Taurus Virgo Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Taurus/Virgo Love Compatibility 

What do Taurus and Virgo have in common and what does that mean in relation to their compatibility?  Will they be able to connect on all levels or will they struggle to find any common ground? In this article, we take a look at a Taurus/Virgo relationship. 

Taurus Overview 

Taurus (April 21 – May 21) are some of the kindest and most dependable people one may meet.  Theyre friendly and helpful as well as giving and loyal. Generosity is one of their key traits, and they love to give gifts and bring happiness to their friends.  Theyll also indulge in things for themselves as they like to have beautiful things on their body or in their home.  Stubbornness can affect their relationships as they try to prove they’re right.  They may also need a boost or motivation to stay on task and not procrastinate.  When it comes to love, they like to try new things, but most importantly they want to please their partner emotionally and sexually.   

Couple, Sex, Women, Year Of The Sheep
Taurus will most want to please their lover sexually.

Virgo Overview 

One word that sums up Virgo (August 22 – September 23):  perfectionist.  They want to make sure that everything is correct, and this can lead them to over-analyze and stress out.  They liked to be involved, and their friends learn quickly that they can rely on them to be a leader or an organizer.  Their analysis of most things shows how well they like to solve problems.  This includes puzzles or games of logic.  Their behaviour can also lead to a life lived by a routine to maintain focus. In their hard work, they may forget to enjoy themselves from time to time.  Theyre more relaxed with the ones they love but rarely show it when others are around. 

Taurus/Virgo Relationships 

This couple cares enough about each other that there’s much warmth and feeling when theyre together.  They understand each other well and can relate easily in the good and bad times.  At times they can be intense, but they both have a sense of calm as well as plenty of patience to deal with the rough patches.  These two are fun to be around when theyre together, and they often try to take care of the other one first.   

Love, Rustic, Strength
Taurus and Virgo will relate to each other and understand each other well.

Positive Attributes in a Taurus/Virgo Relationship 

Taurus/Virgo relationship is incredibly devoted.  Taurus, in particular, is very loyal to the ones they love and will be there for their lover.  Both share the value of integrity and are mindful of what they say and do and how it affects their partner.  Theyre also romantics who share the concept of loving someone and being loved in return.  Its hard to miss the affection which they share when theyre together. 

Virgo doesn’t play coy when it comes to how they feel.  They have no problem expressing their love and making their partner know exactly where they stand.  Taurus appreciates this and never has a doubt how much their lover cares about them.  They also appreciate beauty (Taurus is, after all, ruled by the planet Venus) and loves to see their partner in all of their beauty.  Whether its a new haircut or a chic outfit, they won’t hold back, and Virgo tends to enjoy that attention as well. 

Speaking of not holding back, this is true in their sexual relationship.  They tend to be more creative in how they make love, so theyre not restricted to love in the bedroom when the feeling strikes.  It’ll consume them and never seem to fade as long as they are together. 

Negative Attributes in a Taurus/ Virgo Relationship 

When it comes to commitment, Virgo is more of the cautious one.  They want everything to be perfect and won’t jump into milestones (moving in together, getting married, etc.) until theyre ready.  While this may not appeal as much to Taurus, theyll practice their patience because they know that its a commitment for life.  

When it comes to arguments, Taurus often stands their ground and doesn’t easily change their mind.  The same is true with their opinions. Whether its decisions or opinions, their stubbornness shows.  Virgo, on the other hand, is more flexible.  Taurus may know that they can easily sway their partner to do what they want.  However, they can learn how to be more flexible, and their lover can be their guide and model.  Because theyre concerned with each other’s feelings, this may be a learning moment for them. At the same time, Virgo can take lessons from Taurus how to be more assertive so that they can have more of a voice in decisions and opinions.   

Money will be a disputing point for the duo.  Taurus loves beautiful things and has no problem buying such items, but theyre also more frugal than Virgo who may feel that theyre too tight with their money.  Rather than make it an argument, they should be sure to talk about finances, their purchasing goals, and the indulgences they want to take advantage of. Yes, Taurus may be socking away a lot of money, but maybe its for a honeymoon or down payment of their dream home.  A little understanding can go a long way. 

Generous, Money, Pigs With Moeny
Taurus/Virgo couples are likely to argue over money

Another sticky subject for these two signs is perfectionism.  Both have their way of doing things because it works for them to achieve their goal. They have their process to be efficient and productive.  Unfortunately, when they don’t see eye to eye, Taurus is likely to resent others for affecting progress and the standard he or she set.  They tend to forget that not everyone grew up following the same clean-up chore routine.  This can be annoying for anyone who has to work with Taurus and take its toll on their Virgo partner.  Luckily, theyre flexible to go along with some of the standards that Taurus wants to maintain, but Taurus needs to accept others for who they are and how they were brought up. 

Even though Virgo has no problems expressing their love to Taurus, theyre still more reserved and not as openly affectionate as their lover.  If Taurus isn’t understanding of this, they may feel rejected.  This may occur mostly at the start of the relationship, so theyll have to be patient and enjoy the tenderness they share behind closed doors.  


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have goals in life that are compatible with each other.  They want life, love, family, and success that will help them achieve all of these things.  Their personalities might make them more uptight about it. However, they have the opportunity to learn from each other. This can stop them from making the little problems into much bigger ones.  Patience, understanding, and compromise will help them achieve these goals together for a long time. 

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