July 1 Zodiac is Cancer, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 1 Zodiac Personality

People born on July 1 are spirited, naturally generous, and kind. They also have a soft spot when it comes to emotional matters. You are firm and up and fast on your feet and can be very decisive which makes you who you are. You are super adventurous, enterprising, determined, charismatic, and always in pursuit of perfection. As a July 1 zodiac, you amaze those around you with your excellent memory and your instincts are razor sharp, though you can at times be impulsive and volatile making you do things that you might possibly regret.

As an individual with a July 1st birthday, you value your independence and still desire continuity and security and it’s not unusual to form strong bonds with those around you. You tend to be imaginative and insightful, and unashamed to expressive yourself openly. Your character is complex, and you can sway between being energetic, optimistic and dynamic to being filled with self-doubt and letting things get the best of you.

As a Cancer, you are emotional and can seem to be confused about your aspirations and intentions. You have a strong desire to accomplish something in life and you can also be edgy and impatient. You should follow your instincts as more often than not they would be right. 


The caring sector totally suits a person born on July 1 because of the amount of consideration you have for others. You make excellent nurses, teachers, and counselors. Your natural intuition and ability to quickly make decisions is a perfect combination for your business-mindedness and money management. These abilities allow you to choose a fulfilling job allowing you to be in the same profession for a long time.

Money, Rabbits
Jobs involving working with money, like accounting, would also suit you well.


You yearn for stability in life which guides you to be cautious when it comes to finances. Financial gambles are an absolute no for you. You are good at household budgeting and will hardly ever live beyond your means. 

Budget, Savings, Money
Cancers are usually very good at budgeting.

Romantic Relationships

A person born on July 1 is idealistic in their view of romance and a little disillusioned when it comes to affairs of the heart. You like to appear independent and crave for freedom but you are all about affection and really dislike loneliness which drives you to pursue that special someone. You are aware of your weak emotions. At times, you will attempt to hide your true feelings for fear of getting hurt.

Love Heart Drawing, Romance
Cancers should only be in relationships with people who they can trust.

When in a long term relationship, sharing everything is fundamental. You want it to be balanced to prevent moodiness and for you to feel settled and secure. When it comes to matters of the bedroom, your feelings inspire you to be a tender, sensual and passionate lover. Because of your sweet generosity, you will always put your partner first in bed and out of it too, but you can also get jealous because your pride is sensitive and gets wounded easily. Love for people born on July 1st is a huge issue of their lives, and they require a partner who is secure and solid whom they can be proud of. The most important virtues in their relationships are loyalty and trust.

Platonic Relationships

People born on July 1 have an uncommon empathy for problems, insecurities, and conflicts that the opposite sex go through, and will get both male and female friends for their views or friendship. You love to advise and offer support to the less fortunate. People love you for your spontaneous generosity. Your artistic character can cause you to act on impulse, alienating you from others when they do or say things they later regret.

Gift, Present
Your generous nature draws people near you. Watch out! People might try to take advantage of you!

As a Cancer, you are amiable, with a very outgoing attitude which leads you to be naturally protective and loving.  In private, however, you can be changeable and moody and most don’t realize it. Balancing the extrovert and introvert can make you gregarious and also solitary.


Being born on July 1 bestows you with professional ambitions and a strong desire to succeed in your private life. Your decisive nature helps with the setting of attainable goals and as you are adventurous, this acts as a motivating drive to achieve them.  During your free time, you help others to attain their objectives and you enjoy it. Your desire for kids is another noticeable aspiration, making you quite modest and your need to feel happy and secure in your domestic life is observed. You can and will make big sacrifices to make this a reality. 

Rats Are Family Men
Most Cancers will want to have children at some point in their lives.

As a Cancer, born on July 1, your life path is to learn to give and receive. When you attain this balance, your destiny is to turn all the attention on injustices and help eradicate suffering. You are a sensitive individual and you are tied to your childhood memories. It doesn’t matter if the memories are happy or unhappy you will hold on to them. As a parent, you have a genuine sweetness and a loving nature which provides a happy haven for your kids. 


When it comes to July 1 zodiac personalities, any health problems come from their likeliness to deny or indulge their appetite depending on the mood they are in.  The results of this make you prone to exercising, dieting obsessively, and even eating disorders in order to get into shape. It is important for you to get a sense of balance and perspective, and always keep in mind that until you are happy on the inside. No amount of dieting or exercise will make any difference.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Exercises do not need to be vigorous to be healthy.

Listen to music as it is very therapeutic. Do aerobic exercise such as dancing, walking, and swimming as this will give you multiple benefits and keep you fit and healthy both in mind and spirit. A good work out regularly will vent your emotionalism and also serve as a liberating factor.

July 1 Birthday

July 1 Zodiac Personality Traits

For a person born on July 1, your strengths of character are your determination and skill to memorize and recall knowledge. These fortes and your optimistic insight destine you to be successful in all you do. However, some of the personality weaknesses of a person born on July 1 are as a result of your tendency to overreact if your ego is even injured a little. Under such circumstances, you could show a short-tempered attitude and even irritable behaviors.

Cancer, July 1 Zodiac
Cancer symbol

July 1 Zodiac Symbolism

The lucky numbers connected to your birthday date is are one and eight. Your lucky word is “drive.” which means you are ambitious and self-driven. Your tarot card is labeled one in the magician’s deck. This is to show your will to be at your best in everything.

Yellow, Rabbit 2020 Horoscope, Jumper, Fashion, Style
Wearing yellow may bring you luck.

The red ruby serves as your lucky stone. This means that you are an optimistic human being. Your ruler is the sun and your personality is influenced by the moon. The lucky days for you are Mondays and Sundays. Gold is your lucky color. Yellow is the color of confidence, therefore wear it with pride and it will help boost your self-confidence.

July 1 Zodiac Conclusion

Your birthday is served by one of the best dates. This is why something good always happens on this day. It is important that you refrain from being nervous as it will attract negativity. Be yourself and work your way around the world.

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