Year of the Monkey, Chinese Zodiac Monkey Fortune & Personality

All About The Monkey 

If you were born in the year of the Monkey, chances are that you already know that 2016 was one of the years of the Monkey people. This means that during this year you might have felt luckier than usual. Other years of the Monkey include 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 and 2028.  

People admire the Monkey for its flexibility when approaching life. The personality of the Monkey is something that would strike you as happy and fun to be around. Certainly, the Monkey would easily turn a gloomy situation into a bright moment. For example, if given a book to read, chances are that the Monkey could easily turn this into a song. They also have a large circle of friends. It’s for this reason that you’ll often find the Monkey at the center of attention among their many friends. Want to find out more about the personality of the Monkeys? Read along for more detailed info including love, sexuality, money, health and compatibility with other Chinese zodiac signs. 

Monkey, Chinese Zodiac
People born in the year of the Monkey are mischievous and fun

Traits and Characteristics  

People born in the year of the Monkey are never taken seriously by those around them. They’re very mischievous and their playful nature influences their relations with other people. The good thing is that combined with their witty nature it brings out a personality worth loving.   

Monkey Men 

This man is a prankster. He’ll try anything just to make sure that he plays around with your feelings. This means that it’s wise that you understand them better or else you might just misunderstand everything. He has good intentions when playing around. All they want is to make you laugh and feel happy. Consequently, you ought to be ready for this type of personality from the Monkey man. If Monkeys are given the chance to express their talents, they can be creative individuals. They desire an urban lifestyle as compared to a rural one. As a result, expect the Monkey man to always prefer an exciting lifestyle over a boring one.  

Man, Happy, Laughing, Monkey
Monkey men are pranksters who love to make people laugh

Monkey Women 

One thing that you’ll notice about the Monkey woman is that she always acts as though she is still a teenager. She has the spirit of living fast. What excites her is her motivation to live and enjoy life. This might sound immature but it’s one of her best ways of expressing her feelings. The Monkey woman is always ready to learn. Even as she ages, you will still find her enrolling for classes to further her education. Just like the Monkey man, the Monkey woman is an extrovert. She’ll prefer having fun outside over sitting around at home. She loves adventure and gaining new experiences in life is what they yearn for. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if they consider your relationship as a stepping stone to something better in their future.  

Studying, Woman, Monkey
Monkey women love to continually learn

Monkey Sexuality  

When it comes down to the sexuality of the Monkey, this is another area where they’ll perform well. This is attributed to the fact that they’re always ready to learn. This implies that getting intimate with those that they love might not be a big deal for them. What the Monkey considers is the experience that they would be gaining. Therefore, if you would be doing this for the first time, it’s wise that you make the Monkey remember this day in their lives. Keep in mind that they’re also creative. They might offer you what you least expect. 

Monkey Men 

Truth be told, Monkey men have a short attention span. They focus on one direction for a short period of time before turning their attention to something better. This is one aspect that affects Monkeys in their relationships. It’s one of the major weakness that leads to frequent breakups. Men born in the year of the Monkey will, at first, prefer a relationship where there are no strings attached. Bearing in mind that they’re adventurous individuals, they’ll want to explore what the world has to offer. This includes being promiscuous. It is important to understand this as it would prevent any potential heartbreak that you might easily succumb. In addition to this, if you’re going to have sex with the Monkey, don’t take things seriously. This isn’t a war! The Monkey will look forward to a romantic affair full of surprises. It would be best to let yourself loose and be ready for anything.  

Monkey Women 

Monkey women also have a problem in keeping up with long-lasting relationships. It’s for this reason that they might also kiss a number of frogs before getting to their prince charming. Fortunately, they’re never sad about this. Basically, they love experimenting. Considering the fact that they’re good listeners, there’s a good chance that Monkey women will fancy foreplay before getting down to business. She’ll express her creativity in bed in ways that you never imagined. This is one of the aspects that makes Monkey women quite good in bed. Her flexibility also adds to the bargain. Whether things are going well or not, she’ll be up for it.  

Dating a Monkey 

Individuals close to the Monkey shouldn’t be blamed for easily falling for their charms. Certainly, Monkeys can be convincing. In addition to this, their energetic nature is one thing that would drive many to their side. Sadly, Monkeys aren’t good at staying in the same relationship for a long time. This means that there is a possibility that they might be cuddling with you as they look for greener pastures elsewhere.  

Monkey Me 

Understanding each other is a recipe for a blissful relationship. When dating a Monkey man, you ought to come to terms with the fact that they love new things in their lives. This includes going to new places and meeting new people. This is one of the main reasons why they easily get tired of their love affairs. When in a relationship with the Monkey, it would be wise to bring exciting activities into this relationship. What does this mean? Well, you’ll have to spend to take the Monkey man to the movies, take him on a wild adventure, or go for exciting activities like bob-sledging and many more. Perhaps this is one of the ways you can ensure that he’ll have eyes for no woman but you.  

Man, Adventure, Exploring, Excitement, Monkey
Provide Monkey men with adventure and excitement to woo them.

Monkey Women 

The Monkey woman is often seen as unpredictable due to their indifferent nature. One moment she likes one thing and the next moment she has no interest. Well, if you’re not careful, she’ll bring her hot and cold personality into your relationship. What she needs most is a life full of new experiences. Thus, if you’re going to take her on a date, consider taking her to different places each time you go out. This is a tip that will keep her interested and motivated to go on a next date with you. Their high energies should also bring to mind the fact that she’ll have several friends to entertain. Sadly, there’s a likelihood that some of her friends might come in the way of your love affair as she might prefer her friends to you. Consequently, you should be ready for this big surprise.  

Monkeys in Love 

When a Monkey is truly in love, it’ll be for the right reasons. Keeping in mind that they’re adventurous individuals, chances are that they’ll have tried everything before finally settling down. Therefore, in spite of the fact that they might be promiscuous, on the bright side, they’ll bring excitement into this relationship. The friendly nature of the Monkey makes it easy for things to flow smoothly in your love affair. The only thing that you ought to avoid is making them angry. This is because Monkeys can be quick-tempered. Thus, try your best to have fun with them while it lasts. Convince the Monkey that you’re their one and true soul mate. How do you do this? Compromise and mutual understanding are the key.  

Communication, Couple, Understanding
Compromise and understanding are key to a successful relationship with someone born in the year of the monkey

Monkeys with Money  

Considering the fact that Monkeys are creative, they can be good investors. However, this comes after they have spent a lot of money partying around. Monkeys are advised to find a way of saving early for the future. This is one habit that would earn them the lifestyle that they crave for when they age. The interesting aspect about the Monkeys is that they’ll find ways of attracting money to their side. This includes associating with others who have a lot of money. As a result, there’s no doubt that Monkeys might bring good luck in relationships. 

Monkey, Money, Champagne
Monkeys are likely to spend a lot of money on parties and luxuries

Monkey Careers 

The witty nature of the Monkey is an aspect that brings success to their lives. In relation to their career fields, Monkeys would certainly perform well. Their ease in adaptation is definitely worth admiring. Ideal fields that Monkeys would work well in include, banking, accounting, engineer, jeweller, scientist and many more.  

Monkey Men Career
Monkeys would suit a career in science.

Monkey Health  

About health, don’t wait for a Monkey to get ill, because you’ll wait forever. Keeping in mind that they live active lifestyles, this is one of the main reasons why they’re generally healthy. Their nervousness could possibly lead to some diseases but they will certainly recover from them in time.  

Monkey Fitness 

Monkeys are always fit. This is due to the fact that they never entertain sedentary lifestyles. The idea of hitting the gym on a regular basis is something that the Monkey man or woman wouldn’t deny. Considering the fact that they’re social beings, they’ll want to be admired for their sexy and physically fit bodies.  

Monkey with Fashion/Style 

The high-energy personality of the Monkey will be evident from the clothes that they choose to wear. These are individuals that don’t want people talking ill about their dress code. As a result, it’s all about dressing to impress for the Monkey man or woman. Their favorite color is purple. Red is another favorite color that might indicate the fire that burns inside them.  

Compatibility with Other Signs 

Those born in the year of the Monkey are compatible with the dragon and rat. These are the individuals that would see past the promiscuous nature of the Monkey. Engaging in exciting activities together would not be a difficult task to accomplish. Worst possible matches for the Monkey would be with the horse, tiger and the snake.  


Having understood clearly the personality aspects of the Monkey, you now have an idea of the good and the bad aspects of this zodiac sign. However, it’s worth noting that relationships are all about compromise and understanding. Due to this, compatibility would largely depend on you and your partner’s willingness to make things work in your relationship. Simply stated, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you stand as one of the worst matches for the Monkey zodiac sign.

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