Family Symbols and Meanings: The Bond of Family Crest

Family Symbols and Meanings: Does Your Family Have a Symbol?

In almost every culture and community, there are always family symbols that are used to identify individual families and their status in society. This might be in the form of names, signs, and even character. Did you know that the word family comes from the Latin word for a servant? The Latin word for it is famulus. However, after they came up with the phrase family that they use to refer to one’s household, it covers everyone that is bounded by blood.

In most of the case, people usually use the symbols of family tree and pictograph. The use of family symbols, especially in the ancient days or the middle ages, was so rampant. The family symbol is used to signify the pride, identify, and the status of that family in the society. This was the traditional sense of family symbols. For example, they would use the represent their family ways and beliefs. So, their stamps, armor, shields, and weapons would have the emblem like a warthog.

In most of the cases, the symbolism would take the form of animals. Therefore, the meaning of the animal’s totem and symbolism would apply. This the way that they would identify themselves when they were at war. Moreover, some would even carry banners with the symbol of their house printed on them. The family symbol in medieval Europe was hereditary to continue the tradition.

Family Symbols and Meanings: Some of the Universal Family Symbols and their Meaning

The most common family symbol that has been around for such a long time and in every culture is the family tree. It can capture the family lineage form the oldest memorable persons of the tree. Also, there is a special meaning for this tree. In a way, the family tree captures and speaks of all the family individually as a child of the universe.

Therefore, they have the path to grow up in their unique ways. The symbolic representation of the family shows the family in two ways name structure and genealogy. While the structure captures the family lineage in terms of branches aspiration and struggles, genealogy shows it’s it informs of actual structural drawing. The other one is a pictograph that captures the family history in the form of the pictures of the real person.

Contemporary Family Symbols

As time passes by, the meaning of family is taking new form and changing. So, in today’s family, the sense of family has gone past the purpose of blood. This is because most people no longer think that they are bound notion of family. They prefer to call the people that they share blood with but not close as relatives. However, they use the term to refer to the person not bound by blood but close with a family. Also, the current society has thrown out the traditional concept of family and included same-sex marriages.

How to go about attaining a Family Symbol

Did you know that you can come up with a family that perfectly captures the nature of the people in your family? Just like in the olden days of the Medieval knights, you can create and design a logo for your family. The emblem of your family will represent the family in all the ways. Also, there will the time to come up with the logo. Ask every member of the family to propose a motto that will drive the gist or intention of the family. Therefore, you will use the first or the last symbol of the family name.

Also, there will be a need for you people to create a unique holiday that must be honored by all members of the family. When you have come up with all of these, you will need to spread the message of your family symbol. So, you need to have it on your gates. Also, you will need to put it on all your letterheads. However, the stamp can have the symbol of the family but with a different name for each member of the family as their sign.

The Family Symbolism in the Chinese Culture

The Chinse are the people with symbols, including that of the family that has not changed in ages. Therefore, their culture is the best to learn the symbolic meaning of family symbols. Using family symbols to represent family members is also a common thing in this culture. For example, they have fa-mo. In some sense, they are touching on the matter of formality of the parents. In which case, it translates to dear father and dear mother.

Family Symbols

Here are some of the words that refer to different family members.  The parents get the word fù mǔ; the father is fù qīn or bà ba, the mother is mā ma. Meanwhile, the symbol for sibling’s captures xiōng dì jiě mèi, for those of both genders. However, while they are referring to a brother, they use xiōng dì and then a sister jiě mèi. There is a thought that the symbols that represent the character of the siblings like a brother and sister came from Confucianism.

Through this, everyone can always know the eldest sibling in the house. However, in the maters of twins, the person that was born first is the most former. In the same spirit, they must treat everyone as a member of their family. Therefore, in China, it is most likely to find out that the people of the same age, addressing themselves as brother and sister.


It is a good thing for people to have family sigil. It is there to embrace the ways and the values of the family in ways that give them a special status in the community. Also, it will help you keep a cleaner family history book and tree. This way, all the people of the family have an easy way of remembering and appreciating their heritage. The family symbol is also present to offer comfort to the family members during their hard times.

This is because the family members will be able to channel the spirit of the animal that represents them. Plus, it will give one the chance to feel the pride of belonging under such powerful family sigil. Some families even create their holidays so that they can keep close to all the family members. Through such symbols, they usually create such formidable businesses. That will support each member of the family.

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