Celtic Symbols for Purity: Bring Luck with their Influence

Celtic Symbols for Purity: Do you believe in the Emblems of Purity?

Many people are probably asking themselves what the meaning of Celtic symbols for purity are and how they can use them in their lives. Well, several Celtic Symbols mark the significance of purity, and there are also many ways that you can implement them in your life. Some people may want them to mark peace and love in their homes. Alternatively, there are those that may wish to bring their loved ones good luck. Also, there are those that may want to show that they are pure to mean or still virgins.

In short, there are many applications of these symbols, and it can affect your life in many positives ways. All you have to do is open your mind to the numerous possibility of connecting yourself with the vibes of the Celtic purity symbols. In the quest to find the symbol for purity the Celtic druids made a choice to settle on the plus emblem with c circle. Moreover, there is nothing that brings out the loveliness of the earth than nature itself.

Understanding the Origins of Celtic Symbol of Purity

The ancient Celts had the urge to place most of the things in their environment under symbols to mean something more profound to them. So, just like the other many symbols, they too created a logo to signify the meaning of purity. To do this, they chose a various item like the Celtic knots, Triquetra, Ogham, and the clear blue skies. All of these symbols served to remind them of the multiple things that they needed to promote symbolism of purity in their culture. Here are some of the Symbols for peace and their meaning from the Celtic world.

Blue Sky Symbol for Purity

There is no better way to relate an item to the meaning of purity than using a clear blue sky. Most of the people around the world of humans believe that the gods live in the heaven above us. The happiness, in this case, is the skies. So, just like many people around the realm of men, they placed their faith in the heavens. Plus, it is so vast that it encapsulates the entire world thereby covering everything beneath it with purity.

The birds of the heavens or the skies are also the symbol of purity in the Celtic world. They fly so high in the air close to the heavenly beings thereby making them vessels of the gods. Also, the Celts placed the meaning of purity in the skies as it was the cause of the bright and clean water that sought to purify the earth. It washes all the dirty thing and leaves cleaner.

Ogham Symbol of Purity

Also, they chose to associate purity with the Ogham or the tree language of the fir. In most of the place, the fir tree is always green all year round regardless of the weather. Plus, it was one of that tree that would grow for a long time without hitches in life. Therefore, it is a symbol of health, longevity, and wholesomeness. Many of the newborns would have the fir tree branches underneath their cribs. This was the best way for the ancient Celts to ward of evil spirits and keep their children safe.

Celtic Knots Purity Symbol

The Celtic knot is some of the elements of the Celts lives that symbolizes the true meaning of purity from humans. It represents the purest types of binds that can happen between two people under the supervisions of the gods. Moreover, it signifies the purest form of symbolism, and that is love. Therefore, the Celts held the symbolism of these knots in their lives profoundly. Plus, it preaches the need for living in harmony with the environment and the people around you at all times.

Fire Symbol of Purity

The druids had the idea that fire is one of the symbols of purity and could be used to clean anything dirty. Moreover, it symbolizes the burning away of all the dirt in one’s life. Also, it the ancient way of the alchemist that would sometimes borrow their sign from the druid; they used the fire to symbolize purity in life. The light in their practice could heat things and separate the chaff from the neat stuff.

Moreover, after heating their metal ores, they would get the purest form of gold, silver, and other precious metals. The fire also is seen as the purest form of symbols because it can destroy all things. Thereby, it gives a chance to the new life that can grow in respect to nature with all its beauty. In the Bible, there is a part where God promises to rein fire on earth to cleanse it and give a chance to new life.


Triquetra Symbol of Purity

The triquetra is another symbol of purity as it has the closet relation to the world of the deities. Moreover, the symbolism that it gives to us alone represents the purity that comes from it. This is because it only seeks to provide the teaching of life in its purest form. The triquetra also is the emblem of the holy trinity through its symbolic meaning. It represents the purest form of energies in the universe. These are the father, the son and the holy spirit. Moreover, it also symbolizes the purest form of the family structure when you look at it. The family structure here is the mother, the father, and the child.


Celtic symbols of purity are some of the naturally occurring things in the universe. So, they made sure that they kept the symbols of purity close to nature as possible. There are many symbols of purity that touches on the symbolism of the innocence in the Celtic culture. Plus, each of them has different roles that they can contribute to its general purpose. Moreover, there is the symbol of water that is not usually thought of but is a big part of the Celtic culture. It can clean and mix with also everything in the world.

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