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Virgo Personality Traits

Have you ever been in love with an earth sign before? If yes, then chances are that you already know what to expect from a Virgo. People from this sun sign are normally misinterpreted for their actions and beliefs. Perhaps their earthly nature is what makes people judge them the wrong way.

They are among the calmest and collected individuals that you would ever hang around with. They actually know why this is important for them. One of the main reasons for this is to keep up with their goals and missions that they have. Certainly, you cannot blame them for keeping their goals ahead of them.

What they really want is a comfortable life full of bliss. This is what everyone wants, right? Considering the fact that Virgos are an earth sign, expect them to be highly sensual in nature. This is not all, they are deeply loving and that they would stay loyal to those that are dear to them. This is the most interesting thing about Virgos. Therefore, if at all you were wondering what you should expect from them, you should be pleased that they would never cheat behind your back. This critique takes a deeper look into the different aspects of Virgo’s personality that makes them different and worthy beings. Take a closer look below.  

Virgo, Constellation

Getting to know the traits and characteristics of any Virgo is very important. Why is this the case? Traits of any Virgo revolves around their likes and dislikes. Their strengths and weaknesses. This infers that knowing them better requires that you first understand their traits and characteristics. For example, by comprehending what a Virgo likes, there is a high chance that you would be in good terms most of the time. Avoiding what they hate keeps both of you smiling. Whether you are friends or lovers, this is a very important aspect that would keep your relationship stronger.

Virgo Men

Many people would agree that Virgo men are perfectionists at heart. Well, this is true. Considering the fact that a Virgo man is always observant, it would be fair to argue out that he is indeed a perfectionist. He would take time before making any decisions. Yes, this is a good thing but it comes with its disadvantage. It would take some time for the Virgo man to accomplish his set goals. Simply stated, he is a slow but steady and sure person.

He is always loyal. Whether he is in a business relationship or an affair with his counterpart, he would stop at nothing to make sure that honesty is upheld. Ladies would quickly fall in love with this attribute.

Work, Man, Businessman
Virgo men are loyal when it comes to love, work, and everything else.

In addition to the loyalty that he would be bringing to any relationship, there is also the aspect of being the hardworking man. This guy would work through toil and moil to ensure that his dreams are achieved. It is through his hardworking nature that he also manages to live a comfortable lifestyle with his family. The best part is that he is the most practical guy that you would ever spend time with. The notion of living a fantasy life is not what you would associate him with.

Everybody has their own weaknesses, including the Virgo man. For instance, he would always worry about what might happen in the near future. As a result, a Virgo man is an individual that would never wager on anything serious.

Secondly, he is really shy. If you have been waiting for the Virgo man to propose to you then you would have to wait a little bit longer. Take up the opportunity and ask him out because he would take ages before asking.

Man, Baby, Father, Son
Work and family are the Virgo man’s highest priorities.

Above all, he is a workaholic. Virgo men would work the entire day and spend less time with their families and friends. Well, certainly, this does not necessarily mean that they do not care. They simply have their priorities set on different and more important things: work!

Virgo Women

Just like the Virgo man, a Virgo woman is no different from the manner in which she sets her priorities. She makes calculated moves that land her on what she craves. She defines herself as a professional lady. This is the image that she years to protect when out there with other people.

What makes the Virgo woman admirable is the fact that she’s got brains and beauty combined. This means that if you are doing business together, expect the best from them. She rarely disappoints when a lot is expected from her.

Books, Library, School, Woman
Virgo women excel in work, school, and in their domestic life.

Something that you might hate or venerate in the Virgo woman is the mere fact that she goes for precision. She loves when things are done in a perfect manner. Thus, expect her to opt for routines in certain activities. This might be boring at times for men who are from other enthusiastic sun signs.  

She also has certain weaknesses bearing in mind that she is the perfectionist too. When things go wrong, rest assured that you would not be in good terms with this lady. She simply cannot come to terms with the fact that things did not go according to plan. Consequently, you would have to find a good excuse to win her smiles back. Moreover, one would have to do a lot of work to make her understand that relaxing is good for one’s health.  

Virgo Sexuality

Having mentioned the fact that Virgos are perfectionists, you ought to understand that sex might be a challenge for them right from the start. This is not something that you would accomplish in a day or two. Without a shred of doubt, Virgos would want to spend some time with you before actually getting intimate. This is how sex works for them. They believe in the adage that goes ‘practice makes perfect’. Therefore, expect your Virgo to be a slow-paced individual when it comes to sex.

Marriage, Sex, Wedding
Virgo is the sign of the virgin. This doesn’t mean that they’ll never have sex, just that they need to be in love or have a serious commitment to do so.

Nonetheless, this should not discourage you from approaching them. The best thing about Virgos is the fact that they are sensual in nature. This means that sex means a lot for them. As a result, they would want this to happen at the right time and in the most romantic manner. If you are a man or a woman from other zodiac signs, be patient for the magic to happen. You certainly would not regret it.

Virgo Man

So, you are wondering what’s there to hanker for from a man who is skeptical. Have you considered the fact that he would want to know what you like and dislike? A Virgo man would stop at nothing to make sure that their lovers enjoy the moments they share together. This means that they would even go to the extent of asking directly whether you enjoy sex or not.

Whisper, Couple
If you are in a relationship with a Virgo man, it is likely that you will need to make the first move when it comes to anything involving sex.

The only issue that you would find with a Virgo man is the shyness that they would portray during the first few dates together. Once they come out of their shells, rest guaranteed of maximum pleasure. A Virgo man would even impress you by taking their time to perfect the relationship that you share together. From time to time, you ought not to be surprised if you find them going through sex novels just to get some tips on how to win you over. Truly, they are a treasure worth seeking.

Virgo Woman

If you are looking for a one night stand or a hit and run as some might call it, then this is not the woman for you. A Virgo woman would stand out due to the fact that she yearns for purity in any relationships that they enter into.

Keep in mind that they are loyal partners. This implies that they would be patient for the relationship to get to the next level before getting under the sheets with you. Consequently, you should not be furious at them the moment they request you to be patient. What this woman wants is for you to show that you really care about them.

Commitment, Love, Marriage, Wedding Rings
Virgo women are in relationships for the long-haul, not just for a fling.

Bearing in mind that they are an earth sign, you should try your best to express your feelings towards them physically. Do this and rest assured that they would fall head over heels for you.

Dating a Virgo

The dating game might not get as wild as you were expecting with a Virgo. They are an earth sign. This speaks volumes about the relationship that you are about to venture into. At some point, your affair might seem unbearable due to the highly demanding personality that you would be facing. Virgos are quite demanding. This is a fact that you should come to terms with. They expect the best from you and this is what you should offer. The trick to winning them over is simply understanding what they need most; AFFECTION!

Hand Holding, Love, Couple
Romantic dates and individualized attention are key to winning a Virgo’s heart.

Before they can say yes, they want you to show them that they are important in your life. For the relationship to thrive, you would have to focus more on being romantic. While doing this, ensure that you are very practical. If you end up showcasing the love that occurs in the movies, there is a chance that a Virgo man or woman might overthink things out.

Virgo Man

If you end up settling down with a Virgo man, there are several things that you should understand about them. First, this man is actually sensitive. This is to mean that you should offer them a warm shoulder to lean on. There are instances where they might cry when expressing their feelings. This is just a Virgo man being a Virgo man. What you should do is to give them comfort whenever they feel low.

Man, Mountain, Hiking
If a Virgo man says he needs some alone time, let him have it. Do not worry. He is not the cheating type.

Secondly, if you are into mind games, this is not the man to joke around with. Communicate clearly without playing around with a Virgo man. This is the recipe to a happy and a fruitful love affair with men born under this sun sign. Ooh! And perhaps you should give him the time to do his own business as he pleases. He will surely come straight to your loving arms as soon as he is done.

Virgo Woman

So, what should you do to make a Virgo woman happy while dating them? First of all, this woman is really harsh. This is just the way she is. A Virgo woman will try her best to be honest. It is important that you do not get them wrong whenever they express their deepest feelings to you. This is the best way of being in good terms with this type of lady. She will try to make things perfect around her. This means that she would even go to the extent of judging you. As a result, you should be prepared to understand her fully.

Woman, Planner, Working
A Virgo woman tends to be busy, but if she loves you, she’ll make the time to be with you.

In addition to these flaws that you might see in her, a Virgo woman will want to work all day. She never gets tired of chasing her dreams. Therefore, a lot of work would have to be done in making sure that she sets some time off to have some fun. Well, it can’t be that bad. After all, look at the bright side. She is one of the most romantic ladies you would ever find around.

Virgo in Love

Being in love with a dependable individual is a truly refining feeling. It gives you the feeling as though everything is possible. Well, this is certainly the feeling that you would have when in love with a Virgo. They are an earth sign. They would want to prove to you that love is actually important to them. Being the perfectionist individuals, they would want your relationship to be a story to tell among friends. Yes, there are several things that you would have to put up with in your relationship, but this is nothing compared to the compared to the commitment they would show in your love affair.

Communication is key to making a relationship with a Virgo last.

For both of you, love would be a matter of understanding each other. Virgos expect that you understand them in as much as they try to fit into the love that you share. When romance is brought to the table, they expect you to be patient as they try to open up. Therefore, compromise and mutual understanding are essential for a happy love affair with any Virgo man or woman.

Virgo with Money

As mentioned earlier, Virgos are perfectionists. This means that they would even do their best when making and using their hard-earned cash. One thing for sure is that a Virgo would never make a mistake when handling their finances. They are quite aware of the fact that their securities lie wholly on the decisions that they make.

Virgos are great at keeping track of their fiances.

Consequently, a Virgo man or woman would really be careful when making their financial decisions. If there is a man or woman you can be certain of responsibility, it would be those born under the Virgo sun sign. Their responsibility comes out naturally as they try their best to offer their loved ones happy and secure lifestyles.

While doing this, using their finances appropriately is part of showing their love and commitment to their loved ones. If at all there is an opening for a Virgo to manage finances in any organization, this is the individual that would make things happen. They would gladly take up this opportunity without hesitation.

Virgo Career

Considering the fact that Virgos are highly analytical, there are several career fields that would work perfectly with them. Some of the fields that would suit Virgos include doctors, militants, accountants, teaching, social work, medicine and many more. From the look of things, these are somewhat demanding career fields. Certainly, it demands a lot from the candidates. Virgo will definitely suit in such career fields as they are dedicated in their way of doing things.

Teacher, Woman, School, College
Virgos love jobs that allow them to work with and help others.

Virgo Health

A Virgo man or woman would worry a lot not only about their finances but also about the foods that they eat. This implies that these individuals would be keen on what keeps them healthy. However, a challenge that they would have to face is balancing their work schedule with time to hit the gym. In line with this, Virgos are advised to find the right meals that would not make it difficult for them to stay healthy. Hitting the gym is an activity that they should instill in their regular schedule. This is the only way that a Virgo would be safe from any health related diseases.

Diet, Salad, Fruit, Vegetables, Food
Virgos usually have great diets. It’s their exercising that they should be worried about.

Relaxing is a term that Virgos do not understand. They always have a busy schedule that they work with. This is what keeps them physically fit. In relation to this, the best forms of workouts that suit these individuals would be aerobics. This workout would not only keep them physically fit to run their ever busy errands but they would also ensure that they save time to work on other duties.

Yoga is an exercise that can help to clear a Virgo’s mind–which they need to do!

One thing about Virgos is that they know what is best for them. They know the right foods that would keep them fit. However, it is important to ensure that they do not restrict themselves from certain foods. Virgo man or woman should stick to a balanced diet. They should avoid their routinized activities when it comes to finding the right foods to keep them healthy and fit.

Virgo with Fashion/ Style

Virgo man or woman would be critical on what they choose to wear. To some extent, this is what makes them different from other sun signs. Before a Virgo settles for any clothing, they would take their time to make certain that it suits them appropriately. Undeniably, this is a good way to keep up with fashion and style. Their perfectionist nature also contributes to their fashion uniqueness. Virgo would settle for a particular design only if it is worth its price and that it has hit the market. Truly, a Virgo can never go wrong when it comes to fashion.

Business, Working, Man, Woman, Computer
You are most likely to see a Virgo wearing business casual attire– even when they are not at work!

Compatibility with Other Signs

Perhaps you are wondering which sun sign is most compatible with the Virgo lover. Well, this might vary from one zodiac sign to the next. In most cases, it actually depends on the lovers’ willingness to make things work in their relationship. Ideal matches for Virgo would be other earth signs. Why? Individuals born under this sun sign would better understand Virgo’s shyness and their reserved nature. Considering the fact that this would be a union of two earth signs, it would be easy for them to compromise and give love an environment to thrive. Capricorn and Taurus are earth signs that would match perfectly with a Virgo.

Elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
Earth signs are the best match for Virgos.

The least compatible sign with Virgo is Sagittarius. Honestly, a lot of work would be required to make Virgo-Sagittarius relationship successful. It would be better off if you parted ways.


To sum it up, Virgo is simply an individual that can be depended on. Being an earth sign, there is a high chance that Virgo man or woman would offer their all to make things work. This applies both to business activities and in personal affairs that you might be engaged in. What people should understand is that relationships do not automatically work without a compromise being advocated for. Therefore, when settling down with a Virgo or any other sign for that matter, it is wise to first appreciate the importance of understanding and showing each other concessions.

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