The Air Element

Elements in Astrology: Air

Air is a very fluid and languid element that tends to bring calmness and wisdom. The air element/ the air signs are generally seen as a more masculine element than female. Air is a changeable element that is often unpredictable. It can be gentle and warm one second, then cold and ferocious the next. Air helps with travel, creating energy, and it allows every living thing to breathe. This article is about the element Air in astrology.

Wind, Sky, Clouds, Air Signs
Signs born under the air element are as ever-changing as the wind itself.

Air Element Symbolism in Astrology

The air element is the representative for vital breath. It is said to connect the soul, mind, spirits, and wisdom. Air gives the energy that we need in order to live. It is how we breathe and makes up the atmosphere.  Air is seen a masculine because of the sword. It is historically men that yield the sword, it the sword slicing through the air that allows us to hear the one things we can not see.

Air, Tornado
Air signs can act as gently as a breeze or as fearful as a storm– depending on their mood.

Also, air helps in many ways. It brings change in different ways depending on which direction it comes from. It brings life by spreading pollen as it blows and it brings and takes the seasons by changing which clouds are in the skies.  Air symbolizes intellectual idealism, complexity, change, wit, flexibility, and freedom.

Air Zodiac Signs

The three signs under the air element are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. The people under this element are intellectual, curious, objective, storytellers, emotional, cooperative, and calming. These signs can be happy and fun loving but if they are upset about something then they can almost entirely drawback which can result in them appearing aloof, distant, and even cold.

Elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
Use this chart to find out which element your sign belongs to.

These signs also tend to be all talk and no real action. They might talk and wish about something happening, but they themselves will not take steps for the idea to become a reality. Libas, Geminis, and Aquarians also have a habit of trying to please everyone they can until they see that it is a hopeless cause. When they piece together, they stop caring about what people think about them all together and become their true selves, letting themselves float around as they so can.

Air’s Interactions with Other Elements

The signs under the air element are lofty and creative. Because of this, their interactions with the other signs, and even with each other, are different than how other elemental signs might interact with each other.

Water and Air

Water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces) together with any of the air signs can make a glorious match in a romantic relationship, friendship, or partnership. These signs together can be a pleasant encounter that is gentle and calming or they can be a force that is to be feared. On one hand, you have the gentle waves on the beach that can lull you to sleep while on the other, you have a hurricane. These signs can be foils for each other and bring the best of each other, but they can also draw out each other’s demons.

Water, Air, Hurricane
Water and air signs will either make the perfect match or the perfect storm.

Water is a gentle element that is highly emotional, they let their air guide them to where they need to go and they follow their gut feelings. Air, however, they tend to keep to the logical side of things. Air signs can sometimes use that against the Water signs in arguments. If they are having an argument, then the water sign could be too worked up to properly formulate verbal ideas or points and the air sign could use that as the perfect chance to make the finishing blow. The air sign then needs to use logic to see how to help pick the Water up after the argument has blown over.

Not everything between these signs leads to sadness and destruction. Between the air sign’s logic and the water sign’s ideas, it can lead them to beautiful agreements, plans, and compromises. So if you are an air or water sign and find yourself in a relationship of some sort with another element, be mindful of each other but do not let it get in the way of the end goals.

Fire and Air

Air and fire signs (Sagittarius,  Leo, and Aries) need each other in some way for varying reasons. When it comes to fire, it needs air to exist. However, too much too fast can put the fire out of control or even snuff it completely. Air need fire to heat it so it can raise. These two elements together, air signs have the ideas while the fire signs back them, add to them, and even has the leadership and drive to see them done. These two elements are attracted to each other. Air to Fire for their love for life and passion; and Fire to Air for their sporadic ideas and wit.  

Fire, Air, Lamp, Flame
Just like in real life, a little air can help fuel a fire, but too much will put it out.

Fire signs can be loose cannons with their ideas so they do not have a real sense of direction. Air signs can provide that sense of direction. In return, fire signs help air signs to have a real motive to do something. They can serve as a beacon to lead the Air in the right way.

If a sign from each of these elements went on an adventure, it would go very well. You would the fire sign’s drive for adventure and the charm (which is what would get the air sign to go along), but then you would have the air sign’s ability to find a way around obstacles. They should, however, be careful around each other because if something goes wrong, one of them could get hurt.   

Earth and Air

It can be difficult for air and earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) to work together. Earth signs can help air signs to stay level headed and on their feet, but it can also be suffocating to the air signs. In return, air signs can leave earth signs with feelings of coldness and aloofness or with feelings for warm happiness.

Air, Earth, Trees
When these signs get together, they need to be wary.

Earth signs can be relieved by air signs because of their free-roaming mind, Air signs can calm them down with their fluid ideas and freethinking; they offer new ways to look at things. Earth signs can help air signs to achieve their different ideas by showing and helping air signs to make their ideas tangible. Air signs can be shown a whole new level of mind-body relationship by earth signs.  

Air and Air  

When two signs linked by the same element are together in love, friendship, or partnership, a beautiful junction happens and is powered by genuine action, physical connection, and emotion. Two air signs can have such deep conversations about almost everything but they can also help each other to loosen up so they can explore some lighter topics as well.  

Two air signs together boost each other up to complete their goals, find new ideas, help the other to cheer up with different tactics when they get sad. You may have heard of the ‘two heads are better than one’? That is very true for two Air signs when they come across a problem.

Air Sign Symbol
This is the symbol for air signs.

Two air signs together have a blast of a time. They understand each others’ odd wit and ideas, they are not afraid of physical affection, and they can talk about conspiracy theories on a number of things for hours.


Air is represented by emotion, creativity, and wisdom. Air could be seen as the mastermind behind everything. They have the ideas and the plans but are unsure of how they should go about carrying it out. They can be a little moody at times, but they usually calm people.

Air element people are impatient, fast moving and changing, and sometimes let their emotions rule out their better judgment. They prefer to have mental freedom and can be held down by others if they try to ground them too much too fast.

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