February 17 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aquarius And Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 17 Zodiac Personality

A person born on February 17th is thought to be more emotional compared to other Aquarians. Your main strength of character lies in your ability to embrace people’s flaws and get along with others easily. You are intelligent with an extra kind of sharpness. Most people find you very sociable and friendly and admire you for this. You are the type that has a big heart to forgive and willing to give people a second chance.

You are bestowed with an abundance of inquisitiveness of the world and other human beings. Adventuring brings you joy and you find satisfaction in discovering and experiencing far off places. You have a need for closeness and this explains why you do not shy away from having a companion in life. You are a good goal setter and are determined to make your dreams come true.


Preferred work options to a person born on February 17th are those which are rather flexible. A profession with fixed hours is not likely to bring you much joy. You look for a job which suits your ability to perform different tasks at the same time fairly well. This is because multitasking is a skill of yours that you are not afraid to show off. You settle for an occupation that is worthwhile and one which gives you more than just monetary gain.

Piggy Bank, Money
As a person born on February 17th, you care more about what you do than the money you make.

You never exhibit laziness are not and everyone will notice when you are not in for work. Try making realistic plans from an early age to enable the realization of your ideal career path. You are attentive during work-related meetings and are good at coming up with new and useful ideas. You prefer a profession that enables you to bring out your full potential and show people that you are capable of excellent productivity.


Managing finances can be a difficult task for people born on February 17th. You are the type with a taste for extravagant things and are quite a spender. This is why you have a hard time putting a coin away for a rainy day. You do not mind asking for assistance to make your budget of your income.

Don’t ask for money from others too often or else you may make more enemies than friends.

You are sensible but not mean. This is why you are ever ready to offer help financially where you can. You are often tempted to borrow and are advised to have self-control as it is not a very wise choice to depend on loan assistance. Also, you only lend money when you are completely sure about it as you do not like being taken advantage of.

You have a plan for your future and this is why you prefer having a variety of sources of income.  You present yourself as if you are capable of being in full control of your finances yet underneath you can be quite the opposite.

February 17 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to affairs of the heart, you are a little more distant than other Aquarians. You try to be understanding and fully considerate with your soulmate to avoid unhealthy arguments. However, you have a weakness of jumping into conclusion. You complement these with your ability to dearly apologize for your mistakes.

Jealous, Cheating, Affair
Try not to let your jealousy get the better of you, or else it may ruin your relationships.

You are not always stable in relationships and may sometimes time before settling down. Seeing your soulmate happy makes you happy. You get very concerned whenever they are moody. Try toning down your temper and have a moment of solitude when angry. Don’t let your heart overrule your decisions in life. You will only settle for a long term relationship when you are completely sure.

Platonic Relationships

People find you to be likable because you are so friendly. You enjoy building a connection and making nice gestures to people you come across. You understand that people are quite different and will focus more on revealing the positive side of most of your friends. Because you are so funny, you will sometimes crack jokes sometimes even without realizing it.

Whisper, Couple
Don’t tell EVERYONE all your secrets.

However, you can be a little choosy on whom to trust as you have the thought that being too open with others has its pitfalls. You appear a lot cooler than you really are and are good at putting other people’s feeling before yours.


Family contributes greatly too much of our growth in life. You are willing to sacrifice anything for your family. Rarely, will you get into personal differences with your family as you highly respect each one of them. Your siblings find you a little bossy as you like giving them orders and advising them on how to lead their lives. You should back off from their love lives and give them space to adventure with whom they want to. Your parents enjoy having you around as they find you loving, caring and fairly responsible. Being with your family is your joy as it makes you forget most of your worrying issues.

Friends, Women
While you are close to your siblings, don’t pressure them to tell you everything about their personal lives.


Minor health disturbances experienced by an Aquarian born on February 17th are associated with their slow response to bodily abnormalities. You should try listening to your body more often and having regular checkups for generally healthy wellbeing. Your attitude towards looking after yourself enables you to care about the importance of body fitness.

Anxiety is anything but an Aquarian’s friend.

You are able to maintain an averagely balanced diet and should keep up on this. When extremely jovial, you are unable to hide your feelings and will look vibrant during the day. When sad, on the other hand, you will let your worries build up to anxiety and this will greatly affect your sleep patterns and energy levels.

Personality Traits

You are an independent individual with a unique kind of self-drive. You are known to be smart with a wise desire to reach hearts.  People born on February 17th are ambitious with quite a wild imagination. You crave for worldly knowledge than materialistic things. You like putting on a mature loo and may seem quiet. People look up to you as you are determined to achieve what you have set your mind on. You have a certain kind of steadiness with excellent mental alertness. You like being noticed and will rarely admit to your mistakes.

Aquarius symbol

February 17th Birthday Symbolism

Eight is your lucky number. It is what should always choose in your games and bets. Due to this number, you are very authoritative. You feel that you exhibit a kind of power that deserves respect. You lead people well.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

Also, you help people to make correct choices. You are a moral campus for many people. Many ask themselves what you would do if you were facing their circumstance. The card number 17 in the deck is your lucky tarot. It has the codes to unlock your dreams.it has interpretations and lessons for you. The pearl is your lucky gem. It is your shadow of hope and optimism.


Uranus influences your daily behavior. It is the ruler of Aquarius. It gives you the confidence that you exhibit every day. People find your words therapeutic. You talk to people and they turn their lives around. You have been chosen to be the voice of reason. Tell people why it is easier to live in peace.

You have your goals. These goals are very personal to you. The vibes from Uranus will help you attain those goals. It is important for you to follow your gut. The gut never lies. You are a good listener. It is important that you listen to your guardians and abide by what they tell you. You have to continue hoping that you will achieve your goals one day.

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