Spiral Symbolism: Gaining Wisdom from the Influence of the Spirals

Spiral Symbolism: Its Spirit of Creativity and Organization in the Universe

You are probably wondering what spiral symbolism is. Also, what does it mean to you as an individual? It turns out, that spiral symbolism is one of the oldest ways in which our ancestors could relate to the creation of the universe. Also, it is one of the symbols that represent the spiritual enlightenment and how we relate to the cosmos. Moreover, it is there in many of the world’s cultures.

Plus, it has representation in the religious and sects that are all over the world. Some of these include magic, ritual art, geomancy, dragon lore, cults, serpent, and shamanism. Some even believe that the spiral is the gateway to a higher level of consciousness. That is why many of the people in occultism use it. However, it also has a more top place in the field of science. Moreover, the structure of DNA has a representation of the spiral. It is also visible in whirlpools and tornados.

Spiral Symbolism: Meaning of the Spiral in Our Lives

As one of the oldest geometrical signs, spiral symbolism holds a prominent place in most of our lives. Therefore, you should know why you find yourself being drawn in by it. There is a wide range of meaning of this symbolism across many cultures and religious practices. However, the general sense of it is that it represents, life, higher power, consciousness, and creation. For example, some believe that spiral is the path that will lead you to a higher power. Therefore, it is the power of the cosmic wisdom that can connect us to the universe.

On the other hand, it stands for the path of growth and creation. So, in some sense, it gives the representation of the consciousness of nature. Plus, it is clear that most of the characters plus our solar system have the description of moving from the insides to the outer part. So, this is some of the reasons why it also has a report in the irreligious sects. Some even use the spiral to mean that there are free. This means that they have the power to achieve the absolute most freedom to be creative. Moreover, this process is present in most of the Celtic culture and their amazing defining artwork. This is one of the reasons why the spiral is a significant symbol in the Celtic culture.

Representation of the Spiral Symbolism in Different Cultures

Spiral symbolism is one of the factors that will take anyone that has gained interest with owe. This is because it will make you have a feeling of creativity and wholeness. Plus, it will give you the sense that you are getting an understanding of the universe. Perhaps, this is why the spiral symbol is given adequate representation in many of the cultures across the world. Some of them are as old as the study of astrology itself.

The Irish Culture

In Irish culture, they had famous tri-spiral. It is present in Newgrange, a large ancient circular mound. It bears the meaning of reincarnation to the people of the old Irish world. Also, some view it as a symbol of immortality among the people of Ireland. They would see such spiral to mark the grave or burial sites of the people. Such marking would be visible on big stones where they would be curved.

Native American Culture

As per the singular belief of the ancient Native Americans, there is a belief that one can walk in the spiraling labyrinth. This way they could feel their consciousness grow and it would mar one of their many rituals. They would even sometimes dance in spiraling spins to represent their connection to the vast universe. All, of these walks and dances, is one way that can act as one for the ancestors of the Native Americans to communicate with the world. By doing so, they would also gain the comprehension of the spiral itself.

The Celtic Culture

In the Celtic culture, the spiral is one of their ways to express their divine creativity. Plus, it would show that they have an understanding of the universe. Also, it would mean that they are one with the cosmos. Moreover, this spiral symbolism would be the best way for them to express their holistic growth and evolution. To some, it would mean that one has let loose and is ready to be one with the powers of the universe.

Spiral Symbolism

Effects that it Presents in Our Lives

When one takes a closer look at the representation of the spiral symbolism in our lives, they would realize that it touches almost everything. This means that most of God’s creation has a touch of spirals in them. Some of these things are whirlpools, tornadoes, typhoons, snails, vines, ram’s horns, snakes and even seashells. So, one can say final say that the spiral is one of the heavenly designs of creation.

Also, they can say that it is one of the astral worlds way of representing their effect on us. This one can realize by looking at the picture of the universe especially ours. This gives us the insight that spirals are symbols of the heavenly world and that the ancient people were right about them. Plus, they could make sure that we have the power to understand the universe itself.


Spiral symbolism is one of the essential subjects that can serve to enlighten you your life. Plus, it would open your imagination to the wonders of the universe. Also, it shows that there is a high similarity in the effects of creation because spirals are everywhere. Moreover, they have more profound meaning to many people depending on the cultures. Also, their symbolism seems to have similarities in that they are a point to one creator. Or, let me say that it points to the sense of the creation of the universe by singular being.

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