Change Symbols: The Spirit of Transition

Change Symbols: How to Change your Life using Signs

You are probably wondering why you may need change symbolism in your life. There are a few symbols in life that can effectively symbolize a change in life. Some of them come from the animal kingdom while some from the forests. But what is the symbolism of change and how does it affect your life? In this article, we shall be covering some of the symbols of change and their meaning. Also, we shall take a look at the various ways in which they can effectively help us embrace the same adjustments in life.

Plus, you will also see why you need to keep up with the symbolism of change in your life. Remember that difference is one of the things that many people don’t do well. They always find it hard to keep up with new ideas and mostly lag. However, you need change as a part of progressing in life. I know that there are many of you that like the idea of comfort. However, support is just another term for complacency.

Therefore, you will find out that when the other people are moving forward in life, you are still in the same place. Moreover, change is one of the things that are mandatory in life. There is no way that you escape it. It comes in your life whether you want or not. So, the safest way is by embracing it before it destabilizes you. This way you can always adjust your life to that sweet spot that you like.

Meanings of Change

Progress is one of the particular virtues that mother nature provides. It does this so that the people and the things that are there today can give way to the new generation. Who will also come along and leave to make way for the next? Therefore, this is the cycle of life. Changes are one of the things in life that can come in any form. However, in this article, we shall take a look at the lives of animals to help us understand the meaning of change symbols.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Frog

In many ways, the frog has the same changes that the caterpillar has. Therefore, its difference is one of the mandatory ones. They have no choice but transition into new animals through their lives till they die. Remember that change can also happen in stages; it is not a must that it happens instantly like with the chameleon or the octopus. However, when it comes your way, learn to embrace it.

Moreover, changes that come in stages are the best ones as they tend to keep you on your toes. Plus, they give you time to adjust while you precisely what to expect next. There are no surprises. It will help you develop and mature with the new things that are taking place in you — moreover, this way you may learn how to appreciate the effects of change in life.

If you doubt the changes and what the mean, then you can always consult this animal totem. You can meditate in the matter as you give yourself time to absorb its wisdom and significance. Also, if you need to change, you can tell use the frog as your totemic guide into the spiritual meaning of change. Plus, it will help you have a higher understanding of the significance of the change.

The Symbolism of the Chameleon

The general meaning of the chameleon symbolism if that of transition, therefore, it bears the powerful symbolic meaning of change. In as much as the caterpillar lack of choice in the matter of change, the chameleon is one of the few animals that do. It means that it can take a new color just by the thought of it. So, being ready to make changes at the wink of an eye is not also a bad thing. It means that you can adapt to the situation at a moment’s notice. This is an asset that will help you move up in the chain of promotions.

Change Symbol

Moreover, it will give the power to work with everyone and adjust yourself around their needs. More so, it means that you are some that are accommodating of other people’s needs. Therefore, people will always gravitate towards you for help. People who fear to make immediate changes in their life still have a hard time meeting even new people. Therefore, they never have real progress in their lives.

The Butterfly Symbol

There is no way that one can talk about the importance, meaning, and significance of change without mentioning the life of a butterfly. This animal like the moth has the chance to live different lives on earth. There live to go through metamorphic changes that allow them to have separate experiences. Look at the life of the caterpillar, the last stage of metamorphosis before the unveiling of the butterfly.

You will realize that it lives its life in wait for the moment that it can blossom into one of the beauties of the world. Some even take years before they can get the opportunity to become the butterfly. This shows you that change is mandatory and the best way to deal with it is to accept it whole. Wear your move like a badge of honor so that it doesn’t break you.  Moreover, most of the changes in our life come so that we can prepare for something much better.

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