Death and Loss Symbolism: Great Hope for Better Days

Death and Loss Symbolism: What is the meaning of Death and Loss?

Death and loss is something that we cannot avoid as human beings. Every human being is prone to die one time or the other. We face grief once in a while when we lose our loved ones. Death is something that is cruel but all the same, it also has a deeper meaning to its occurrence. It causes the removal of people on earth — the people who die live in our hearts forever until our time comes. Death and Loss symbolism are all about interpreting loss and death positively other than negatively for us to move on and keep memories of our loved ones.

What is the meaning of loss? Loss is the process of losing something or someone important or dear to our hearts. As humans, we experience different types of losses. The loss might come in the form of losing a loved one, losing money, property or even losing a part of our bodies. However, we should celebrate when we lose something that caused us pain in the past. Loss is a devastating encounter, but with a positive attitude, we can overcome loss and emerge victoriously.

Death and Loss symbolism associates with qualities such as cleansing, shifting, removal, rebirth, renewal, opportunity, cleansing and new possibilities. In the language of symbolism, we may choose to interpret loss as a process that leads us to something better. A loss opens our eyes to the deeper meaning of what life holds for us. We are allowed to grieve but only grieve for a period and then pick yourself up and move on. Death and loss go hand in hand with time. Time is a wave that continues since it does not stop at one instance. Once you lose someone or something dear to you, time will enable you to heal.

Season Symbolism: Deeper Understanding of Death and Loss

Death and Loss symbolism reveal that loss is something we do not expect, but it is divinely orchestrated. God allows there to be a loss for His children to grow stronger spiritually and trust in Him. He permits there to be a loss for us to understand the purpose He has for our lives. Loss and death are spiritual whether we want to believe it or not.

Every time we experience a loss a vacuum remains in our lives. However, the vacuum is soon made whole by the workings of spiritual energies that we cannot see. Our emptiness if filled until we feel like we have not ever experienced loss. Loss and death bring about new beginnings and opportunities if construed positively. It is hard to get over the death of a loved one but with time things change and you can embrace your situation for the better.

Death and Loss also symbolize patience. We might lose people we love or even things that were dear to our hearts, but there is an assurance that all things will be renewed in another life. We will be able to reunite with the people who died before us even if it takes centuries.

Season Symbolism: Meaning of Sympathy Flowers in Loss and Death

In times of loss and death, flowers are used to show that you care for the family that is going through a rough patch. Flowers show support to the grieving family and gives them hope of a better tomorrow.  Flowers comfort people, and they have deeper meanings that are discussed below.


Lilies bloom in the summer just after spring. They are a symbol of renewal and rebirth. We believe that the flower symbolizes the spirit of the loved one who has left us. The flower, therefore, gives us hope and encouragement while we are grieving. Lilies are white; hence they signify purity and youth. They are mostly used in funerals for people who have died young.


Roses vary in color; hence every color represents a whole different thing. White roses represent innocence and purity. Pink and peach roses signify gratitude. They are usually presented to a family where the person who died made significant contributions to society. The yellow rose signifies everlasting friendships. When friends present you with this flower, it is a clear indication that they are there to support you. Finally, the red rose signifies love for the people who are facing loss.

Death And Loss Symbolism


Hyacinth is purple. It represents sorrow, grief, and regret. The use of these flowers in a funeral acknowledges the family’s grief. Communicate your sympathy using these flowers by giving the people you love support and comfort.

Forget Me Not Flowers

These flowers are self-explanatory. They symbolize remembrance. They assure the family who has lost a loved one that the memory of that person remains lingering in their hearts and minds forever.


Death and loss symbolism may seem like an absurd occurrence to many people, but it does exist. Take the loss you are suffering and construe it positively, and all shall be well. Lean upon the people around you for support and comfort. Do not forget to acknowledge that God plans and wills for everything that happens in our lives. It is therefore not upon us to question the doings of the Almighty.


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