer. She won’t settle for the idea that you need to stay indoors to have fun together. This is often reflected in their thoughts as they’re never settled in a particular activity. Most of the time, their minds will stray into fantasy. The Tiger woman can inspire many as shes also a born leader. Generating trust from people is one of their main missions on earth.  The confidence that these women breed gives them the ability to handle any challenges that come their way. This is what men fall in love with when they see an independent woman with the personality traits of people born under the year of the Tiger.  

Woman, Jump, Adventure
Tiger women seek adventure in all forms.

Tiger Sexuality 

Tigers are normally in search of true love and they’re not likely to stick to any form of routine. This means that they may shift from one sexual style to the other, which is often a recipe for successful relationships. Why? Because Tiger lovers keep surprising each other with what they bring to the table. It’s worth pointing out that being predictable might ruin things in relationships. Consequently, it’s high time that you appreciated your Tiger man or woman for being so unpredictable. 

Love, Couple, Hands
Tigers seek true love.

Tiger Men 

When sex is the question, the Tiger man will surely pass the test. This is because he’s well aware of what’s demanded from him in matters of sex. However, the Tiger man may come off as totally secretive as they will rarely talk about matters of the bedroom with their close friends. In spite of this, it’s recommended that Tiger men should find a way of communicating with their lovers on what interests them in bed. This is a recommended way of ensuring that you both meet each other’s sexual expectations in bed. Although the Tiger man might take some time before settling down with the right partner, once they get their heart-desired choices, there is no doubt that they will remain faithful.  

Tiger Women 

The feelings of a Tiger woman are always amplified. This means that they will prioritize the needs of those that they love so you can rest assured that she will offer her best to ensure your relationship blossoms. They’re certainly good in romance. This is attributed to the immense passion that boils in them. When in bed with this woman she’ll make every minute worth recalling. The sad part is that, as soon as you’re not on good terms with them, they quickly forget about you. Moving on is easy for ladies born in the year of the Tiger. Therefore, don’t expect her to mourn a relationship that just ended.  

Dating a Tiger

The first time you date a Tiger man or woman, you’ll feel as though they were specifically meant for you. People born in the year of the Tiger are passionate, an attribute that comes out automatically without them putting a lot of effort in relationships. Something that you’ll cherish about a lover born under Tiger zodiac sign is that they give their best in any relationship they enter into. However, this can be a major weakness on their end and is the reason they could easily get hurt. Sparingly, these people do not dwell on the past. As such, they might get up the next day ready to face any new challenges that present themselves. Tigers are loving people and to them, love is a two-way street. It’s all a matter of giving and taking, so dating a Tiger man or woman might not be a bad thing.   

Tiger Me 

One thing about dating a Tiger man is that he will be in search of a partner that can make their relationship interesting. Consequently, don’t expect this man to settle for a run of the mill relationship. Undeniably, they will only settle for the best that come their way. You’ll never regret dating a Tiger man. He is one of the most compassionate animal signs that you would come across. They are all about giving. As a result, there’s no day that you would wake up to find your Tiger man staring at you with demands that you cannot fulfil. They know how to love you right. Hence, you should give them time and compromise with them where possible.  

Book, Heart
Tigers believe love is all about giving and receiving.

Tiger Women 

The first thing that might come to mind when dating a Tiger woman is whether the love affair will get past the courtship stage. Well, it depends. Just like Tiger men, these women seek to be involved in relationships that are interesting. Therefore, before you begin to question whether relationships will succeed or not, consider whether you bring excitement to the relationship. Above all, a Tiger woman has a sense of originality that you’ll keep admiring. With her seductive nature, there is no guarantee that you would escape from her charms.  

Couple, Rose
Tiger women have an irresistible, seductive nature.

Tigers in Love

Without a shred of doubt, we all yearn to be loved in the most amazing way possible. It’s for this reason that people take their time in getting to know whether they’ve settled down with the right partner or not. By understanding the compatibility aspects of your Chinese zodiac sign, you’ll be better placed to settle for the right relationships with the right people. For any Tiger, man or woman, if your love is a challenge that they love to pursue, expect them to fall head over heels for you. The good thing is, they define love in the most sincere manner, believing that it’s all about giving and taking. Consequently, you should also be ready to express your feelings to Tiger people.  

 Tigers with Money 

So, how do the people in the year of the Tiger fare with money? Funny enough, Tigers are never interested in money. This doesn’t mean that they won’t work hard for it. Tiger individuals are only interested in money since its the only way that they would provide themselves with the lifestyle they strongly crave. Tigers are more interested in the faith that they have when approaching the hurdles that face them in life. Their compassionate nature is evident in the way they easily lend out money to their friends. What about saving for the future? Tiger people are generally not good at saving their money 

Piggybank, Gold, Money
Tiger’s are not particularly good at saving for their future.

A Tiger’s Career 

As mentioned earlier, Tiger individuals are born leaders. Therefore, the best jobs that suit them are those where they get to lead. These jobs include working as pilots, explorers, managers, painters, musicians, entrepreneurs and politicians.  

Tiger Health  

The year of the Tiger holds individuals who’re both emotional and dynamic at the same time. This has a big influence on their anger. They’re easily angered and this has got detrimental effects on their liver. People of this year should also be careful as they could suffer from depression. This is linked to the fact that they focus too much on the future. To maintain a good health condition, Tiger people are advised to control their emotions.  

Tiger Fitness 

Tigers are always on the move and their active lifestyle keeps them fit and is one of the reasons that they rarely get sick. Nonetheless, these people ought to understand that balancing their workout routine with a balanced diet is medically recommended.   

People, Bikes, Exercise
With their active nature, Tigers find it easy to stay fit.

Tiger with Fashion/Style 

The confidence of a Tiger is depicted in the outfits they choose. Expect the Tiger to wear something that you wouldn’t wear in years. This is what makes different from other Chinese zodiac signs. Some of the colors that you won’t miss in their wardrobe are blue, orange and grey.  

Compatibility with Other Signs 

Getting to know how well you match with other sign in the Chinese zodiac chart is also part of knowing where your love lies. For example, a Tiger would work perfectly with animal signs such as the dragon, pig, and the horse. Things might not work out perfectly with signs such as the rat, monkey, ox, rabbit or other tigers.  


Now you know what to expect when indulging with people born in the year of the Tiger. Bearing in mind that they’re born leaders, it might be wise to let them take the lead in the affairs that you’re involved in. Their romantic natures should be a convincing reason to consider them for lasting relationships. All that is required is mutual understanding and compromise. This is the key to any blissful relationship.  

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